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This Last Thing...

I struggle sometimes with expressing certain emotions. I can express happiness fine.  When I am confused or sad I hit a wall.  It is very troublesome for me to admit I don’t always know the next best step or that I am very sad or upset.   603 more words


Chapter Sixty-seven:

I lay there watching them and thinking to myself each one of these women had stopped in their day to dedicate these hours to me. They were never in a hurry to leave. 449 more words

I. AM Unapologetic, Me

You can choose your friends...

One of the interesting things about emigrating is that your friends become your family. So far in our experience those friends are also ex-pats. I think we must end up together by default, when those with relatives close by are celebrating an event or specific holiday (Thanksgiving/Canada day/Family day etc.) as a family, us Brits who are left out tend to migrate together & see it as an opportunity to just hang out together. 273 more words

Ankylosing Spondylitis


the coming
holds no
for one
who opts
to walk
in the

i gaze
upon the
grey sky
upon the
gathering above… 70 more words


My Friend Commadore

Those of you that have followed my Facebook page, 365 Days and Counting, for a number of years will remember Commadore.
I met Commadore during the summer of 2014. 361 more words

Dissonance and Disassociation

As a writer, one of the most difficult obstacles to overcome is trying to express a particular feeling, or emotional state and weaving them into ornate, descriptive sentences. 248 more words

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