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WOW. I have been literally blown away by the events of the past few months, and am only just now starting to feel like I might be almost catching up with this crazy runaway train called Life. 146 more words

Let's have coffee!

For some unknown reason, perhaps just boredom, I decided to scroll ahead in the calendar on my iPhone. After a few minutes of some serious scrolling, I was surprised to have made it to the year 3000. 109 more words


It's not Canon Beach but it will do!

Our final stop was Palm Beach, Florida. Again we stayed at a very dog friendly hotel. Being in a temperate climate with a dog makes life so much easier, no layering of winter clothes, no salt between the paws, no need to worry about the dog traipsing dirt throughout the house! 201 more words


The Final Announcement

It’s finally here! In the next few days the photo shoot I have been planning for months will be uploaded to Dinosaurs and Woodlice so keep an eye out if fashion and photography floats your boat! 11 more words


PART SEVENTY ONE- and her answer is...

This post is dedicated to, anonymous754. Enjoy the post❤️

Friends. A word we consider small and people we consider underratedly. Many of us don’t realise the value of the friendships we are fortunate to be in. 2,058 more words