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So You Say He's (or She's) Just a Friend...

Friends of the opposite sex. Hmmm.

This is an issue I’ve seen come up in a few different relationships, a few different times. I am not excluded. 223 more words


Midterms are Finished!

Hey guys! Last two weeks were midterms and all of mine were on the second week. Let me tell you…. midterms here in Korea have such a different feel than midterms in the US. 291 more words



I looked up the antonym for alone the other day and it was together, or accompanied. I have worried and stressed about being alone. I am not currently in a relationship and my ex is already living with someone else and has a new family with them. 382 more words


Rusty's Pizza

Today we ordered Rusty’s Pizza for lunch. So we scavenged up all our money and only came up with 15 dollars, the exact amount that would give us a small pizza.   141 more words


"Help Me," I Whisper

I am sad, and need somebody to talk to. Alas, I have nobody. This isn’t a sad post, or a whiney one. It is one in which I address the facts, and state, rather solemnly, that I feel as though there really is no hope for me at this point. 1,124 more words

15 Signs You Are Basically Phoebe Buffay

1. You’re not afraid to ask for what you want.

2. You’re a lover, not a fighter.

3. But that doesn’t mean you won’t lay down the law when necessary. 132 more words