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The ‘why are they so dumb?’ conundrum

– Winston Smith

I have a friend who often laments that, although the women he meets always claim they are looking for a ‘good man’, they invariably go off and fall for complete arseholes. 661 more words

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Life in the Friend Zone

I’ve said it before and I will say it again: I very much doubt I will be meeting my Prince Charming on Tinder or OKCupid. Maybe it’s because I’m a hopeless romantic who wants an epic love story that I can tell my grandchildren (not that one which starts ’Once upon a time I was walking down Long Street…’ is much better than a technologically savvy alternative). 539 more words

Is it ever okay to friend zone someone?

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The question posed at this moment is: Is it ever okay to friend zone someone. Personally, I’ve asked myself this question many times. 502 more words


Prince Charming or Prince Charmless?

Growing up, what Disney has shown me is that good triumphs over evil, and love always prevails. Hollywood isn’t too far behind, the movies almost always follow the same script, good looking guy meets beautiful girl, they fall in love, a few obstacles crop up *a jealous often crazy ex or someone along those lines* but in the end, the guy always gets the girl. 456 more words


Just Another Friend Zone Story...

He sat on his bed staring at the wall opposite the wardrobe in his room. He was awe-struck by her response. He knew she had a short fuse and predicted that their relationship will end because of something he said. 221 more words

Friend-zones are forever

In my struggles and confusion over the boys I like in my life I failed to notice that others had been flying under the radar and getting out of hand. 763 more words

After the 70 days, part 31; 'He doesn't do friendship with women.'

After a long time of distance friendship, at least from my perspective, it hit me that I had way more feelings for this guy than just friendly ones. 700 more words