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Stressed beyond belief

So I got my hospital bill today, $1,000.  And my notice that my cable and internet are going to be shut off in 5 days.  Don’t even care about either one.   727 more words


When did I write the last one?? It was shortly after I returned home. I do not know. lol. Time conception’s fucked.

Hmm…well, it’s far too cold to sleep in my room now, so I sleep in the guest bedroom. 322 more words

Badass boy

I will warn you ahead of time… Jane is about to get graphic and naughty for this post. There is no other way to explain my situation with badass-sweetie. 641 more words

Friends With Benefits

We’ve all heard about it and seen movies where these relationships exist, but being Friends With Benefits with another person is actually kind of hard. When you kiss somebody or have sex with them you are sharing an emotional connection – whether you want it to be one or not. 272 more words

The beginning of me and Florida Jay

I will post one more update tonight about the beginning since I started at the end…I moved from VA to get away from my personal demons that were holding me back, all the people that had screwed me over, hurt me, ruined friendships, etc etc.   1,083 more words

Friends With Benefits

I’m tired.

Not physically tired, but mentally and emotionally tired. I don’t really know where I’m going with this, but I’m so sick and tired of people throwing around others’ emotions and bodies like they’re nothing. 268 more words


The "new Jay" in Florida

So I now live in Florida, you know making life changes and all.  It is easier for me to start now and work my way backwards to when I first moved here or I will be here all night starting at the beginning.   1,642 more words