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You can't live a fantasy

Why do you keep constructing this fantasy in your head that’s never going to happen?

You torture yourself day-in and day-out thinking about how things could be, should be, or would be. 194 more words


Day 20: Significant Childhood Moments

These might not be from my ‘childhood’ but more of experiences from the last couple of years*

1.) Meeting my best friend:
It was 8th grade science class, we had seen each other all the time considering out lockers were right next to each other. 312 more words


When Compromising Is Actually An Act Of Self-Betrayal

I have recently made the decision to move away from a friendship with someone that I love deeply. I made no announcement I just took a quiet step back, made a visual disconnection in my mind of my energy, connected with my inner peace, put up my protective walls and sat down and had a darn good cry. 821 more words

The Day My Best Friends Husband Ruined Me.

I remember like it was yesterday. It was a warm night in June when my friends husband followed me outside into a church parking lot, like he had done a million times before. 913 more words

I Don't Like Living Without You, But I'm Doing It

Most days you cross my mind. To be fair, it’s rare that I don’t think of you.

I wonder what you’re doing and who you’ve been spending your time with. 708 more words


The time that follows death is a disorienting kind of haze. We trudge through muddy waters, watching incredulously as the world still spins, accepting reality slowly, and ultimately – hopefully – finding a way to extend the spirit of a loved one lost. 874 more words

Military Spouse


The feeling of settlement is what I fear the most. Perhaps it’s because I have spent my whole life moving around that the unfamiliarity of the feeling provokes my anxiety and depression. 704 more words