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There are three types of people generally speaking: those who choose you, those who do not choose you, and those who don’t know you.

I always took family for granted. 447 more words



Dear daughter,

This area of your life has been on my heart for months but I wasn’t sure where to begin.

Then you went sledding a couple weeks ago, had a great time, until one of your friends did something you didn’t like and….you bit her. 843 more words

A Grateful Heart

I’ve worked with teens virtually my entire adult life, and I’ve come to recognize a small handful of situations that are ripe for disaster: a group boys left unsupervised nearly anywhere, but especially in a gym with a ball; a group of girls at the Village with a credit card; and a mixed gender group asked to be a little vulnerable. 547 more words

And You Brutus?

“And you, Brutus?”

Julius Caesar

One of the most complex topics l have always had and experienced problems with is ‘Friendship’. As a single item, it is very easy to both understand and comprehend, and yet, it is filled with uncertainty, misinterpretations, misunderstanding, hostility, manipulations, bullying and confusions and these ‘flaws’ are on a good day! 1,648 more words



Maybe I’ve tried, maybe I’ve bailed, maybe I’ve failed
Maybe I’ve reached the end of the world
and there’s nothing beyond;
Maybe I’ve flown, maybe I’ve fallen, maybe I’ve run… 146 more words


I sit soundly in your chair

I slept

like an



in a blanket.


I fly

as birds


where 62 more words

Madness And Weirdness

A Year of Taking Chances by Jennifer Bohnet

My review

What a fabulous and a half book!! This book was gorgeous, delightful, and an absolute breezy read about 2 best friends Tina and Jodie, wanting the Cosmos (I meant the Universe, not the magazine) to change their lives before they reach the big 3-O. 273 more words

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