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All the rage, none of the content

There is a discourse among discussions of pretty much any controversial issue that I have begun to notice and as I notice it is begins to irk me. 1,104 more words

Knowing things in your heart

It’s a shocking thing when you start to ponder a question silently to yourself, wondering if anyone knows the answer, and a few days later, someone in your RSS feed points you to a four-part video series answering it. 282 more words

Radical Atheism

Answering 5 Basic Misconceptions About Evolution

Hemant Mehta from FriendlyAtheist.com explains some common misconceptions about evolution.


A Friendlier Message

This post over at Hessian and Withteeth’s blog referenced a talk given by Hemant Mehta at the Gateway to Reason conference in St. Louis, Missouri. In that talk, Mr. 745 more words


Godless Engineer Interviews: John Shuck

John Shuck is a pastor that doesn’t believe in God but more importantly he’s still Christian.

Find out how he reconciles this in a new version of this old faith. 31 more words


Creationism pushed in Louisiana schools

The Friendly Atheist reported on this recently but I wanted to point out some more violations contained within Zack Kopplin’s slate article.

As pointed out by Hemant in his… 453 more words


Christians suing over "God's Not Dead"

I shit you not. Christians really fucking care about this movie as well as who gets the credit for producing and creating this pile of dog shit movie. 288 more words