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Life Lessons This Year


Hello, third quater of 2017! Just like that, 2017 is almost over. I really wasn’t readyy.

For me, this year has been packed with lessons: Nothing spectacular if I’m being honest but these are everyday things that somehow became very glaring to me during the course of the year. 702 more words


Toronto... Part 2

Day 75 – 20th October 2017

On Sunday 8th October, my road trip with Ale came to an end. I loved the experience and will cherish the memories we created forever, but realistically, I need a base for a while. 2,039 more words


There Was A Fish There, I Think

I live in the foothills of the Smokey Mountains in Western North Carolina. One of the many reasons I chose this place as my home is the generous amount of fishing that is available. 988 more words

Allen E. Rizzi

When Good People Aren't Good Together

There was a catalyst, as there always is with these things.

Six years ago, Gail told me the secret of a close friend, Camille. She was confiding in me, because said secret directly affected her, she was hurt by it, and there was no chance I’d ever be close to Camille. 1,711 more words



Two aureate chums,
crafting Paradise from sand–
friendship transcends time.
John Biscello

Hey! It's Dark!- Bry

Hey guys! Welcome back to TGWAM! I’m so glad you’ve come back to read what I have to say on this fabulous Friday. Today I’m going to be talking about darkness. 692 more words