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Extra reads for this week

Hi everyone, hope you found the Jake Atlas books as entertaining as I did!! Reading stories of family relationships mixed with a decent dose of adventure and archaeology has always been exciting for me. 917 more words

Tween Book


Those of us who live in the Floridian diaspora talk about Florida all the time to each other. As in: All. The. Damn. Time. And we do this because we hate our home state as much as we love it. 672 more words


Transparency vs Honesty II

Understanding understanding is knowing the similarities between two seemingly dissimilar word meanings. The opposite is equally true. There is a such an in-depth understanding and enlightenment when we realize the difference between two words with similar meanings. 578 more words


Friends don’t seem to stay |
Why do they stay far away? |
They are unconscious |


This is a story: Sameera

This is my story.

I have always been a pampered child. Be it my parents or my extended family or even my cousins. I am a loving daughter to my parents and other family members and a precious sister to my cousins and siblings. 444 more words



O sleeps in my bedroom now. I’m in the kitchen, sweating and squinting. Rascal dogs bark at something a few blocks from here.

Dear universe, I don’t know what to make of you but I will write about whatever that is eventually. 2,238 more words

"Mommy's got to call Jerry Seinfeld."

She is wine and I
Am whisky. Together mixed
In sweetness and sin

I am fire and
She is the ocean waiting
To put out my rage… 43 more words