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Tertampar Kenangan

Air mata menggenang di pelupuk mata

Tenggorokan tercekat ingin menjerit

Pikiran mengisahkan masa lalu

Aku ingin menghapus kenangan

Kau hanya membuat dada sesak

Kau merusak pikiran ku… 54 more words


[67] Subjective Perspective

She says
She’s scared of sunsets,
Because that’s all
She could see when–
Maybe we
Don’t have to recall…?
His crimson is warmth,
But hers is bloodshed, 150 more words


A poem for those

a poem
for those who sit
on porches,in the shade
sipping iced tea
watching children play
waiting for the sunset
to end the perfect day. 236 more words


Only sure way to be successful is to keep working on yourself, on your dreams!🎈
Have a wonderful day today!
Stay Awesome, stay blessed.. 35 more words


Why Should I Regret For It?

For the past few years, there is something that I should never regret. I know it never go through the same way I wanted it. No matter how smooth I planned it, it will just never happened. 545 more words

Blog Challenge Month

Are They a Good Friend?

I’ve struggled with this for as long as I can remember. I get so wrapped up in a friendship that even when it becomes toxic and destructive I can convince myself it is worth being saved. 809 more words

Seeking Aloneness

The funny thing about being at home this week is how much I want to be alone. Two months earlier, before I relocated down to SoCal, I couldn’t wait to get out of this place. 696 more words