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#136 Depressionless - 'Re-connecting With Friends'

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When I was at secondary school the internet was just starting to make its mark, it hadn’t quite invaded our mobile phones yet but the connection at home was going strong. 495 more words

Mental Health

It's All in How You Look at It

Words of wisdom from a dear friend this morning.  I believe she has a good point.

I read two different posts on Instagram as well this morning that reminded me to “Not take anything personally”.   282 more words


My New Job

Well hello there! It’s a busy few weeks. I’ve pretty much come straight from finishing university into starting a new job. It’s a job I did last year and I absolutely loved it. 731 more words

If you're going to do battle with me, make sure you're armed.

Today has seen me fully involved in one of my favourite types of battle, with a couple of women I don’t actually know backing me up. 1,020 more words


Picnic adventure

Hello everybody!

Remember when I uploaded my post Photoshoot in a canola field? I went there with a good friend of mine and this weekend we went on another adventure! 682 more words


Adult Friend Challenge #4

Adult Friend Challenge – Prudence

#4: Circumspection

Ask a wise mentor, counselor, or trusted priest for advice when faced with a difficult conversation that you feel may challenge a friend. 82 more words


Your Friends Lost You

Lately, I’ve seen a somewhat popular from Whisper going around. I won’t post the image, but the quote is: “When I say I won’t tell anyone, my husband doesn’t count.” 359 more words