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Breakfast Split Peas with Fried Egg, Soured Cream and Dill

I’m hoping that with my all new consistent blogging routine will come a more natural reflection of the food I’m eating day to day. This is a breakfast I’ve been enjoying for a couple of weeks now. 399 more words


Ketchup and Japanese food...a place made in heaven for me

Surfing for new ideas to cook I came across Omurice or omelete rice, which is ketchup fried rice wrapped with a crepe-like thinly fried egg….my first thought was “Where have you been all my life!” 392 more words

Vegan Fried Eggs and A Little Bit of Fire (Cholesterol and Cruelty Free)


Since I only went vegan when I was 30, I still get cravings for some foods I enjoyed before.  One of the most recent ones has been fried egg on toast.   372 more words

Blog Post

backcountry roads

Forty years

Forty years they walked, they walked.

They had left, an impossible victory

an impossible freedom

but that was



that was, to them.

290 more words

Let Us Introduce The Taco Bell Breakfast Taco With A Fried Egg As The Shell

When we reflect on the great innovators and creators of our time, no doubt the chefs at Taco Bell deserve a place among the elite. 135 more words