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28th October

I managed 4 hours sleep again so not too bad. Lots of excitement today as it’s Joy’s birthday. She slept in until 9.15 I did consider waking her but if you’ve got a teenage drama queen diva you’ll know that’s never a good idea! 844 more words

The Friday Sex Blog [Cheating]

Hola Everybody,
I’ve been doing a little research for a blog I’m writing on virtual reality and the porn industry and… I’ll just say that the future is here and it’s both scary and fascinating. 1,020 more words

Daddy's Little Monster

I can never have slurpees from 7-
Eleven without seeing Em’s pockmarked
face hidden inside crystals. Or bruises
on bananas that made lame excuses. 173 more words


Jake for Dessert

I had no time to be concerned about the dinner I was preparing. That was probably a good thing. Jake and I had been trying to figure out when and how to meet. 1,067 more words

27th October

Went to bed and wasn’t awake long at all. I don’t even remember Dick coming to bed. I must’ve been out cold. Can’t beat being in your own bed after being away! 950 more words

26th October

I was still wide awake at 3.30 so decided I’d better try and get some sleep. I saw an email from Harvey.

H: Night babe xxxxx… 919 more words