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Mrs. Friendless

I often find myself spending idle time mindlessly liking pictures on Instagram or sharing trivial Facebook posts. I check my IG and search through my timeline until I realize I already saw these photos when I logged on 5 minutes ago. 507 more words


Being unfriended IRL

Being unfriended on a social media site like Facebook is not that much of a big deal really, like “oh no, this person won’t see all of the things that mean nothing that I write about most of the time, all because they unfriended me on Facebook *sad face*”. 498 more words


I think I'll go and eat worms

Im sitting here, playing with my phone. I’ve had a horrible day at work and I want to talk to someone but as I scroll through my contacts I realise I don’t have anyone I can actually have a proper chat with. 126 more words


Goodnight World

When I started this blog about life, I intended for it to be bright (or at least to always look on the bright side of things). 623 more words

Bob and me

Here I am making the document about bullying victim.Here is Calvin Tjarda who was bullied shortly in his school.I tried to lift up my video camera to shoot his face. 904 more words

Rip Grammar