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The Time I Passed Out

So one of the things I set up with most of the guys I see is if you want to choke me, go ahead, but if I tap the surface we’re on 3 times that means I want you to stop. 273 more words

Casual Sex

Guns and Knives Guy

Very recently I went to a guys appartment, and it wasn’t in the best area, but I’m not scared to risk it. So he lets me into his apartment and everything looks normal and not sketchy at all. 204 more words

Casual Sex

My First Ever Dick Appointment

I don’t remember the exact date of my first dick appointment, mostly because I was drunk. I think it was around April 2017. It’s been more of a recent thing for me. 263 more words

Casual Sex

Untitled 8 (14.07.2017)

When I first suggested that we be friends with benefits, I did it because I wanted to protect myself from any form of emotional attachments and the heartache that came along with them. 900 more words

Sobre fuck buddies, fuckboys, y sus variaciones.

Llamarlos “Fuck Buddies” me hace sentir mucho más cómoda que referirme a ellos como “Fuckboys”. Fuck buddies implica una relación: de “buddies”, de amigos; “Fuckboy”, por otra parte, de inmediato los reduce a: “el hombre al que me cojo”, definición que también estaría en lo correcto. 804 more words

Friends with benefits

So last night.

nope there was no sex involved. So what is Friends with benefits? FWB is the shorter term lah.

So as me being a male and my beneficiary should be a female as proposed and prayed by my parents and myself. 198 more words