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Story: Lonliness

I’m lonely for friends and not so much for someone to live for…..for people to talk to me. For people to acknowledge my existence and to value my friendship. 258 more words

The thief in the day

Silly is the sun for peeking through your window

Interrupting your morning embrace with your pillow

The world is frozen, why go outside?

In your bed, you rather reside… 139 more words



I suppose some sort of explanation as to the objective and reasoning behind this blog are in order. It is not easy to offer up a simple explanation for what inspired me to start this blog; the simplest way for me to put it is this: I consider myself an outcast of society – why? 347 more words



Bewildered by what she cannot be

Reflections in the glass, mirror only me

Cast aside, she’ll watch the others play

Curious thoughts still gather her way… 42 more words

Night Owl Poetry

Why I would be terrible at solo travel

On Friday there was a jazz festival in Basel (honestly, in August you can’t set foot in town without finding some kind of event!). Jan had to work late because of a major problem with one of their projects and of the two people we occasionally hang out with here one was on holiday and the other had originally thought about coming but then emailed me to say she was too tired. 426 more words



She had dreams for life,

they all turned out to be

a lie,

Expectations for friends were same,

but the faces were change,

Being loved..that’s all that she wanted, 136 more words


The Facebook Birthday Experiment

It’s no surprise that most people wish each other a happy birthday thanks to Facebook’s reminder feature. I have, myself, wished people a happy birthday because of Facebook where, without Facebook, I would not have done so. 248 more words

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