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Simple fried rice recipe

This is a dinnertime staple at our house, and it can be made en masse quickly and easily with just a few ingredients.

Ingredients (organic preferred) 172 more words

Gluten Free

Do You Know Zeera Rice Brings Many Health Benefits Along with Aroma and Fragrance

Jeera rice became a part of the Indian cuisine under the Moguls’ regime. Soon, it became one of the most loved dishes to be served in the Indian household. 342 more words


Arroz Chino (Chinese Special Fried Rice Recipe)

There is a notable Chinese influence on Cubans. For evidence, there is the fact that Cubans eat a lot of white rice. Perhaps it’s just hearsay, that the Chinese were demanding such high amounts of plain white rice that it became a common item in the markets of Havana. 666 more words

Quick and Easy Fried Rice for Your Kids..!!

Fried rice refers to the steamed rice tossed in different vegetables. The rice is stir-fried in a pan. Often leftover rice is also used and stir-fried with vegetables. 107 more words

Fried Rice

Rich Vegetable Schezwan Fried Rice..!!

Vegetable loaded schezwan fried rice is a perfect way to reuse your leftover rice. If you do not wish to use the leftover rice, you can even prepare the rice fresh. 189 more words

Fried Rice

Spicy and Juicy Garlic Fried Rice with Authentic Philippines Flavor..!!

Hailed from Philippines, the garlic fried rice is actually known as Sinangag. It is a perfect to re-use the left over rice at home. In many countries, it is very famous as an authentic breakfast dish. 127 more words

Fried Rice

Coconut Zucchini Fried Rice (nutritious & delicious!)

This might seem strange but I love rainy days. It’s probably because we don’t get many full days of rain here – it’s usually just a quick sun shower or tropical storm then the sun’s out again. 207 more words