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The Simplicity of Prayer

Hannah Whitall Smith penned these words July 6, 1859. Her subject was on prayer.

I want to realize the simplicity of prayer. I don’t dare look at it as a religious exercise, but rather as a child’s going to a father to get what is needed in answer to prayer. 184 more words

Hate Speech

“He severed the umbilical cord to the rest of humanity” – The Thirst by Jo Nesbo

That’s what I seem to be doing. Severing most ties to the rest of humanity. 142 more words


The Healer's Life

Be a healer. Be a shoulder for someone to cry on every once in a while. Listen to what their heart has to say and offer them your unconditional tenderness, support, and sympathy as you calmly prepare them a cup of tea. 21 more words


18/365 - Growing Up & Growing Apart

I’ve always been one of those people who felt like I was always texting someone first, almost to the point it felt like I was hassling them, but then I’m also that person who believes you should receive back the effort you put into a friendship. 500 more words

Do we REALLY want community and friendship?

There are popular buzzwords that tell us what people value. A few examples are ‘environmental sustainability,’ ‘transparency,’ ‘wellness,’ or ‘balance.’

Two more biggies are ‘ 219 more words

The Up Devo

before you...


extend understanding
back off
give ’em their space
let ’em go with that story
take the rap
hit the road
all the while
sending back blessings… 21 more words


'How to Win Friends and Influence People': Friendships at University

“Friends you make at university will be friends for life!” – we’ve all heard it at some point. For some people, making and keeping friends is second-nature. 718 more words