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Accidental Polymath Problems: 10 Subjects You Study Before You Find the One

After my comment last week that I’d sort of friend-zoned physics, I got to thinking about how many different subjects/career choices I stumbled through during my 20s. 1,448 more words


Wake Up! 8 Signs You Are In The Friend Zone!

Let’s take a look at the 8 signs that you are most definitely in the “Friend Zone”.

1) Addresses you as a ‘friend’. Both of you may spend all day together every day, yet the way she introduces you to her parents or her friends is a huge sign of her thoughts about you on a romantic level. 509 more words


I Friend Zoned Someone And It Hurts

I wish I would regret the day I told you we can’t be any greater than friends. I wish I would regret the day I asked you to give up. 442 more words


Outburst Of The Friend Zoned One

It’s two in the morning and I am here in the Friend Zone where you left me. The regret of being entitled “The Good Guy” is rubbing salt to my wounded pursuit of great love. 514 more words


It always makes me laugh if a brony complains about the ‘Friend Zone’. Um, dude, what happened to ‘friendship is magic’?

Welcome Distractions, or My Latest Crush

I prefer a good crush. This has been decided. I have yet to be convinced otherwise. They’re safe. There are too many ready excuses why I’m not ready for a real relationship. 2,244 more words