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Spicy Chicken Fried Rice

Today is the big day…starting our backyard project!  I wanted to get a quick recipe post in before the chaos begins!  Beside the project, we have two separate activities involving two of our teens tonight; going to be interesting!  304 more words


Garlic Rice as found in Sri Lankan Restaurants

This recipe can be made with any meat of your preference. This time, I used pork as the meat of my preference. However, you can use this rice dish without any meat.  311 more words

Egg Fried Rice

This is a one-pot dish combining rice, eggs and a variety of vegetables. As it is quite substantial, it can be served as a meal on its own. 227 more words

Main Course

Quinoa Fried Rice

Quinoa Fried Rice Recipe

With summers strolling in, my heart and brain starts hunting for light, healthy yet flavorful meals. To add to my “ever-growing” list of light Asian meals, I decided to try my hand at Quinoa(Keen-wah or Kinuwa) Fried Rice and give it an Indo-Chinese makeover. 333 more words

Fiesta Friday

Soul Food

Well…at least my kind of soul food. This is my version–handed down, modified, personalized–of the Japanese-American and Hawaiian staple: fried rice. I usually cook extra rice for a weekend meal, then use the leftovers to make this for a quick weeknight dinner. 222 more words

Kimchi Fried Rice

Got leftover rice? Waste not, want not… cause this is the perfect dish for it!

What’s not to love about kimchi? It’s spicy, tangy, packs a massive punch of flavour and is full of health benefits, namely, their ability to improve gut health. 455 more words


Lesson 1167 - The Win-Win-Win Cookbook - Pulled Pork Fried Rice with Roasted Beet and Carrot Salad

You’ll be able to make this dish in under 10 minutes (provided you cleaned all the dishes from the last time you used them.) Yes, it’s really that easy to make this incredible meal (and compare it to a meal of reheated burger and fries – really, there’s no comparison.) 763 more words