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Raylene & Winnie Weather Florida

As part of my Friday Fictioneers tales I’ve been posting a story about two cousins from Moose Knee who take a tour of Florida. It’s supposed to be a great time of year to go, but their plans have been derailed by the weather. 29 more words


More Weather Woes

The next morning did not look promising for our two foiled tourists. Raylene and Winnie stood by the window frowning as they watched the advancing storm drench the city. 528 more words


What a weekend

(I wrote this post in June, but I thought I’d post it anyway. It was interesting to read it and to see how far I’ve moved forwards, and changed since I wrote this…) 586 more words


It gets better

TW: suicide, self-harm, eating disorder

“It’s going to be okay” she says holding me. She looks into my eyes, “It will get better”, but I struggle to look her in the eye. 807 more words


Lets Talk Eggs

As you all know the older three are in 4-h and raising chickens, they each of 4 chickens of their own. They have to have three for fair and we have an extra for each kid in case something happened to one or two before then. 898 more words


If you’re reading this, maybe right now you’re in the situation where everything goes wrong; whether you’ve failed on something that you extremely wanted to pursue, your loved ones gone, or worse, you don’t have anyone to trust again simply because so many people have disappointed you.

39 more words
Creative Writing

The Blues

When you walk away from someone although it is an instant gratification that they are gone, there is a period of time that you are down and for no other word to describe it-blue. 163 more words