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I have no female friends.

Actually I have a few female friends but they live in California, very far from my home in Texas. These select friends have been a part of my life since junior high; they are diverse and none get along with each other. 886 more words


Five Ways to Fight Loneliness

The Power Of Sticking Together

Today‚Äôs Petals of Wisdom Devotion was shared Karen Blandino. It’s a little longer than normal, but it was too good not to share the entire article with you! 1,254 more words

Petals Of Wisdom

The Loss

Since yesterday morning, I am no longer responsible for looking after the chickens. It felt like my whole world was put upside down. To me, the girls were my reason to get up at five in the morning, and start the day with something positive. 863 more words


Punished for being nice...

Written some months ago about a friend who is not a friend anymore… Funny how people who promise to be there leave… And now, I have started hating her because she had been so annoying since then… 330 more words



How did I reach this point?

When did I let myself slip?

I look at myself in the mirror everyday practicing a smile, hoping it’ll look perfect enough to fool those around me… It was always painful to smile, but I always hoped it would work… I wanted people to see that I was never bothered or will never be. 359 more words


When you want to share
But nobody’s really there
To listen to you.

And then there was just me...

Some people seem to hate their own company. It’s abit like they only feel themselves when surrounded by the justification of there friends.

But I’m different, I always have been. 106 more words