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A rambling rant of an obstinate, halfwitted hypocrite 

Have you ever felt like you’re just an empty shell? It irks my mind and soul how easily I allow myself to get so caught up with trivial matters and the superficiality of this society. 352 more words


Keeping toxic people around

I tweeted earlier this week about how it was funny we tend to keep toxic people around because we’re familiar with them. I think that there’s so much to be said about the familiar and how much it influences our daily lives. 182 more words


Out of Touch

Dear pen pal.

Maintaining long-distance communication takes talent. Different rules apply to it compared with face-to-face interaction. Personally, I try to keep all my relationships face-to-face. 403 more words


When Clarity Becomes The Much Needed Friend



clearness or lucidity as to perception or understanding; freedom from indistinctness or ambiguity.

Have you ever experienced that moment of lucidity where everything just falls into place? 780 more words

Writer's Haven

Friday Post:- Things I've learned this week!

I’m hoping to begin aFriday Post’, as each Friday comes around (and boy do they come around quicker the older I get!) 1,215 more words


A Song to Bring You Home

There she goes,
Walking away from me,
I can’t see her smile till
after, I can’t smell her hair.

Behind her, a part of me goes,, 190 more words



It’s a GIRL!!! I am feeling so good when I look trough these pictures. It seems just like yesterday we had this photoshoot while we were waiting for little princes Lukne to join the world. 111 more words