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Storytime: The Original BBC

I introduced The BBC a week ago. In my 20s, I had an experience with another BBC and I thought this would be the perfect story for my first ever storytime post. 878 more words


5 Reasons Why being in the Friendzone is Awesome

That title, of course, is click bait.

There’s no such thing has a friendzone. Friendship isn’t a zone. Friendship is something real and precious and someone who doesn’t understand that needs a dictionary. 743 more words

23 Ways to Get Out and Stay Out of The Friend Zone

​Your dreams of being with her and her desire to be with you both die when you put yourself in the friend zone.

We’ve all been in the friend zone at one point in our life and I’m sure if you’re reading this, you’re probably there right now and trying to figure out how you can escape. 4,721 more words


Chum Sector Solution

Delightful ribbons and lacy bows
cover the box where you belong
but you keep seeping onto the table
and taking my cleaning after all wrong… 54 more words


I’m Totally Fine Being In The Friend Zone (Why Won’t You Just Date Me?)

The friend zone is fine. I’m really comfortable here. I’m not overthinking everything and I definitely don’t resent you because I’m really into you and you don’t feel the same way. 317 more words

Nice Guys Finish Last

While sitting behind my computer on a gloomy afternoon, I wonder – why do women prefer guys who don’t treat them well? We complain that guys nowadays don’t know how to treat women with respect but the ones who do, end up in the friend zone. 711 more words

Human Behaviour

Dating: Mr End-of-Year Party

Na wa for Naija dating sha.

Some years ago, I went out with a guy that had been on my case forever. It started out by him asking me to hook him up with one of my friends, as he felt I’d have really cool friends because they’d be great girls – kinda like me. 516 more words

Dating While Nigerian