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Welcome To The Friend-Zone, Baby!

So you meet him/her let’s say, in your class taking one of your lectures and you glance away bored and wishing the years will roll by to the very last semester of your school career. 1,051 more words


The Make-out Buddy

So, I had been friends with this guy for a year or two. We were pretty close, I would say. He was 13 years older than me, but I’m totally an old soul. 199 more words

The Friend Zoner

November 2013. ish.

This 21 year old guy came to my house to watch a movie. Yes, I was an idiot and invited random guys over to my apartment. 90 more words


Have you ever met someone and initially thought WOW! This person is ABCD on the list of everything I ever wanted then days later back tracked and realized you should’ve eaten your words in that last text? 389 more words

Never Put Yourself Into The Friendzone

This advice is for the men:

Under no circumstances put yourself into the Friendzone with a beautiful Alpha lady.

(Unless you are certain to keep the relationship platonic, because you truly do not want to be in a romantic/sexual relationship with her for whatever reason.) 307 more words


Stuck in Love

I guess you’d say “what can make me feel this way?”

I’m talking ’bout my girl…but you see, the thing is, she’s not my girl. Not even a little bit. 985 more words


Chapter 1
Serenity. Cool music. He was right. There was no better place. John sat at the table and waited. He wanted it to be the best thing he would do. 872 more words