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The Real Reason I Put You in the Friend Zone

There has been a time in just about every person’s life that they have been friend zoned. On the flip side, there has been a time in every person’s life when they have friend zoned someone. 764 more words

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"How do I get out of the friend zone?"

I’ve been seeing this guy who is getting over his ex. I’ve been supportive, comforting and there for him but he won’t ask me out. We both know that we’ve fallen for each other and are deeply in love, so I don’t see the problem. 9 more words

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Meteor Showers and Souvenirs

I’m a fan of souvenirs. I love them when I travel. Especially to the beach. My favorite souvenir when I go to the beach is sand. 1,168 more words

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TATBILB: Julio, My First Heartbreak

I met him in middle school

Funny, intelligent & a nice guy

Always supportive and cared for me.

One day in high school,

We had a petty fight… 169 more words

The "Friend Zone" and Why "Nice Guys" are Obsessed With It

I’m not sure which is more insufferable, guys that complain about being in the friend zone or women that complain about those guys. There’s validity to both grievances but I think a lot more ignorance about the man’s side. 2,741 more words


Agony Aunt: "HELP! How do I stop being friend zoned?"

Friend zoning is modern speak for what occurs when a person wishing to date another person is placed within a forcefield of friendship. This, consequently, blocks any potential for mating (unless there is a future drunken mishap, or something), which leads the spurned individual to lament they have been “friend zoned”. 718 more words


The Hardest Part Of Being Stuck In The Friend Zone

I remember the first time I saw him he was sitting in the corner of the music room. He had blonde hair, blue eyes, and he was really tall. 1,394 more words