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Musings while Walking: the Journey

This is nearly stream of consciousness, but has a logical flow, I think.

When my boys were young, we took a long walk from home to a nearby landmark called Settles Bridge.  670 more words


"Say hello- say goodbye" - the Friends Life IGC

Having spent 7 pages introducing itself and setting out its stall, the Friends Life IGC Chair Statement concludes, 7 pages later;

It’s a case of say hello say, say goodbye and I’m afraid that the 7 pages which deal with the work of the IGC in 2015 really don’t tell us much more than “watch this space”. 536 more words


The 52 List Project: List 9


  1. God
  2. Time
  3. Love
  4. The ‘little’ things
  5. ‘Me’ time
  6. Music

TAKE ACTION: How can you actively honor the things and people you love most? 15 more words


The 52 Lists Project: List 7


There really are too many to name but I will give a few…

  1. Tomi
  2. My Parents…
  3. 41 more words

Apparently I speak Braille now.

I can’t decide if acne is better experienced as a teen , when pretty much everyone is struggling with it – or as a forty-something, when you have very few shits left to give. 289 more words

Friends & Life

A Lesson in Confidence

The other day while showering, I tried to remember what Alan looked like in glasses. He wore them when we started dating, but then got Lasik our second year together. 98 more words



Like all good things , like all good springs.Like all goodness , like all greatness, some things are such a big treasure that sometimes you cannot their volume and depth , size, scale, pattern and scent ever get a measure.Like all the wonderful worlds combined , like all the great ideas in the mind .Like all the imprints of a  someone special’shadow on our hearts enshrined.Like the glorious of glories , like the stuff that drives you so crazy.It’s the picture of your best friend which can never in your eyes become hazy.He taught you so much he was such a sweet muchchar magarmach but can you forget the times you spent with him , the real joys that sometimes brought tears to your eyes as such.He taught you to grow , to evolve , he taught you to complete your designs , what you resolved.He was a torch bearer, a bowl of elixir when you were lost in the darkest tunnels of your mind and when you had been bitten by the poisonous rattlesnake of time.He was such a thing , he was a wonder, a marvel which you thought no one would be to you, such a big scoundrel.He shared with you times of fun, times under the sun , times of fancy and glamour , times of troubles and tremors.He was the light of your blind eye, the ears to help you listen when you were deaf , the mouthpiece when you were dumb.He took lots of pain , he himself went blind and deaf , he dissolved all his pains and his tragedy, he drank all the poison and still smiled keeping mum.He was your crutch he was the ultimate savior in times of true bad melody and fancy fast storms.He was the one  who challenged all the odds and the selfish norms .He cried for you in his sleep ,but in front of you he would never weep,he wanted to see the best of the bests come out of you as soon as it could.He was the best buddy ever one can be.He knew that your place in his heart made it special,he knew that what you were was a good mix of simplicity,speciality ,slowness but goodness after all.He saw the real real you which was hidden at a place where maybe God could only spot it.He knew that you were not some crazy bullshit.He made you stand after that accident with yourself in which you lost the right controls.He knew that come what in any time ,at any place,in any situation,you were just one simple good whole,one simple good soul.He brought out your unseen qualities,he made you get recognized .For this he himself got vaporised ,you may know or may never come to know what a big diamond was your friend.But you will just pray and say to God that whatever i can do i will do but still i would never be able to clear his debts and make amends.Friends are real fuss.They are the flowers which give scent eternally forever to us .They were there every time we needed them.They were just so true brethrens. 275 more words