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The Search for Roots.

I’ve never felt settled, even as a teenager I was restless. It shouldn’t have really surprised anyone when I took off days after finishing my last exam. 474 more words


3 Jul 2015 (belated)

I went to the reunion with the elementary school classmates today. Strange we are all grown up after 15 something years apart, yet the faces didn’t changed much. 301 more words

Neutral Days

Time for you

Hi everyone, I enjoy reading your life experiences and pasts. I’m not a writer or trying to be, I don’t even know where punctuation goes and I can’t spell right. 104 more words

Background check

As the years tick away, one area that I’ve become meticulous in looking over before associating in any capacity is a person’s upbringing. Bad association spoils youthful habits and well i’m living on the island of peace and I’m enjoying my citizenship.  67 more words


Independence Day

I’m always grateful for our Independence Day. It’s a way to commemorate those who fought for our freedom and independence.

Then there’s the fireworks, food, family/friend gatherings and traffic. 235 more words


She cried openly and freely as she knew that no one was watching. The tears flowed down her face as she clutched the flowers in her hand sobbing,“they say that I need to grow up and let go…it’s been a long time now but it seems like yesterday…they are telling me to move on but it’s so hard. 300 more words

Short Story

What is a friend?

Friends share their lives with each other. Friends make time for each other. Friends tell each other what is going on in their lives in person and not on social media. 506 more words