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I Look Friendly

I’ve written before about how strangers come up to me in public places and strike up a conversation. Well, it happened again.

That’s right kids, it’s story time! 1,498 more words


When Relationships Fail--Our Role

Sometimes no matter how we try, no matter how grace-filled our conversations and Christ-led our attempts, relationships implode. People remain hurt. Barriers remain erected, and isolation, regret, and pain occur. 576 more words


Who Am I (as a Romantic Partner)?

My focus used to be about building “self-confidence” and “self-love.” I got it down pretty well, but factor in another person and I lost myself. I had to take breaks to find myself again. 455 more words

Don't be too hard on Yourself

For you to succeed in Life , we are advised to push ourselves to the limit. This will ensure that we are able to utilize all our gifts, talents and knowledge. 400 more words


The forbidden land, Eureka Anemos: Let the true grind begin!

It’s been a while but time has finally come to write about Eureka. By now, the second part has been released.

Oh my, I’m so much behind on blog posts! 457 more words