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#FridayReads (on a Saturday)

Hi everyone! I just realized I completely forgot to do a Friday Reads post yesterday… So much on my mind that stuff is slipping I guess. 190 more words


#FridayReads : "Wait"



I am willing to wait

for your reappearance

what choice do I have

but to be patient and prepare

for you to walk back… 95 more words


#FridayReads: How To Move In With Your Boyfriend (And Not Break Up With Him)

Author Tiffany Current says…

Deciding to move in with your boyfriend is easy.  Actually doing it is the hard part.  I learned this firsthand when I moved in with my then boyfriend (now… 231 more words

Book Collection

Book Fridays: The Thirteenth Tale

Last Saturday’s read-a-thon had me browsing my shelves and my Kindle for books to read. Since I was signed up to cheer I knew I wouldn’t do much reading so I picked this book knowing I likely wouldn’t finish it. 251 more words


Fall 2015 preview: Picture books!

In anticipation of Children’s Book Week (next week!), we’re giving you a sneak peak into some of our Fall 2015 picture books!

In Sarah S. Brannen’s second installment of the Madame Martine series, Max sneaks into the Louvre and sends Madame Martine and her friend on a chase around some of the world’s most beautiful works of art! 160 more words


#FridayReads - Kid President's Guide to Being Awesome

Kid President’s Guide to Being Awesome
by Brad Montague & Bobby Novak
Publish date: 2015
Genre: advice, self-help, pep-talk, youtube famous
Pages: 240

Kid President offers his Checklist of 100 Awesome ideas that are designed to make the world a better place… and you a better person.   192 more words


24th April 2015 #FridayReads

Been a month since my last one but it has been deadline and work hell lately. It’s slowing down now that I have only three weeks of uni left and almost finished my portfolio which means I only have one essay and one exam to go – although that exam is freaking me out! 204 more words

Friday Reads