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The Woman at the Light by Joanna Brady #FridayReads #BookReview

One afternoon in 1839, Emily Lowry’s husband vanishes from Wreckers’ Cay, an isolated island off the coast of Key West where he tends to the lighthouse. 512 more words


#FridayReads: Christmastime

Now that it’s officially December, we’re ready to get into the Christmas spirit. These Christmas-themed reads are the perfect start!  629 more words


Love Always…

Love Always…

I have never cared for great

heights, bright lights, spotlights.

I don’t need to always

be right — get it right,

sleep soundly at night. 251 more words

Another Day Someday

You Can't Win (1926) Review

You can’t win, and neither can I. If we can’t, who can? I suppose no one really, but we can always try. Maybe there’s a winner or two, now and then, in a way. 484 more words


#FridayReads: Healthy Life

Now that Thanksgiving is over, all that feasting has left us ready for a detox! These #FridayReads selections are all about healthy eating and lifestyle choices. 689 more words


Imago by Celina Grace #FridayReads #BookReview

Imago is the third book of the Kate Redman Mystery series featuring a young, female detective, fighting crime and pursuing justice, in the fictional West Country town of Abbeyford. 738 more words


‘Best Day Ever’ by Kaira Rouda #bookreview #FridayReads

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A loving husband. The perfect killer?

‘I wonder if Mia thinks I have a dark side. Most likely as far as she knows, I am just her dear loving husband.’ 377 more words