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Why Some People Will Never Experience 'Forever' In Their Relationships

At this point in my life I have had a plethora of relationships. Mind you, when I say ‘relationships’ I don’t just mean romantic ones. We live in a world were we still hold romantic companionships higher than those of the platonic nature. 613 more words

Changing your ways...

… is much easier said than done.

*Btw… I’m going to be posting some personal posts for the next while I think. The New Year and *life* I guess is making me very reflective. 288 more words

A Best Friend Forever

I have a best friend I have known since kindergarten.I remember sitting beside my friend squirming in my seat trying to listen to my Sunday school teacher; After class, Karen and I found our parents walking hand in hand. 519 more words


Is Life to Short Not To Grant a Second Chance?

I’m one for chances but there has to be a point of no return. Whether it’s a friend or partner that repeatedly uses or disrespects you there has to be a time where you say no more! 158 more words


The Best Workout Is...

What is the best way to work out?

I get this question a lot. I say, the way that makes you motivated to move!

Now, I am a big fan of… 567 more words

Hold on love choice (Part 7)

Hold on love choice

Created by       : rdl0106

Casts                :  Choi Si won as Choi Si won

Cho Kyu hyun as Cho Kyu hyun

Kim Ki bum as Kim Ki bum ( Siwon’s ex boyfriend) 5,337 more words

FF Wonkyu

Bereavement is a painful journey

At my age I am surrounded by friends and extended family members who are sadly losing parents and other elderly relatives and friends. On the positive side people are living longer although the end of their life may then be challenging with health issues. 153 more words