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The Lying Game

It’s no secret that men lie to get women to sleep with them. Big or small, we’re combining our actual lives with fabrications to optimize our chances of winding up in your bed by night’s end or for a long-term commitment without actually committing. 493 more words


10 Boyfriend-ish Things You Should Never Ever Let Your Friends With Benefits Do

Dear Friends-With-Benefits Boy,

I’ve been in a lot of friends-with-benefits arrangements. I’m practically a walking advertisement for them. I love them. They work out successfully for me. 1,500 more words

I Told Him I Love Him. Eep!

I’m a fool dear readers. No, really, I’m a fool. I told him I loved him. I know it surprised him, and he told me he loves me too, which I wouldn’t have minded if he hadn’t said that. 1,310 more words


When Flirtation Becomes Harassment

I have a good friend who is a great coach. I’ve known him for almost 20 years, but with going to college, moving out of state, getting married, etc, our relationship kind of ebbed and flowed. 1,203 more words


The last few days...

Have been interesting.

I have been busy braiding my roommates hair, yeah I braid hair and usually charge a fee. Plus I was braiding another girl for the past two days. 756 more words

Pages From My Life

How do I decide ...

I’ve always loved being single, I genuinely have. I am such a free spirit that the thought of actually ‘settling down’ with someone scares me beyond belief. 234 more words


The Girl Who's Okay With Being Just A F*ck Buddy

I’m the girl you want to chill with but never love. I’m the girl you can talk to but also fuck. I’m the girl you really like, but not enough. 448 more words