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29. juli - Jeg har møtt en ny

Det tok sin tid, men jeg har for første gang i mitt liv, truffet igjen noen jeg møtte for første gang på en Sukkerfest. La gå at jeg kun har vært på 1 Sukkerfest i livet, det er uansett noe å feire! 551 more words

365 Ord I 365 Dager

What 'seeing each other' REALLY means...

In an age when “dating” is seen to be an activity for the over 30s, sexting has been replaced by snapchat nudes, and the suggestion of getting to know one another over a spot of dinner has been quickly swapped with ‘Netflix and chills,’ it’s fair to ask if chivalry and courtship has vanished forever? 459 more words

“Sex is always about emotions. Good sex is about free emotions; bad sex is about blocked emotions.”

– Deepak Chopra


“Ladies first” is a term I use when opening doors and providing orgasms. Be the gentleman – ladies first, always.


Question: How do I dirty talk?

Question: “I have a very dirty mind but I can’t ever bring myself to say what I’m thinking to my boyfriend or what I want him to do to me.

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Busybodies over the fence: diverse relationships and implicit stigma in the country

One of the interesting things that emerged from my data analysis was that while nobody used the words stigma or discrimination, there was an implicit assumption for some that if their sexual relationships were known that it would be a problem. 660 more words

Why I Can't Be Friends With Men

They just all want this ass! It’s tiresome and boring. Aaaaaand it’s a big fattie-fat lie.

No, my male friends don’t want my ass, I wonder if most of them know that I’m female. 254 more words