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Until a later date, Djibouti

Tonight marks the end of my 14-week stay in Djibouti. The saying “Time flies by when you are having fun” is fitting. I took a blink and my time in Djibouti somehow went by without even noticing. 655 more words


Friendships and Heartbreaks

Hello again,

“Friends can break your heart too” is a song lyric I heard recently which inspired me to write this post – I’ve never heard something more true. 653 more words

Boys boys boys 

Obviously I know that I’m not the only adolescent teenage girl on the planet with raging hormones, but right now, there’s more people in this world that I find attractive than those who I don’t. 158 more words

Ash Dragons

Thoughts From July And August

​So I’m starting to think that maybe, my initial thoughts were wrong. It does give you more joy and a feeling of contentment, when living with others and sharing some great time with them. 259 more words


To Feel at Home

There are days when I never want to leave South Africa. 

It occurs to me each time I stare wistfully out the car window at passing scenery that my time in this city is limited.  721 more words



I want to go to Beck and curl up on a couch or bed or in my car so that we can talk, so that we can be vulnerable together and less likely to hurt each other. 1,431 more words


Keeping at it.

Sometimes it gets really, really tough not having a special someone to talk to. In fact, it doesn’t even have to be a ‘special’ someone, but just someone who is willing to listen. 433 more words