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Flower Child

She walks among us, taking sips of the sweet breeze,

savoring the aromas of the meadow brushing her knees

As she wanders from grassy plain to a winter roost  112 more words


Don't Share Your Recovery With Unsupportive People

In addition to my last entry, I just want to say this: If you were not part of your loved one’s recovery, then you do not deserve to revel in the aftermath of it. 109 more words


Life in Acoustic




(of popular music or musical instruments) not having electrical amplification.

Remember you heard this here.

Life should be lived in acoustic. I may not get this across exactly how I wanted to because I wanted to make this post since early this morning but ran out of time so I just saved the idea as a draft. 389 more words

Journal Entry

From Now On

Have you watched The Greatest Showman?

It’s one of the best (if not the best) musical of our time starring Hugh Jackman (THE Wolverine), Zendaya (one of my woman crushes *insert heart eyes*) and Zac Efron (no comment). 992 more words


corona diaries, day whatever: needing a mental health break

The week didn’t start out so great: A friend of mine wanted to know if I could take a walk with her, which I was totally up for, having seen very few people outside my immediate family and strangers in the grocery store these past months. 1,021 more words

Yes, We CAN Fix Other People

When someone we care about is flailing helplessly, it is our job to help them. Some people need help getting their lives together; whether it is themselves they need to be saved from or not. 362 more words


Today Was The Day

October 30, 2020 – The Nineteenth Blog in the RestorationAge

I have many favorite movies. I mean, like many, many favorite movies. Of every genre, except maybe horror and art. 1,018 more words