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Today after dropping Lanna off with her friends, I went to the park to have my smoke. When I got there I saw a flashlight coming from out of the forest so I assumed a stoner, and sure enough, my friend Sam came out. 113 more words

Reaching Out

I’m putting myself out there…again.  Sadly, I am the one who is making the effort to reach out to my so-called friends.  Are they really my friends?  504 more words


Life is not that bad...

Here I am, starting my first blog post at 03:51 in the morning.  I find my life to be very complicated.  I have a wonderful family.  351 more words


I'm Fat, I'm working on it, What's your problem?

We had a very rough morning and mom tried every trick in the book to stay home but I stood firm and we went to the pool way later than normal.  389 more words

Independent life films

My life feels like one of those real life films where their life is mediocre but yet still seems to fall apart.


My dog, Spot.

I didn’t have many friends when I was growing up. Other than my cousins and my sister’s friends (because I was that archetype of the annoying kid sister whom everyone hated) whom I shamelessly tagged on because my sister didn’t really have much of a choice hahaha. 382 more words

"Just Friends" and Other Lines of Shit I'd Like to Sell You: Part II

When I was in the seventh grade, I had no friends.   I’d stand in the cafeteria with my tray, all awkwardness and spare elbows, and try to find the least conspicuous place to slide myself.   1,440 more words