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"I was a millionaire...

All I know that you all were there. That world was a far better place. Certain mornings, like this one,take me back to remembrance. Those mornings have always filled me with an unspoken nostalgia. 248 more words


The Growth of Independence

It was an awesome feeling, true freedom  and liberation of desires.
Exercising full capability  of great thoughts and ideas.
The power to manage and orchestrate to the beat of the chosen drums. 163 more words

Evee Hope

In the last my sanity faded 

In the last my sanity faded
While I watched raindrops fall

With numb eyes, I counted cracks
driven into the clouds like fissures

And I numbered my breaths, 541 more words


So, have you ever felt like an outsider with the insiders??

I don’t know how it happens, but sometimes I feel like though I have been friends with someone for a long time, I tend to be the outside part of the inner circle.   1,257 more words


The Pitfalls of Social Media

A theme that I have used throughout my blog is how to cope with feelings of loneliness when they arise. Loneliness is a prevalent feeling a lot of us experience, not only to those of us with autism, but much to the general population as well. 1,154 more words


Boy, oh boy!

Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen. I have to say, I love it when you all comment on my posts, it put’s me into “thought mode” where I try to decipher my feelings and my crazy runaway brain. 456 more words


The one that got away..... Has come back

Actually, I went away. But that’s another story.

You guys know about Tubs (“Sexless in the city” and “Dating and social networks should NEVER go hand in hand… 605 more words