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Worth staying !!

Morning smile and the glittering eyes..Not the one you love ..But the one you adore..Some people you meet in life are just worth staying..May be not for lifetime, but for the time in present..These are not the special ones for whom you reserve a piece of your heart..These are the ones you share the stories of your past..Feeling is a comfortable soothing talk to just let the heart flow..These people are not your special partners..But these people make you breath and they are worth staying for..

Cats and Snakes

I ran press all night which was a first in quite awhile. The last time I ran press at work, the end result was a disaster. 423 more words


Summer road trip

Taytay Falls, Majayjay Laguna (Photo credit: Gillyn)

My friends and I have been longing for something adventurous for this year’s summer and we had an idea of going beyond cliche’ – no sand and sea this time – since the barkada went to Batangas last year. 610 more words


Want to punch Martin Shkreli in the face? You could get a chance

NEW YORK (WCMH/AP) — Martin Shkreli, the former hedge fund manager vilified in nearly every corner of America for buying a pharmaceutical company and jacking up the price of a life-saving drug more than fiftyfold, says he’s auctioning off a chance to slap/punch him in the face to benefit a former friend. 361 more words


Unfinished paradoxical, emotional Concept

And there you are again,
Traumatized by pain.

Illogically ironic reasons,
Blinded by treacherous illusion.

For someone who only seeks fling,
You with a fragile heart falls.

-Diana Rachelle

Nothing Butt Us

I am rarely alone

one in a group of twenty

a tight pack, we are

as we display our coat of arms

outside our domicile… 86 more words


There's Something Heavy Sat on My Heart

There’s something heavy sat on my heart
My heart that won’t beat, and beat,
It’s sluggish and slow, it can’t be moving now
With every breath comes a struggle… 312 more words