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7th entry - 5th december 2016

dear readers,

i NEED to vent right now..

i just need to state that yes, it might be my fault for the way i handled the situation but it’s just the fact this is such a reoccurring thing that frustrates me and she knows that. 217 more words

Personal Life Story

The Problem of Being Too Agreeable

INFJs place a high value on interpersonal harmony. Often, that manifests (especially in less mature/confident INFJs) as an unwillingness to just flat-out turn someone down. We’d much rather use “maybe,” “someday,” and “that might be nice” rather than “no,” “never,” and “I don’t think so.” 968 more words


Making Friends At Baby Group (A Terrifying True Story) (It’s Got a Happy Ending)

We have recently moved to a new town – new country in fact.  To be accurate, we are back in our original country, but newly arrived as parents, and thus aliens on our home turf.  929 more words


The Anti-Social Social Media

By Scott Keith

I understand that what I am about to write is full of irony and perhaps even sanctimony or hypocrisy because this will be published on the internet and shared on various social media platforms. 873 more words

Living Word

~Personal Quotes~NJM~Keeping it Real~

~The beauty of acceptance is not found among others, it’s found within yourself~NJM~

Bipolar Disorder