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War within the heart

I hate this situation that we have. I’ve explained all of this before…but I can’t get away from you. Not saying that I want to (because I don’t), I just can’t get away.

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Nothing Lasts Forever

Everything You Need to Know

Hello fellow bloggers! I am currently a sophomore in my undergrad. After a year of being in college, there are many subjects I would like to discuss to benefit my peers (you). 36 more words


I Don't Need to Brag, and I Don't Need to Boast

So far, today has been baby steps in shuffling back towards God’s light instead of cowering inside my own darkness. Since that controversial post left me running back to my house before I broke down in front of the wrong crowd (Read “Why My Left Eye Is Swollen Today” for reference) , I have battled with my own flesh trying to dispel the bitter anger that s welled inside of me since Friday. 985 more words


Prayer Requests and Selfishness

About a month ago, I was sharing some pretty dark and ugly stuff with two very good friends. I hadn’t wanted to share that dark and ugly stuff, but they pretty much kidnapped me, put me in a room, and said, “Spill it.” All in the name of friendship, and worry. 522 more words

Deep Thoughts

Being followed (part 10)

Lee has got back to his car. He was aroused. He closes his eyes and thinks about Mandy. He was close to get her to want him. 895 more words

Fan Fiction