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A Year of Blessings...written to the people in my life

I am beyond blessed. No, I really mean it. And not just in the context of – “my life looks happy and put together” on the outside.   850 more words



It’s the oldest story in the book. You meet someone, your life is changed and you live happily ever after. Right?

Right well, yes that can come true. 433 more words

The Inflexible Artist

Ladies and gentleman, one of the hardest things for my “career” at this point in my life is flexibility.  I know, ironic. One of the things we are taught to be is flexible which, in turn, creates inflexibility in all other aspects of our lives.   515 more words


From Brooke

Brooke is an amazing writer, who can turn any situation into poetry and beauty. Read a page from her journal in Italy below.



The Wonderful Dr Sparkle

MR BIG BLUE is back but I haven’t seen him yet. I don’t want to see him again but it’s inevitable. I need to distract myself.   611 more words

Family Ties Book Cover Reveal

Fourteen year-old Sara Parker lives a sheltered life in Encinitas, California. She’s not allowed to have friends until Arissa Jericho moves in across the street before their freshman year of high school. 98 more words

Unexpected Turns.

I want to talk about unexpected turns of events today. Partially because that’s been happening quite a lot since the start of 2015, and I feel like we forget that sometimes these unexpected turns could be amazing and change your life in a positive manner, however other times they could make your stomach turn and could just change your life in the matter of seconds and these ones are the ones that fucking suck. 819 more words