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Back on October 3, atheist activist Hemant Mehta responded to speculations that the Las Vegas mass murderer was motivated by anti-religious sentiments:

And even if this person had an animosity against religion, why the hell would he shoot up a random country music festival in Las Vegas and not, say, a megachurch in Mississippi?

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Texas shooter was an atheist, mocked believers in God

I saw some images purportedly taken from his now-deleted Facebook page that showed that he liked a bunch of atheist pages, but I wanted to hold off until we had some actual comments from people who knew him personally. 1,225 more words


Another Mass Shooting.  More Thoughts and Prayers.

Y ’all, I’m tired…this shit makes me so mentally and emotionally exhausted.

I used to ask myself:  How many tragedies have to happen before we do something? 928 more words

Did the Friendly Atheist Jump to Conclusions about the Texas Church Murderer?

“Friendly Atheist” Hemant Mehta tells us he doesn’t want to “jump to any conclusions” about the religious views of mass murderer Devin Kelley.  Yet he wrote the following on his popular atheist blog (a blog that was liked by Kelley): 314 more words

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