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I’m going to be meeting up with my high school friend who I haven’t seen in five years, one of the girls who was alongside with me during the core of my lowest points. 229 more words


Finding Love [Chapter - 1] What Happened?

Finding Love

Cast and Character | Chapter 1: What Happened?

Written By © Amy Park

Main Cast:

BTS V – iKON B.I – Kim Hyemi (OC) – EXO Sehun… 3,823 more words


My Soft Plurality

I like plural words…
cus “S” softens syllables…

adds blurry velvets to names.
You are stones and blurry velvets overlaid

with steel, over and under… 165 more words


Cat & Dog.

There once was a cat,
its furr was all black,
I kneeled down and tried,
to make it come by.

The cat purred and played, 128 more words


You will be my only...

Dave: You think no one remembers you? You couldn’t be more wrong! I’m asking you again: why? Why couldn’t you just stay and deal with your problems? 1,129 more words


Bros before hoes...really? Can we say chicks before dicks?

Sex and the City has been criticized for its portrayal of women as having no other interests besides a good sex life and finding love. Although sex and love are dominant themes of the show, the importance of friendship prevails over all. 224 more words


Celebrating Ronovan Writes

So Mr. Ronovan over at Ronovan Writes has started a new challenge, #BeWoW Blogger. The idea is to post something wonderful or positive on Wednesday. Now anyone who has followed my blog or just casually checks in, will know this is a real challenge for me as I pride myself on negativity, but I guess you could say I post some wonderful pictures. 221 more words

Random Realities

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I wasn't going to reblog this because it felt to be self serving. But Wyatt has now been chased off the net by another blogging community. This is who Wyatt is and I am very upset he is leaving. If he reads this I hope he knows he can contact me by email so we may stay in touch, that is if he does leave what he has built. The reblog shows one the sides of Wyatt that I think we helped him feel comfortable enough to share with us. You can visit the link below to read why Wyatt is leaving us. I wish there was a way to talk him out of it. I had become fond of our exchanges and enjoyed seeing what that mind came up with for my challenges. Each week Wyatt's Amazon link to his books will appear on the Haiku Review moving forward. Along with the images of the covers. https://finaletoanentrance.wordpress.com/ t_a_wyatt_author