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Very sad... Very sad...

How is it possible? I really don’t understand why a friend, ex-roomy, wedding party person would decide to trust a media talking-head over a 50 year friendship? 135 more words


Something has happened recently that has forced me to reopen the investigation into who I am and what I feel, think, and believe. That may be alarming to hear from someone in the ministry field, so let me clarify: my Christian faith is not the topic here, and it is not in danger. 1,755 more words


Pokemon Go Trading Feature Is Live: See How It Works

Earlier this week, developer Niantic officially announced the Pokemon GOtrading feature, confirming that the ability to trade Pokemon would be arriving this month. While many fans are excited about the announcement, there are many moving parts to the new gameplay feature and many questions that need to be answered. 593 more words


Geminis can have a really good sense of humor

Some of the qualities that many love about evolved Geminis include being open to a variety of people and not really personally judging others. Geminis can have a really good sense of humor and enjoy playing jokes on others. 179 more words



Just two best friends. Welcome to our stream of consciousness. Sometimes we are interesting.

Based out of Philadelphia, PA and Washington, DC, opal&topaz is a site created by two lifelong (literally) friends who wanted to make a site available specializing in advice and resources for young women. 43 more words


Have You Had Your Break Today?

Many times we get so caught up in our day to day lives that we forget to take a minute to pause.  Our jobs, our families, and our friends receive all of our time but rarely do we get a minute to take care of ourselves. 66 more words

Beacon Hill Park

Victoria’s natural playground is closer than you think

There is a natural playground in the heart of Victoria is just minutes away by walking from the downtown core. 190 more words