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poem of the day/feeling pensive today

The choices we make and the risks we take

We come to crossroads a lot in our lives,
we’re often forced to choose between left or right, 156 more words



The pool is so crowded,
but the two girls love it
dodging grandfathers,
young families, balls,
swimming up and diving like dolphins
they stop in the middle and discuss… 45 more words


You've Always Got Two

Last weekend, I was spontaneously invited to go camping with one of my closest friends and her friends in the New Forest. I agreed without question. 1,280 more words

I'm so mcfreakin' pissed off.

I KNOWWWWW, I HAVE TO WRITE MORE. I’ve had to study for the past month and all, and I have been so busy. I’ve wanted to write everyday, but the goddamned wifi does not work in my bedroom, so I have to either stay in the kitchen or the living room or the office, and the only time I get to write is at about 11pm and by then I really just want to crawl into my bed and  494 more words


My Favorite Blogs

Being a blogger, I also enjoy reading other blogs. Today I thought I would share some of my favorites. These are in no particular order. 434 more words


Relationships: The After College edition

Now when I write this, I do not just mean romantic relationships. I am also referring to just keeping up with the friends you made at your little home away from home and the ones you made before you left for college. 500 more words


Good afternoon bloggers!

I wanted to see what your thoughts were about this:

If you have seen my recent blog post, there is a picture of me there, you know that my hair is dyed blonde. 298 more words