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Running a C program on mini2440

Am creating a simple Hello World program in C.This is the program

int main(){
 printf("Hello World\n");

saved it as hello.c..Now compiling it for our target or mini2440. 77 more words

Embedded Linux

Setting up cross compilation toolchain to compile kernel and vivi for mini 2440

To compile kernel and vivi for our target device (mini2440) we need to  set up a cross compilation environment on our host system.The trick is that we generate binaries for the target(mini2440) on our host system. 368 more words


Settingup and configuring mini2440 Friendlyarm on ubuntu10.04

The friendlyarm kit am having is mini2440 http://www.friendlyarm.net/products/mini2440

The software and other packages necessary can be downloaded from the official site


The first software we need on our ubuntu system in minicom.Minicom is just like hyperterminal.Install minicom first… 236 more words

Embedded Linux