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Removing Friend Requests feature being looked into!

Hey Penguins,

If you’re like me, you have a lot of unanswered Friend Requests at the bottom of your Friend’s List, that have been sitting there for months, and you can’t remove them until the other Penguin accepts/declines or unless the CPI Team adds a feature to where we can remove/delete the request that we sent. 68 more words

Club Penguin Island

Happy Birthday, Tim! :)

Happy Birthday, ! :)

Today is my friend, Tim’s, birthday. He’s another year older today. Like the rest of us do once every year (except those born in a Leap Year, but that’s another matter). 68 more words


Facebook Anti-Spoofing Trick

Facebook privacy settings suggestion: You know how sometimes you get friend requests from spoof accounts that claim to be your pre-existing facebook friends but aren’t? I’m still not sure what the spoofers get out of it, but the way they do it is by copying a name and profile photo, and then sending friend requests to everyone on that person’s friends list, which is usually public. 184 more words

Trimming the tree. 

Recently I’ve had the unfortunate task of deciding who is really relevant in my life. Sometimes in life it’s necessary to remove toxic people and move forward with those who are a positive impact. 217 more words

Basic Bish

Facebook wasn’t broke, but they fixed it anyway.

I have been happily chugging along thinking all is well until yesterday when I realized that one of my younger son’s Facebook posts had not shown up on my news feed. 505 more words

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