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10 Pieces Of Dating Advice I'd Give My Son

I’ve recently written about the dating advice I would give my daughter, if I were to have one. But what if I were to have a son? 628 more words


Friend-zoned with benefits

Friend-zoning is almost a norm in the dating scene. Its nolonger a surprise to be friend-zoned. Perhaps people have known they shouldnt commit to someone they feel nothing about. 283 more words

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Put Your Differences Aside.

So earlier, I was listening to the song Breakfast At Tiffany’s by Deep Blue Something. And the song is about a couple breaking up. Not because they fought, or even because they didn’t like eachother, but because they just simply didn’t have… 516 more words


Online Dating: Why Can't I Fall for the Good Guy?

Once upon a time in the land of online dating a 30-something year old woman who we will call Me meets a 30-something year old man who we have already come to know in precious posts as Clarke- the funny tech nerd who meets all of her intellectual expectations. 421 more words

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Feelings for a friend??

-What could be the hardest thing ever?
-Having feelings for a certain FRIEND of yours and not knowing how to tell them about it without endangering your new-found friendship; deciding to wait for ‘the’ perfect moment before telling that person how you feel, only to find how jealous you get when you see the person (your ‘friend’ crush) with another person, specifically someone who is a threat to you – another potential lover. 7 more words



I think it’s wrong to like him. Not because men are the evil enemy. Or because of fundamentalist reasons, like religion or the law. I think it’s wrong to like him because I know he doesn’t like me. 126 more words

Guys shouldn’t expect sex for being ‘nice.’ For being the one thing that their mothers taught them. For overusing the term “friend zone.” For believing this delusional myth that every lady should open their thighs to their recycled compliments.