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Dear September

I’ve put writing this off for a week now. No other reason but pure laziness. Go team.

So, September, you were fun. I spent most of the month alone, locked up in my room, doing nothing (screw you Netflix). 280 more words

I've got better luck in my head

We celebrated my English teacher’s birthday today! At the start, we got a group of girls to tell him that “the head of English needed to see him” and then as soon as he was out, we sprung to action. 534 more words


What being absolutely skint has taught me ....

So, you may or may not know that I moved house.  It’s been so long since I wrote a blog that I cannot remember if I mentioned it but, I moved house! 1,170 more words

Double B

Double B, perasaan yang saya pernah rasakan, saya masih ingat bagaimana pleasure merasakan perasaan tersebut dan saya harap akan rasakan lagi suatu hari. Double B… 492 more words


Getting stitches removed

One of my friend told me that it was going to be nearly as painful as getting stitches . Yes … it hurt like madness when I was getting stitches because the doctor was not sure about administrating anaesthetic to me because couple of years back there were deaths reported because of over dose of anaesthetic during dental appointment. 500 more words

Another "How to" Post

Come one, come all! Anyone seeking new friendships, step right this way!

Shew, that sounds desperate! But how the heck does one make friends these days? 302 more words

13 and 14

In high school, I thought I’d never have a place to call home. A set of six-foot-three twin brothers and a cherry red Plymouth Neon changed all that for me. 2,605 more words