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Mistakes Christians make when talking to Atheists

I enjoy conversations with people who do not think like me, especially atheists. They keep me on my toes and really make me think. Most of them have thought long and hard about the God question, as I have, but they have come to a different conclusion. 479 more words


Dear Christians, You Don't Get To Beat On People, Lose, And Demand Respect

h/t Hemant Mehta here.

Russell Moore* is a shithead.

He says this:

“We’ll have to see how gracious or vindictive voices within the LGBT community are in their responses,” Anderson said.

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20 short Arguments AGAINST God's existence (A Response)

Hemant Metha, aka “The Friendly Atheist” put out a video blog arguing against the existence of God. Check out the video below and then lets do some critical analysis. 2,772 more words


Land of The Free (9): Christian Pastor: “I’m Not Gonna Let Any of These Dirty Faggots Inside My Church”

And folks wonder why, in spite of the number of LGBT-friendly churches and people and places out there, queer people cannot shake the fear that Christians hate them and want them harmed.

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Life, The Universe…

Why Making "Kirk Cameron's Saving Christmas" the Worst Rated Movie on IMDB is a Mistake

by Legendary Lew

As of today, Kirk Cameron’s Saving Christmas is gracing the list of IMDB’s Bottom 100 as the worst ranking movie on a site with over 2 million entries. 721 more words


A Response To Richard Hagenston

Is your pastor really not telling you some truths about the Bible? Let’s talk about it on Deeper Waters.

Richard Hagenston is an ordained United Methodist minister and a former pastor who has written a book called… 4,309 more words


Telling Words from the Archbishop-Designate

I recently wrote a post for Friendly Atheist about the new Archbishop of Chicago, Blase Cupich (say it like SOO-pitch). I wrote about how he mimics Pope Francis in the way he talks about the Church’s teachings, providing pithy sound bites that sound liberal and progressive without actually committing to change, and while in fact reinforcing the toxic beliefs about marriage, women, and human sexuality that leave so many people at odds with the Church. 1,307 more words

Fighting With Fundamentalism