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We had an arrangement;

We won’t stay back or talk to each other after.

You were the first to stray.

“It’s raining” I said under my breath, looking out the window as I pulled my pants on. 444 more words


The Intricacies and Complexities of a Friends with Benefits Relationship

It was a chilly November night as we walked hand in hand back to his place. I was on a first date with a guy that I liked, and so far it had gone surprisingly well. 2,242 more words


Admit It Girl

I like to think I understand the male species fairly well. Raised by a single father and surrounded by my brother and his squad of 10+ best friends at all times growing up, I have learned some of the inside secrets that the male brain operates with. 826 more words

First Blog Post

This is a test to demonstrate where my categories and tags appear on my first blog post.


Go ahead, assert your power.

Why does casual only work for you if someone is getting hurt? Why must it be me?

I’ve known you for almost two years now. To be more specific, we have been in a physical, casual relationship for two years. 298 more words

Antoine D'Agata

Far Away

From across
The world her eyes haunt me
Her smile

Captivates me
The whispers of her words
Delight my ears

Inspired by Sakshi Rajput