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holidays did me well!

I’m back, who guessed? Have been for a few days actually, but it didn’t pop up in my mind to update you guys. I am sorry about that. 566 more words



You just want to be appreciated but he has other things in mind.

I know in the end, he will regret it.

Well, there it is...fuck

Fuck! Well that felt better!Writing as self-care? I’ll check this out. I’ve painted as a form of self-care and it honestly worked (at least as a distraction). 233 more words


"No Judgement Hang Out"

Hello everyone, I know it’s been a century since I have posted anything and I thought I’d discuss my very recent “date”, or “hang out” as he referred to it.   945 more words


You ask us about being “Friendzoned” and we give you solid advice on getting out or avoiding it! 60 more words


Fata „seen-patică” sau cum să sfidezi al treilea principiu al mecanicii?

Mi-ar fi plăcut să am la îndemână câteva conversații cu început și fără sfârșit drept mărturie la subiect… 444 more words



“Umalis ka para kalimutan sya, pero bakit noong bumalik ka sya parin pala? Sya parin pala yung taong nilalaman ng puso mo, yung taong mahal mo, yung karibal ko pero bakit sya pa? 32 more words

Onesided Love