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75 years of RAF Mountain Rescue. Thanks for the feedback on the piece on Village Halls. The Duty cook! Everyone had to do it.

Village Hall feedback from Mark Hartree  – Inverailort castle was my most memorable place with a quite interesting host in Mrs Cameron Head. It had a post office that she ran and generally smelt of cat pee. 926 more words


First guests to Stuttgart... Pt. 2

When we have loved ones come visit, I am oddly excited to show them the every-day things: the commissary, our fields, Anna’s preschool. On the first day Stephanie and I went on a four mile walk through the forest and now I will have memories of that day every time I go on a run. 663 more words


Happy Families

It is now a month since I decided to put an end to my life. As far as this blog is concerned we have reached a milestone; these postings are now current. 1,306 more words

Letting Go

Temporary is the only permanent

“Just shut down your sense of sight for a while and listen to me!”, me talking to a friend over phone continues,

“You know we say, “life is like a river, it goes on and the running water is the fresh water,” but tell me doesn’t an ecosystem starts only from steadiness? 660 more words


Anxiety and Followers ...

I try to be a good person. I try to think positive, happy thoughts and yet when I see some whipper-snapper of a teenager celebrating a little too keenly with the world of bloggers their 80,000 followers I don’t know whether I want to hit them, or myself, with a large shovel … repetitively. 917 more words


How to live a happy life

Be positive!

According to research, positive thinking helps with stress management and can improve your health. If you’re healthier, you feel happier about life.

Here are some points to think about: 309 more words