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Reminder. (Friendships)

At the end of the day, the last thing you need to remind yourself, is that you are your own person. You do not shine for someone else’s morning and you are not the welcome mat, that people can walk on before they enter the house and when they leave. 377 more words


New Release Book Review: The Art of Friendship by Lisa Ireland

The Art of Friendship…

About the Book:

We all expect our friendships from childhood to last forever…

Libby and Kit have been best friends ever since the day 11-year-old Kit bounded up to Libby’s bedroom window. 743 more words

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Loneliness is really quite impressive in how it takes you apart as a person. Its almost surgical in its destructive nature.

Its usually triggered by some significant event. 812 more words


How I Survived Over A Month Without WiFi

Disclaimer: yes, I understand my inherent privilege and that millions of people don’t have access to WiFi. My problem is a very first world one for a third world gal. 577 more words

Reflecting, Recovery and Reasons to be positive

I haven’t written for weeks now. Not for any particular reason, I have been busy working six days a week but my time away from blogging hasn’t been wasted. 545 more words


Earth's Heart

Nothing stronger than the tsunamis and earthquakes is only when my heart breaks
Like the pottery of my soul is wet clay, the poetry of my poem, like the love I have is a mistake… 595 more words

These yearly gatherings are very special occasions for all who attend. Not all of us get to meet on a regular basis and these weekends offer a chance to refresh friendships.

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