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Literary Friday, ya'll....

So, I made a promise to myself to be better about Literary Friday posting in 2016 after getting all sidetracked in a major way. Unfortunately, I’ve still not been great at posting. 795 more words


CRAZY BOY: Definition

CRAZY BOY— A special deluxe Lazy Boy model featuring heated and refrigerated coasters, a voice activated mini bar, a retractable cheese fountain, and a defibrillator. 352 more words


Friday Reads: Two Books

I’ve started reading two books this week:

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

I started rereading theĀ Harry Potter series just because I thought it was time. 356 more words


Who Should Rule?

Who Should Rule? This is answered in THIS excerpt from the audiobook THE BEGINNING OF INFINITY. Also see my review of THE INVENTION OF SCIENCE.


Celebrating Failure

You may have already read the story about Johannes Haushofer, a Princeton professor who published his CV of failures earlier this week.

Most of us have the tendency to share publicly only the sanitized, neat parts of our lives. 1,302 more words


Why reading is important

In today’s age ruled by technology, many of us have forgotten the pleasures of ‘reading.’ Smartphones, fancy applications & subscription services for movies/shows are slowly burying the joy of reading. 424 more words