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After a glass or two

I am very partial towards Red Wine. And if it is mulled, well, nothing like it….yummmmm….

But the only problem is that after the second glass I would be reading sentences like this ;)


Coping with Failure

It’s hard to approach and discuss broad topics. What if my point isn’t valid? What if I fail to give helpful advice? What if nobody understands or relates to my ideas? 618 more words


Suddenly Hockey Game Broke Out

I’ve recently started staffing events at the Gwinnett Arena. And as soon as I learned at call time that tonight’s Gwinnett Gladiator’s hockey game was Star Wars night, well, I knew it was going to be good. 329 more words

Rambling Song

Outside looking in

In many aspects of my life, I always feel like as soon as I get a foot in somewhere, the door slams shut, leaving me looking through a closed window at what I could have had. 456 more words



I never have anything to say anymore.

I gave my number to a guy, but I don’t think he’s going to call.  But for all I know he’s in a relationship or is gay.  245 more words

Beware the emptiness of a busy life

A long while ago, I heard that when people find out they have a terminal illness, naturally people detract from them. This also happens when people have experienced any kind of difficulty, such as losing a job, getting injured, losing a loved one, or any one of many reasons for being down and out. 414 more words


Fate of the Mouse Guard

For No. 18 in #51in15 , we played Fate of the Mouse Guard: that’s the setting from Mouse Guard with the rules from War of Ashes: Fate of Agaptus!  163 more words