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backwards glance

Here’s a post about mid-late December of last year.

Grandma picked up the kids for a candle making date at her house!

They played Settlers of Cataan, and then they made up new rules and played it again, 373 more words


The Mystery of the Disappearing Friends

I don’t even know if I can explain how I feel. Not betrayed, maybe abandoned? Even if this is a normal thing, do I have a right to feel like this? 336 more words

Real Life Stuff


So, it’s 1am. I’m up, as usual.

I’m deciding to stary a blog, like most teenage girls we think maybe starting a blog will make our life seem like one of those cringe teen movie opening scenes where she is sitting in her room, introducing herself. 713 more words


Meet Our 16 Yoga Journal Cover Semifinalists | Yogis You Should Know

One of my yoga friends could be on the cover of Yoga Journal and is profiled on their website. I met Julie at a workshop given by… 158 more words


When did we get old?

I can remember being small and watching my mom do everything I wished I were old enough to do. I couldn’t wait to drive a car, have babies of my own, and most importantly wear high heels. 579 more words


This is the hardest thing I've written in a while...

This was originally going to just be a Facebook status update, but this gets shared across all my social media accounts, so ya know… more birds with fewer stones or whathaveyou. 708 more words


Television's All-Time Greatest Will They, Won't Theys

One of television’s most widespread, and most welcome, recent trends is the rise of the genuine romantic comedy — a show that doesn’t simply build up to two characters’ relationship, but follows it as it deepens and develops. 922 more words