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Muruku anyone? 3/9/15

If anyone would like to order,please add my friend up on IG : ALMIRAZZ. Her mom makes sedaplicious muruku.So easy to eat and it is the once you bite you cannot stop kinda.One bottle is $13.Very cheap! 11 more words

My relationship with running...it's complicated

I am not a runner, not one of those types that get the endorphins, or love it, or are just flat out good at it.  I am a mediocre jogger that lands somewhere between the slowest of the fast and the fastest of the slow.   861 more words

b0ok (s) !! My new best friend !!

Let me tell everyone out there who hate reading b0ok$, I was one of y0u just 3 days back!!

I never ever read books in my life, of-course except  my academic books. 552 more words


Sep 2 Saying Thank You

Dear Geri,

I think it’s crazy sometimes that people find it so easy to thank a stranger for holding the door open or when a waiter brings you your food, yet it is so difficult sometimes to say thank you to people you are close to and have done something very special for you. 115 more words


Sometimes friends seems like a hot commodity.  Buy and sell until your heart’s content.  Other times it feels like there’s a severe friendship drought and you’re not sure how or when everything dried up and went to brush fires.   316 more words


Moi, A Horrible Person

So I didn’t keep up with this blog at all for the summer. Now I’m not usually one for excuses but I have a pretty good one. 378 more words

Been a while since my last post, being a family man and a teacher means that summers revolve around the clan so to speak.
In that time my best friend of 10 years got married and in quite British tradition the drink was flowing. 127 more words