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Venezia 2015

To begin, I have to apologize my extremely extended absence. I have been traveling like crazy, which is exactly the state I like to be in, but unfortunately, my international data plan allowed for unlimited texting and absolutely… 1,925 more words


When The Foundation Isn't Strong

Everyone has friends and people they care about. And everyone gets into arguments with these people.  It happens, and it is healthy. But it becomes a problem when the foundation of the friendship takes a hit. 269 more words


The Cat Days of Summer

Yes, I know, I shouldn’t complain when the rest of the country has been plagued by such devastating weather but…..20 degrees above average for this time of year is just too darn hot. 226 more words


Day 49 Oluyinka


That’s what you say when you don’t know where exactly to start from.

I’m not one for dates, so pardon me when I say I can’t remember the very date of the day I first met her. 552 more words

60 Day Writing Challenge

Visitors from across the world

In the spring I met a very precious new friend that works down the hall from my office and she’s from China and working on her PhD at Virginia Tech.   332 more words



Oh, love of mine
With a song and a whine
You’re harsh and divine
Like truths and a lie
But the tale ends not here…

84 more words

Introduction and Thank You!

Friday was my thank you day for some years. I used to list what I was thankful for during the past week and in general. From now on I’ll make my weekly introduction post also I thank you for kindred acts of my friends. 312 more words