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I didn't give up on Love but it gave up on me

I went on another blind date this weekend. A two hour drive to the diner and a 20 minute lunch later, the guy left.  Three days later I get a text from him saying that he thinks I’m a nice person but we are in different places in our lives. 282 more words

Arranged Marriage

There was a fire in your eyes and I wanted to

I gave you my body, asking nothing in return

The flames grew higher as I started to fall…

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Why Friends With Benefits doesn't exist 

Author : Devshree Pareek
The concept sounds very cool. But, it isn’t real.

Read on to know ‘Why FWB is a myth’

Either it just the benefit or it is the friendship. 338 more words


Let's Talk About Sex

I’m single and ready to mingle
The best way to get over someone is to get under someone new

A few things you need to know about me: 430 more words


Friends With Benefits

You know, I need to first start with my personal opinion: IF you have a friend with benefits (FWB for those who don’t know and live under a rock…on a different planet… in a different galaxy), there should be a limit on how long you guys are just FWB until you are deemed as “in a relationship”. 335 more words


Sex, Love, and the Feelings In Between

Romance isn’t what it used to be.

Or maybe it is. How would I know? I’m 21. But it definitely wasn’t what I imagined it would be when I was a kid. 1,084 more words



i relinquished my power to you and my better judgement at my expense because your so-called love and cheap affection caused my heart to pound against the bones in my chest and you felt my heart jumping when you caressed my breast but you chalked it up to being in the moment although my feelings for you ran and still run much deeper and i ignored the warning signs and continued running as the descent got steeper and it all caught up to me when i tripped and fell and tumbled to my doom maybe we just met too soon otherwise you may have been feeling the same way too…but you don’t. 209 more words

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