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Seating Changes

It’s a horrible feeling

really random, but really horrible

when you enter class

to find your seat,

the seat that has been yours since

the beginning of class… 247 more words


“Money couldn’t buy friends but you got a better class of enemy.”

Spike Milligan (Terence Alan Milligan) 1918-

The Journal

Friendship comes in curious tones, slipping through the cracks of your facade that tells you you need no one and that you’re on your own, that you can stand tall and strong and won’t falter. 113 more words


Hi. I m Sheena.. Clearly I m new on here, but I tend to have a lot of days where I just need a friend to lean on. 30 more words


and then all of a sudden everything fell into its proper place. The moon was shining bright, brighter than the usual. As if it was celebrating the bond. 129 more words



My life just ain’t workin’ for me. So, it’s time for a change. But the thing is, this life that isn’t what I want it to be is the result of a change. 243 more words


Love, love, love💗

Lmao a good friend of mine sent this haha just brought tears to my eyes!