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GratiTuesday: Another blogger meet-up

As I wrote about in an earlier post, I have had the special privilege of meeting several of my favorite bloggers face-to-face. Virtual friendships can form in the blogging community as we get to know each other by reading the bits and pieces we share over time. 401 more words


Part I: on losing and possessing (people)

Recently, I’ve been losing several friends and close ones, both out of necessity, out of their will and my own. Because of it, I’ve learned to not be afraid of the possibility of “losing” anyone. 378 more words


Summer Friendship

In a forest on the other side of a meadow and behind a waterfall in a glen, there lived a nymph. Her complexion was a light blue, her skin almost transparent. 1,406 more words


I know, I know, I haven’t blogged in a million years and I am sorry. In fact I use this medium to register my profound apology for not showing up every week as promised. 715 more words


We May Not Always Agree But That Shouldn't Change Our Love For Each Other

Our worlds will collide. Oh they will and I know they will. With your ideas and my words! Your actions and my thoughts! Your ego and mine too! 1,045 more words

Have You Ever Been In love? Back in the Day; African Style

I have been missing home and thinking of fun things back home and especially growing up and this made me come up with this post. 105 more words


Self Help

NO WHERE does it say that the best way to move on with your life is to hide the past under a carpet, ignore it and run as fast as you can in the opposite direction. 603 more words