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The Friend Zone

Unrequited attractions can suck, believe me, I know. But there’s a reason they aren’t with you. Maybe you haven’t had the guts to say something, maybe she just sees you as a friend(this is most likely in my experience). 190 more words

Social Justice

Shit That Cheers Me Up

I just got informed that if I’m ever single again there’s a line… and one of my good friends has decided he’s at the front… cracking up. 13 more words


Flowers For A Stranger

I just got out of a local flower shop, where I placed an order for the above arrangement. This is going to a girl I see frequently at a local office supply store, but not from me. 188 more words


Reason #32: Friend Zone

Friend zone

Either you’re the one friend zoning guys or guys are the ones friend zoning you. In reality, there’s no problems with being in the friend zone. 269 more words


Inner Game - The Friend Zone

A Bermuda Triangle of Love


One of the most common themes of men that come to the seduction community looking for help is that they always wonder why the one girl they talk to all the time, console and who they always treat so nicely only considers them as a ‘good friend’ and nothing more. 1,656 more words

Inner Game

We Should Hang Out Sometime by Josh Sundquist

Genre: Young Adult/ Memoir

Rating: 3/5

Summary: Josh Sundquist is a 25-year-old amputee and cancer survivor. He is a famous YouTube star, a Paralympic skiier, and   an inspirational speaker. 270 more words

Young Adult

A Sweetened Ache

Written by Ricardo

A woman’s glance is nothing but a burden to bear in life.
But what of the woman closest to my heart,
Whose fluttering lash is reminiscent of a blossoming rose; 317 more words