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Singing Phoebe's First Happy Birthday

Her Mom went to all the trouble of baking her a delicious mini chocolate cake, but Phoebe was surprisingly uninterested. She loved playing with the frosting though! 76 more words

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Staring at Stars with Soldiers

A concert program falls from the balcony to the floor, like a meteor, causing confused parents to look up and see the auditorium’s Big Dipper, a constellation composed of glowing red SORTIE signs. 155 more words

Love And Friendship


I’m feeling better today, for those who were concerned.  Let’s see how I do tonight.

I just wanted to write a brief post on how good I feel right now.   172 more words

Friends And Family

Phoebe and Sonje Video from her Birthday

We were fortunate to have Jo, Becca, and Sonje visit for Thanksgiving/One Year Birthday. Phoebe had met Sonje before but Sonje was too young to really interact with much. 30 more words

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I'm still here #diary latest news and video work for Elegant Hippy UK

Hello my friends. I’ve been quieter than normal of recent days due to a new learning curve. I absolutely love constructing short film and photography. Quite frankly, I could sit quietly piecing things together for the rest of my life. 362 more words

Friends And Family

My Mania Process

So this is what happens when I get manic.

I get really excited for a writing idea, and I support myself by pretending there are lots of people loving everything I do.   341 more words

Mental Illness

Where we ate: November 2016 edition

We just returned from a trip back to the States.  We spend two weeks in Minnesota sandwiched around a weekend in Iowa, then a week in San Francisco split between staying in the Union Square area, Nob Hill, and San Carlos down the peninsula. 399 more words

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