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What an introduction. Let’s get right to it: when Her Excellency was was still on the air with her daily talk show, I won tickets to be part of her audience. 719 more words


One-Line Wednesday – Are You In or Are You En?

“Enquiring minds need to know™”

I had to look that up because I’m never sure if its “enquiring” or “inquiring” – Well, it turns out it’s Enquiring (but it probably should be inquiring) and it turns out its Trademarked. 438 more words




every one


no “free” days

unless you plan to live


and avoid getting run


by a mack truck

so give yourself a flower… 79 more words

The End Of An Era

When we made the decision to move to Texas in late February I knew that leaving Doha was going to be hard on all of us. 597 more words


How Does One Make the Perfect Life Choices?

I’m sitting in an airport waiting for a delayed flight, wearing bright orange compression socks, thinking about the latest book I’m writing. It’s been harder to write. 846 more words


Cool Ways To Bring Your Neighborhood Together

We all want to live in a better neighborhood; it is one of those inherent wants we are all born with. Of course, what makes a better neighborhood is entirely subjective. 529 more words


Sara's 12 Birthday

The past week was busy, as we prepped for Sara’s 12th birthday that was held on Saturday.. The party consisted of two phases: Phase (1) a beach themed celebration at our house with family and friends, a water slide, a taco bar, and cupcakes; Phase (2) an afternoon with girlfriends, walking around the mall  349 more words