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The Ugly Truth About Keeping The Good Guys In The Friend Zone

In high school, I had a guy friend who I absolutely loved – as a friend. We did everything together. We’d eat together, party together, spend all the time together we could, and we’d sleep in the same bed but I’d never give into him. 1,175 more words

In the Friendzone

So I’ve suffered the ignominy of been ghosted, and wondered what else the world of online dating relationships could throw at me. I had met another woman via one of the dating sites a few months ago and we clicked on the first date and starting meeting up on a reasonably regular basis. 455 more words

Online Dating

Three Signs You’re in the Friend Zone

Vin DiCarlo, whose previous efforts with women had proven fruitless to the point where he could barely work up the courage to say “hello” to someone he found attractive, established Vin DiCarlo, Inc., to help men understand the secrets behind female attraction. 186 more words


Breakdown of NYC Bachelors

From my experience, the NYC dating climate is vast though unforgivable predictable at times. The 26 dates I’ve been on in the last 34 days have all fit into one of the general categories reflected on the chart. 638 more words


We’ve all heard and talked about how girls like jerks and how guys who respect women are mostly single, blah blah. Why is it so? Is it that they like them just because they are bad? 974 more words


Could I Be The One?

Author’s Note (more like a disclaimer): So after writing this, I realized it is similar to a Jollibee (most famous fast food chain in the Philippines) commercial aired a couple of months ago but it wasn’t the inspiration to this. 174 more words