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Revised Benefits

Well that didn’t last long. If this goes south, I’ll know it was my own damn fault.

But now we are “exclusive” friends with benefits and he apparently doesn’t talk to his ex about feelings and “ plan to start”. 179 more words

Friends without Benefits

I ended things with Jack so we’re back to “just friends”. Had a good cry. Had a night out with two girl friends. And I’m confident I made the right choice. 254 more words

When is the right time to have a DTR?

I must say that a DTR is a new concept in my vocab. Excuse my delayed reaction because I hear it is quite an old phenomenon. 1,136 more words


24th February

So today’s the day!

Dick left for work & busied myself getting everyone up & out of the house. I packed a small wash bag containing toothpaste, stockings & the black underwear from the other day Harvey had missed out on. 1,442 more words


falling out of love at this volume

My best friend/other half, S, spent a week and a half in San Francisco, coming back this past Tuesday. While she was gone, I was at the bar almost every night, catching up with other friends, and also grew closer to a new friend, K. 1,454 more words

Mental Health

MGTOW: Men Going Their Own Way, The Case Against Women

Last night I broke up with a girl that I had been seeing for a little over a month; I was having a feeling that it was not going to work due to her controlling and jealous nature.   701 more words


21st/22nd February

21st – Tuesday

Usual morning routine of getting everyone up and out of the house. Decided today that I’d get ready last for a change, showered, dried applied body butter and let my skin dry naturally. 1,671 more words