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M.I.A. - defeated

Alright so for almost a month now I have been having the worst luck possible….

  1. Car brakes went out and got new ones
  2. ABS sensor went out so I had to take it back to the shop the week after I got the new brakes because I needed another set of front brakes after the caliper seized, so new rotor and brakes again plus the sensor now.
  3. 198 more words

Having Friends and Depression

My social ineptitude can be attributed to a variety of factors–my persistent anxiety, the fact that because of said anxiety I wasn’t perfectly socialized when I was younger, my less-than-stellar qualities, and the reason I have a blog in the first place. 781 more words

The Friendless

We are the friendless:

The ones who watch the participants,

Endlessly win an everlasting game

We are the ones who enjoy our own company more than anyone else’s… 90 more words

The art of unplugging...

About a week ago, I decided to unplug from Facebook. For a few reasons, but basically to see how many friends saw I just disappeared. That and I was so tired of the stupid political bull shit that has been going on since November. 260 more words

First Time Blogger


Some days I am awake other days i am not. How sure are you that you know what is real

When lies are masked underneath fiction and reality ? 21 more words

I Like My Lipstick as Dark as My Soul

I am an “anti-social dreamer” as one of my long lost friend once told me. At 24, I hate crowded places and obnoxious people. My idea of real fun is some chili cheese fries, black leggings with a big ass shirt and some good old fashioned REALITY TV. 839 more words



Each passes by,

a unit with a separate life,

marching towards a destiny I cannot see.

they follow the golden road

of prosperity

of euphoria… 10 more words