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Back with the OG crew

A photo posted by Camila Abisambra (@camila_abisambra) on Jul 28, 2015 at 5:58pm PDT

By Camila Abisambra

When I was growing up I remember being boy crazy.

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Forever Misunderstood.


My words, a foreign language. My actions, overlooked. My love, unprecedented, but forever misunderstood.

My character, Ill received, my care, maliciously mistaken, my heart as big as it could, yet and still I am forever misunderstood. 59 more words


That moment

When you pull up “Fakebook,” and see your so called Fashionista friend, posting Kimmy style poses with fashion style tips, posts on what friends have been with her through thick and thin, and currently vacationing close where you are. 65 more words


Tuesday's Troubles...

My dearest followers, I am sorry to announce that I currently am unable to post today’s planned post.  I am experiencing some major technical difficulties with my laptop, and all of my material for this week is stuck there. 60 more words


Meet 40!


So this is terrifying! Not turning 40, writing down my most vulnerable self and sharing it with all of you (I hope there will be an “all of you” reading this and more importantly, being inspired and gaining more hope). 426 more words


This is what happens when 9 women can get their shit together and meet

Online friendships can be pretty intense, but nothing compares to finally hugging someone you’ve known only online for years. You get to learn how they sigh after they laugh, how their nose crinkles when they smile, how their voice sounds, and how they walk. 140 more words

Random Shizzle

A Thank You to God's Timing and Friends

There is always that point in life, where things begin to really change. Whether it be graduation, getting a big girl or boy job, getting into a relationship, ending one, or watching friends move away; there is always something that triggers change. 817 more words