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Birthday Q&A - Collab post with Bekah & Gracie!!

How are you? I am super excited about this post!!! Both mine and  Bekah’s birthdays are in the same week…SO we decided to do a… 540 more words


Mirror Mirror

One of the biggest life lessons that I have learned this past year is a saying that I never really took to heart and it is, “You are who you hang with”. 818 more words



We read a lot of ”share this” or ”copy & paste” posts on social media. Most of those I merely scroll through, but I actually took time to read this. 680 more words


Thou loves thyself. Thou loves thy family. Thy family loves thou.

Hence, thou shalt drive safely.

P.S. : Thunder

First Entry is a Sad One

I hate that my first entry is one of sadness. A few weeks ago a fire broke out in Santa Paola and has since spread throughout Ventura county and now ablaze in Santa Barbara,  Carpinteria, and headed to Montecito. 251 more words


Ever had an weird dream come true??…

We’ve all had those occasional weird/ awkward dreams that leave you scarred for life or traumatised but I guess it’s a good conversation starter when you meet up with your friends… maybe not to a stranger though… I can guarantee strange looks. 317 more words