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Friends and Loved Ones?

How do people manage to have so many friends and people that they share mutual good feelings about? I’m volunteering for a couple of days at a special event and I’m amazed at how many groups of people there are. 955 more words


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Drake - Innovator, friendless, or both

I am a fan of most music. Hip-hop, techno, country, rock, metal, rap, classical, and so on. There have been many songs that I hated or misunderstood until I saw a music video that changed my perception of the song. 1,442 more words



Poetry Project #4

We cut ourselves to make it fake

To hide the pain that we can’t take.

We drop the blade, colored red,

And bang the wall against our head. 244 more words



A cry for help,

Unnoticed, unheard,

Disguised as bad attitude,

Bridges that were burned

No one cared,

With worries of their own,

None came to help, 209 more words


in the middle of a crowd

I, Flavia Ventura, have never had problems socializing. Often I was told “Omg how do you know so many people,” often I was called to know what was the plan for the night. 217 more words

Silence & Anger

I worked with a therapist for seven years- off and on for four and then every single week for the last three. Yes, I can recognize that wasn’t a healthy set-up to have, but it is what it is. 644 more words