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F*%& Cancer

My friend is dying.  The prognosis is not good.  She has been diagnosed with small cell carcinoma in her lungs wrapped around the superior vena cava.   410 more words

Expectations and Insults

I was walking up to our local shops to buy some potatoes when across the road, in the distant I saw a neighbour of mine standing still and staring into, well nowhere. 925 more words


Random Thoughts That Seem to Be Constantly on My Mind Like 24/7 These Days and I Hate It

1. I really hate it when my friends don’t respond and I also hate to admit how much I hate it because I am virtually unreachable myself. 459 more words


friends don't let friends abuse people

In the DIY scene in Cincinnati, and in our feminist and activist circles (much of which overlap), we talk a lot about accountability: it seems that holding ourselves accountable for our mistakes, for our actions, is important to us. 499 more words


Give It Up

I wake up shivering, only to find my one blanket gone. I don’t have to guess who took my precious shroud of warmth, seeing as there’s always one other person in my car. 214 more words


The Customer is always right

I used to volunteer as a manager at Oxfam.

One day a customer was arguing the toss on getting a discount on the set price. 457 more words



// For spilt second I grinned when I saw your picture which was posted in your whatsapp story,but then I suddenly jolted realising it wasn’t you who posted it. 295 more words