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Recognise in Public and Reprimand in Silence

Millennials understand the concept of “recognise in public and reprimand in silence” however their technique, which invokes engagement, committed and loyal teams is often critiqued and labeled as weak as they are not heard destroying the dignity of others publicly, that which provides archaic leadership with a sense of euphoria as dignity slayers. 


"Τα Φιλαράκια": Βρήκαμε κατά λάθος το πιο προβληματικό επεισόδιο

Αν είσαι συνδρομητής Netflix, θα ανακάλυψες σχετικά πρόσφατα ότι πλέον μπορείς να streamάρεις και Φιλαράκια! Ως μεγάλος φαν της σειράς, χάρηκα πολύ που πλέον έχω τη δυνατότητα να δω οποιαδήποτε στιγμή θέλω κάθε επεισόδιο σε HD. 23 more words


The last couple of weekends have kind of been packed with plans. First, there was Mother’s Day, which funnily enough, both sides of the family decided to celebrate a day early. 557 more words


Having fake friends

I’m sure we alll have had this is some stage in our life’s where who we think is our best friend , close friends reallly have turned out to be a fake friend. 255 more words


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First Anniversary

By the first anniversary on Word Press,  a hundred fifty tow posts and  a wonderful one hundred and one followers; continue or disappear? Does it need another though? 17 more words



This was the second time when i was visiting my college (HZU) back with a new semester and with another journey towards my life goals. We all were asked to arrive for IInd semester till 25 April 2018. 492 more words