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5 People Injured After Shooting At Dallas Football Field

Witnesses told officials that multiple people then starting firing at the shooter. In all, at least five people were said to be hit by gunshots — three women and two men. 13 more words

No idea


America has no idea how many civilians and even American troops by way of friendly fire. 60 minutes just ran an update to the story about the 2 American troops killed by American bombs. 42 more words

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May 10 1940-An eventful day.

May 10 1940 must have been one of the busiest and chaotic days in WWII.I won’t go to deep into the details because most of the events are well documented, however not everyone might know that these events happened on the same day. 743 more words


World War 2 in the Netherlands

As the saying goes “A picture tells a thousand words” therefor rather then writing at length about  WWII in the Netherlands, I have decided that this time I will let the pictures do the talking. 258 more words


notes from the office #55

7:57a: friendly fire is first up in my queue today.

“he died as he lived, moist.” that’s a great line to start the day.

my screenshot i think only encompasses a few hours of the day, there’s a backlog of magnus archives after my dailies. 706 more words

Notes From The Office

notes from the office #15

* one of the harvey homes i worked yesterday has now changed ownership 3 times. i was working the 17th, today i'm working the 27th. every owner since the original person has been some murkily named LLC in houston. 311 more words
Notes From The Office

Submitted With Little Comment

My last work day of the week was an exciting one, especially toward the end of the day, when we received word one of our officers had been shot… 163 more words

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