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The Good on Paper Guy

When we girls make our wish list of what we’re looking for in a man, it sounds a little something like this:

– respectful

– handsome… 1,663 more words


The Friend Zone

Welcome to my blog… :-D

I laugh, because we’re about a dozen posts in to it by now, but this was the very first post I started writing when I decided to recreate this blog after having thrown its predecessor into some abyss or another. 750 more words


Dancing with 'just friends'

Nimble hands

hesitant yet reachable – I am ready

equally unsure overmuch

slightly pulling away

ceasing an opportune sway

Ever so delicate

Mambo hands brush… 48 more words


Everyone’s got a list; not a black list or a kill list but a dating list. Whether we realise it or not we all have it – that one list containing names of persons whom we would not mind being in a relationship with, is the simplest definition of the concept. 1,846 more words


I'm Coming Out...Of The Friend Zone

Turning Pain Into Laughter Since 2011

As a single Black woman I can definitely feel the effects of the lack of good, single Black men. It may seem that all the good ones are taken, married, or they don’t meet our, often times, extensive list of qualifications. 1,192 more words


"He dumped me when it made his friendship awkward"

This is a long post, but it’s a long story.  I recently moved back to my hometown after a few years. I also started talking to my ex boyfriend and after a lot of misunderstanding had reached a happy plateau of agreeing to hang out occasionally, and as he put it ‘get to know’ one another again. 457 more words

Advice Needed

Is There a Safe Way to Escape the Friend Zone?

Love and relationships, we all have been there and did whatever it was required from us to keep our partners happy. But, most of us aren’t aware of the reality, and we still blame love as the evil. 886 more words

Love And Relationships