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Question Friend zone?

The most shocking thing happened yesterday my best friend of 6 YEARS just told me he wants to be more than just friends. I’m still in shock. 131 more words

What's On My Mind

Slut-Shaming and Other Forms of Gender Imbalance in Social Media

Slut-shaming refers to the practice of mocking or degrading a woman because she enjoys sex, engages in sex often, or engages with multiple sexual partners. The practice of slut-shaming is centered on constructed societal norms of sexuality. 497 more words

I Tried To Smile

I tried to smile at her

But she never met my eye

Always kept on dancing

Tried to follow, but not that spry

Watching her twitching hips… 21 more words



You’d think the Friend Zone would be nice, but all I found were enemies…

I broke it to him gently…

Now that I think about it, it’s probably nice┬áto be in my Friend Zone.

111 more words

The Thing I Only Have

I may not have all the beauty
that she has,
I may not also have all the brains that she uses everytime you two are on dates, 73 more words



A new crush
Lingering close
So warm
As lightly touch shoulders
Blinding smile
Always looking down
Admiring the glow of the sand upon feet… 87 more words


War On Nice

The world is in uproar, has been for a while. There seems to be a discord in various societies around the world about the same thing; good men. 1,346 more words