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Friday's Short Story: Sacrifice

It had been made quite clear during the interview process that if I wanted to climb the ladder at Timely Holdings I would have to be prepared to make certain sacrifices. 959 more words

Short Story

Friday's Short Story: The Ghost of Dave

Harry had definitely gone to bed drunk, and he had certainly eaten a lot of cheese. These were two facts: solid, uncontroversial, the kind of truths you could rap your knuckle on. 1,050 more words

Short Story

Alphabet Soup for Lovers by Anita Nair!

Alphabet Soup for Lovers is not a collection of recipes. Nor is it a riveting tale of two ill-fated lovers who get together after a long struggle, sacrifices or a display of strong character. 919 more words


Use it or lose it

I found myself a little bogged down in the book I was reading the other day and in need of something a little lighter. I had finally ordered and received… 1,082 more words


#FridayReads - What are you reading this week?

I am currently reading…

I literally just started three books again – one at home, one in the car, and one at school!

#1 – So many teachers and students have told me I need to read  295 more words


#FridayReads - What are you reading this week?

I finally finished my book club book last week and needed to take a dip on my roller coaster and read something light and fun. 305 more words


Friday Reads 2/03

I didn’t actually read either of the books that I planned on reading last week. I dnf’d Scarlet, and just started Merlin’s Nightmare. And to be completely honest, I am not sure what I am going to read after I finish Merlin’s Nightmare. 34 more words