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So I feel like I’ve been posting A LOT in the recent past and it might go on for while, as I use this as a way to procrastinate studying for my exams, but then I’ll fizzle back to posting just a few bits and pieces whenever I feel like it. 217 more words


Cement Mixer

One part desperation and one part irritation ! I have been going through several different emotions over the last couple of days, but irritation is a big one. 163 more words

Forever Alone

My First Blog. Filling in my life.

I just watched the movie “Ask me anything” and the main thing about the movie was her blogging. It seemed to get a lot of her emotions out so I figured I’d give it a shot. 407 more words

Welcome to my life.

The following might be a bit hard to believe for some of you out there, but it is a fact that there are actually people in this world who do not have a life. 136 more words

1st Post


A-Z Blogging Challenge: Theme-Homelessness

Letter E=Engulfed

To say that I was totally engulfed in my situation is an understatement, those first few days whilst still in shock and denial, I walked around with a severely optimistic view that this really wasn’t happening and I’ll just wake up. 707 more words



I don’t spell ‘life’ with an ‘i’ but instead ‘y’. I truly believe that my lyfe revolves around people too and not myself only.

Apparently it’s not. 57 more words

Heart Problems

Battling the feeling of feeling unwanted 

is one of the most difficult feelings I have ever battled in my life.

I’ve felt pretty shitty my entire life but I do now, more than ever. 135 more words