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Out of Our Heads (2010) Review

I remember seeing George Case’s 2010 book, Out of Our Heads: Rock ‘n’ Roll Before the Drugs Wore Off, on a shelf in my local big-box book store some years ago. 397 more words


Friday Feature - Author Cassondra Windwalker

I’d like to thank Kat for this opportunity to connect with new readers. I’m Cassondra Windwalker, a dabbler in nearly every genre of writing so far who occasionally even manages to get something published. 406 more words

Feature Friday

That Summer at the Seahorse Hotel by Adrienne Vaughan #FridayReads

An old house in an estate on the beautiful east coast of Ireland is a perfect setting for romance and mystery.  Mia Flannagan is summoned to Galty House by the sad news of the imminent death of Archie Fitzgerald, a celebrated Hollywood actor who took the place of a father for most of her troubled childhood.  415 more words


Religious Faith

Throughout the story, Maugham makes religious references. More specifically, there are several allusion made to spirituality when Elliott Templeton discusses the Catholic Church and when Larry Darrell talks about his experience with Hinduism. 435 more words

The Razor's Edge

The Sharp Contrast of Women's Purpose in Society

We can see in The Razor’s Edge how equality between men and women was not as present in the 1920s as it is today. Women were considered less important than men and their job was to support their husband. 366 more words

The Razor's Edge

Summary of Part 5

The fifth part of the novel begins in Paris. At that time, Isabel, Gray, Larry and the narrator spend time together. Gray’s health has improved since Larry started to help him with the “treatment” he learned in India. 428 more words

The Razor's Edge