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You'll Never Believe What The Kids From Friends Look Like Now

They were all so young when they appeared as the various children on the hit show Friends!

But they’re all grown up now and look completely different. 66 more words


Firearms in real life

Here is a link to a blog posting by Bob Wells about wilderness self-defense against large predators, such as mountain lions and bears. Bob spent much of his life in Alaska, now lives in wilderness areas in the Western U.S., and has great experience on this particular subject. 446 more words


Another Sun Sets

So I found out recently that the guy who I thought I’d been dating (who’d asked me to marry him) was using grindr over the entire time we were together, presumably to hookup with other men for anonymous, casual sex. 172 more words


I Drove the Whole Time

Sometimes you’ve got to bleed to know,
That you’re alive and have a soul

– Tear in My Heart, Twenty One Pilots

The last few weeks have been the times I want to remember forever. 1,071 more words


That Ship Has Sailed

Nothing’s changed since I was a kid
There is no new news for me
Now that I’ve gone through an adult life
Many others have changed that I see… 212 more words

War Of The Roses Marathon: Showgirls

Chrissy thinks something might be up with her new boyfriend Henry as she hasn’t met any of his friends. But it might be because he’s embarrassed of her questionable job. 23 more words