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Better as Friends

This is me, trying to maintain a friendship with a playmate (non sexual), I started hooking up (sexualish) with a couple weeks ago. Things escalated quickly, and soon it felt like like we were drowning in the confusion. 516 more words

Tonight on #JustAddTea: Friendship!

This one’s going to be short. I’m trying to grade papers so I won’t be stuck at the school until time for our #JustAddTea chat to start tonight. 539 more words


How I Met Your Father: The One where I friend-zoned perfectly nice guys

Kids, as you know, I’ve had my fair share of always being the friend and never the girlfriend but, and I am ashamed of this, I have friend-zoned some perfectly nice guys over the years too. 804 more words


May 24, 2016; 1:00 AM

Where do I begin? There’s so much to say about the trip I am having up here on Mackinac Island. Probably start with the part that has taken my breath away and is making me start to tear up. 308 more words

Nightly Thoughts


Have you ever liked a guy or girl so much that you were willing to do anything to see them happy? Have you sat down and questioned yourself whether the person was worth the pain? 534 more words


The “Friend Zone” is Misogynist BS

We hear a lot about the “friend zone” these days – the metaphorical place a woman puts a man whom she likes in a non-sexual way. 300 more words