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Theres only so much to give

Before you realise you’re done

It sometimes doesn’t even build and develop

Time just says thats it, you’re finished here… 48 more words


to consider life
and not perceive you
is to cheat existence,
an unwelcome death.

to chat the stars
and not see your twinkle
brighten souls… 176 more words


Afterthought 148—Changed Direction

Slow down.  Turn here.  Let's try outside our zone
at least as far as we can see from here,
past that I'll check the maps to find what's near
that would be fun. 83 more words
100 Poems

Battling the feeling of feeling unwanted 

is one of the most difficult feelings I have ever battled in my life.

I’ve felt pretty shitty my entire life but I do now, more than ever. 135 more words


Stay Safe - Short Story

Some people have to hide their sexuality in order to stay safe.

This is both common and the best way to handle it for some people. 111 more words



Just because no one understands you doesn’t mean you’re not on the right track.- Robin Sharma