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Termed Forbidden

A soft breeze made its presence known as the silent sun slowly sneaked below the horizon. The lapping of the sea water against the ferry, the subtle sway sang the song of bliss. 1,412 more words


Ang Mahal Ko'y Nakatali Na

Ako ay nagagalit

Sa sarili kong ito

Kung bakit pa ako

Nakakaramdam ng gan’to.

Hindi ka naman

Kailanma’y nagpakita

Ng isang pagtingin

Rason na mahalin sinta. 47 more words


Friendzoned Love

I glanced around the room. My eyes searching for hers. And there, I saw her clad in her beautiful red dress adoring the most amazing smile. 862 more words


"How to Prevent Yourself from Friendzoned? "

Most of us experience getting friendzoned by the people who we adored so much. And typically, we get ourselves hurt badly, simply because we can’t get what we want, no actually ‘WE CANNOT GET WHO WE WANT” . 298 more words

Mrs. Right Now.

It’s frustrating not knowing where you stand with someone. When feelings start to get involved it’s almost always guaranteed that shit is going to get messy. 1,534 more words


Palpable were the leaves of a city he lived,
Round and bulbous enclosing pebbling streets.
Amidst of Sirens, he hath had stayed alive, 283 more words

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Happy New Year 2018

Hello Family Friends  Foes Lovers  Haters and all the esteemed people out there who contributed in one way or other to make me what I am today. 536 more words