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What it's all about

Today I had a deep and newfound realization of how important it is to have close friends by your side throughout this crazy life.

And the realization came about while on my yoga mat. 437 more words


How Do You Deal With A Friend's Loss?

She calls you twice but you ignore her calls. Then you get a text message from that reads ‘I lost my mum’. The world stops spinning as you stare at your phone. 548 more words

Becoming Constance

Please Do Try This At Home

I’ve no idea what this post is going to be about but the title came to me and so I put it in.  But I’ve started so I’ll finish, as Magnus Magnusson used to say, and tell you all about easing.  236 more words

Friends And Family

Time in Wales

This may look more like ‘What are you?’ than ‘What ho!’ but this furry brown alpaca is in fact none other than Bertie Wooster.  He and his companion Jeeves lead a peaceful, snack-filled existence on an orchard in Wales accompanied by fierce geese (George and Mildred) a cockerel named Cromwell, some anonymous ducks and a host of unnamed fruit trees.  344 more words

Friends And Family
Spending time with loved ones and their families

If I learned one lesson from cancer, I learned to spend my time doing the things that bring joy to my heart. 385 more words

Parenting: Prom Edition

The Scene – Living room.  Sitting on the sofa watching Sherlock on Netflix with my eldest daughter.  Approximately 10pm.  My 17 year-old son Jason comes home from work and the following conversation unfolds. 262 more words

Oh Wow. A Whole Decade

I had a little notification in the corner of my page this morning.   ‘That’s odd,’ I thought, as I’m usually told of comments and followers via email and I had just checked my inbox.  302 more words

Friends And Family