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Who I am.

I’ve been at WSU for about a month now, and its been interesting. I’ve heard it said before that transfers have a hard time finding and making friends, and whoever said that is completely right. 859 more words

A deserted soul

People I think my friends, are never really my friends.

I’m proved wrong all the time. But, I still fail to learn from the constantly poor judgements I make. 181 more words

Just The One

Loneliness has many species

the one who stands with a drink,

the one dining alone

the single child at the edge

the long distance runner 61 more words


Professional Dev: Goal Setting

This is it. Today is the day I’m putting my stake in the ground. I’m putting it down with force, and it’s causing a crack to etch its way through my hopes, dreams, and aspirations. 409 more words

Fair Weather Friend

Here when there’s a party to host,
Though gone when needed the most.
Just another friendly ghost.


Lonely people

We had dinner the other day with a man, his newest girlfriend, his mother and his youngest son. This man works hard, is very well paid, and is using his money to try to fix his broken relationships. 399 more words

Faith And Life

I fear...

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I am here. Finally.………………

I see people of different shades. Some appear and some pristine white and yet others who appear in shades of grey. 98 more words