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Express Yourself: Why is it Hard to Express Ourselves to the Ones We love?

By: Delisha Isabell

Most of us know someone that has had a difficult time sharing how they feel. But sometimes you have to ask yourself why would someone make such a monumental task out of telling another person their feelings? 536 more words


"Are we cool?"

I’ve been ridiculously happy for the past two weeks. The combination of graduating from college, employment, getting a car, being in my glorious city, and cleansing my living space has done wonders for me. 407 more words


My Grandmother's Estate & Unusual Friend ~ May 29, 2016

Well, this morning I had two weird dreams, they weren’t as creepy as the one I had yesterday. The first one takes place at my grandmother’s house, we were just going through the house. 437 more words


Dear Kids, It's okay to be an asshole

Dear Kids,
I want you to understand a few things about life, and since I know that being your mom makes my voice completely inaudible to you, I’m writing you letters instead. 709 more words



Yesterday was my last day in the first quarter of my 20s (ohdear since when did age became a topic I’d shy away from?), and it was nice. 452 more words


Blue, blue
everything is blue
and orange.
Trees, black, as we pass
with furtive glances
to see some secret
our parents didn’t tell us – 91 more words