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Always alone

When I was a kid, my sister and I had to stay at our grandparents’ house after school. Our cousins would be there too. They were always mean to me. 281 more words


Here's some more Anecdote

I fell asleep with my eyes open once. It must have been seven years ago now. I still really didn’t have any friends, and I had to ride in a “booster seat” (not a car seat–those were for lame-os) in the car. 447 more words


The Safety Of The Sleeping Quarters

So the majority of my year are out on a residential. Why am I not there with them? Well, why would I want to stay a couple nights over with people I dislike (with the minority which… 363 more words

Don’t Move Your Family of College Students Cross Country

My family moved. Again.

We’ve moved states a few times before, when my brother and I were younger. Of course at the time we were sad but we inevitably made amazing friends and loved our new lives because we went to public schools. 1,090 more words


What to do when you have no friends and have no money.

So I recently moved and I don’t know anyone. What makes matters worse is that I am unemployed. I became unemployed when I had to move to this new location. 771 more words

Ear Ache

I listen to their problems,
They confide in me.
They tell me
What’s on their mind.
But when I open my mouth,
They turn their heads. 24 more words


I awake every day, that is if I actually sleep, not easy with the gulls of the sea screaming intrusively into my slumber. Every day the world is the same. 371 more words