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The biggest curse of a grown up life for me is my inability to make anymore friends.

I haven’t made a new friend in almost 10 years. 852 more words

How To Rebuild Your Life As A Single, Friend-less Adult

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Adulthood is fucking hard. If you’re one of the lucky ones, you get to breeze through it without quite having to think about who you are or what you’ve done with your life. 263 more words


To my teen and tween self: I see you

Dear Katelyn,

I see you. You and the one other outcast sit alone at the lunch table. She is a caring, fun, spirited, and beautiful junior high girl, as are you, and your classmates are being jerks by not accepting you two. 669 more words



When your life has fallen to pieces

And you don’t know where to turn

When you seem to have lost the momentum

And can’t tell where to go… 196 more words


Nights Like This

I really don’t feel like writing right now, but it is because I feel this way that I should write. Mostly, I don’t particularly enjoy writing when my thoughts seem jumbled. 545 more words


Left Alone

Matching footsteps
“Step step step”
Matching chatter
“Bla bla bla”
Matching laughs
“Ha ha ha”

Missing human
“Wait wait wait”
Missing voice
“Listen listen listen”
Missing love
“Cry cry cry”