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I was lucky enough to have a family friend in Noosa, this meant we got fed, watered (champagned at one point) and even a real bed to sleep in for 2 nights instead of the camper! 140 more words


Honesty is the best policy 

I find honesty a funny thing, if we were honest 100% of the time we would probably upset more people than we do from telling the odd lie. 395 more words

Daily Disciplines: Day One Hundred Twenty Seven

There are people, situations, or taste that shout very loudly for our attention. They practically beg us to take care of them now! However, those aren’t always the things that matter. 105 more words

I'm free!

After one last week full of fun with an early Christmas meal, Secret Santa and one final night out also came a week of stress and deadlines. 81 more words

Getting ready for Thanksgiving Day

When your family and friends arrive this Thanksgiving Day there is so much to do. We like to keep it simple at our house and celebrate the day not only giving thanks but appreciating each other. 39 more words

The bleeding stops...

…Eventually, but the emptiness never goes away.

People come and go- our family & friends claim their woes and endless problems.

You listen, but you’re not there. 85 more words

Walking The Grey Line

In the starlight, in the daylight.

She sang softly to the stars,
In the moonlight, passing cars,
Dreaming a dream she forgot she believed,
With the city lights passing in the breeze, 226 more words