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I'm Tired, So It's Time For Some Changes

I’m 40, turning 41 in June. Looking back to five years ago I can say that the summer I turned 36 was a definitely a turning point for me. 1,013 more words

Observations Of Life


Listen with an open heart

Yet know the decision is still yours

Accept the lessons and the pain

But don’t let them linger and define you… 47 more words


It's Okay To Be Anxious About Big Life Decisions (And If You're Making The Right One)

“Hey, do you guys want to catch up today?”

My friends on the WhatsApp group to which I sent this message were flabbergasted. This was something they had never seen or heard of in the past three years. 1,119 more words

Yummy food and great company

After working all weekend, last night my friend Daisy came over for dinner, I made grilled halloumi salad, and it was nice to be chilled out with food and good company. 36 more words

Recapping May

As my husband and I laid down to go to bed last night, I snuggled up to him and sighed.

“This month has been crazy.” 981 more words

Extra Ordinary

I had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend with family and friends. I can’t express how overjoyed I was not not to have to drive 100 to 1,200 miles to be with loved ones. 235 more words


New Experience: First time camping 

As of last Wednesday, I’m halfway through my AS exams!

In the spirit of bank holidays and *almost* finishing exams, I went camping for the first time. 290 more words