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Knowing things in your heart

It’s a shocking thing when you start to ponder a question silently to yourself, wondering if anyone knows the answer, and a few days later, someone in your RSS feed points you to a four-part video series answering it. 282 more words

Radical Atheism

Answering 5 Basic Misconceptions About Evolution

Hemant Mehta from FriendlyAtheist.com explains some common misconceptions about evolution.


A Friendlier Message

This post over at Hessian and Withteeth’s blog referenced a talk given by Hemant Mehta at the Gateway to Reason conference in St. Louis, Missouri. In that talk, Mr. 745 more words


Godless Engineer Interviews: John Shuck

John Shuck is a pastor that doesn’t believe in God but more importantly he’s still Christian.

Find out how he reconciles this in a new version of this old faith. 31 more words


Creationism pushed in Louisiana schools

The Friendly Atheist reported on this recently but I wanted to point out some more violations contained within Zack Kopplin’s slate article.

As pointed out by Hemant in his… 453 more words


Christians suing over "God's Not Dead"

I shit you not. Christians really fucking care about this movie as well as who gets the credit for producing and creating this pile of dog shit movie. 288 more words


What Did the Friendly Atheist Really Mean?

Last week I got involved in another frustrating Twitter debate with a non-believer. But please don’t stop reading yet; this was slightly different: instead of them asking me too many stupid questions for me to reply, it was them that didn’t reply to the one question I had asked. 523 more words