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5 ways to kill a gay friendship

Trust me when I say being gay will be a much lonelier experience if you go through it alone. You need gay friends, you need to understand gay politics, and you need to be in touch with who you are as a person who identifies with the LGBT community. 573 more words


Resentment Riding Shotgun

Having this week off has brought many blessings into focus that I didn’t have much time to think about while prancing around with my daughter last week. 515 more words


Book Review: An Abundance of Katherines

Okay, so I just finished ‘An Abundance of Katherines’ by John Green and I must say that the man always manages to impress me.  Also, after Fault In Our Stars and Looking for Alaska, I was so glad that nobody died in this one. 224 more words


Memories.... evoking strong feelings. Inspiration to continue nurse training...

I’ve been going through my keep sake box to find something and found 2 cards from my dear friend Amy (see last post – no longer with us). 459 more words

Mental Health

A cat may wander

A cat may wander
Where it will
Loving you
And leaving
As it pleases.
The friendship it grants
Is fleeting
And wise
For a cat will protect itself… 20 more words

A Celebration Of Good Things

Venting and Positivity

I know for a fact that everybody has bad days, or bad weeks occasionally. I had one of those weeks where by the end of it I’m hanging on by a string, praying for it to be over. 658 more words

The Life Of The Coral Writer

Disposable friendships...

We were friends for twenty years. Twenty years of birthdays, dinners, movies, outings, laughter, and games. And we stopped being friends over an internet meme. 478 more words