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10 Men On The Truth Behind Why They Put Girls In The Friend Zone

1. It’s not something you necessarily decide on.

“It’s based off feelings and how well you get along with her. It’s hard to describe I guess, but there are some girls you just connect with on a more personable friend level.

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10 Women On The Truth Behind Why They Put Guys In The Friend Zone

1. I think he’s great, but not for me.

“He’s my best friend and as much as he means to me, he means it in a brotherly way.

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Finally an accurate analogy.

Okay so if a girl doesn’t love you back, she’s stupid? Nope, you just don’t meet her standards.


Lost in the Friendzone

If you have to whine about how you got “friendzoned” by a girl, realize that you’re talking about something that doesn’t exist–and it makes you sound like a desperate, sad whiner who’s probably never been with a girl anyway. 206 more words

I'm Moving On

I’m moving on.

From what and from who?

From all these uncertainties and from you.

My friends used to have this debate about moving on. Half of them said that it’s acceptable to move on even though there was no commitment or label. 460 more words


Why distance is the great enemy of a young love.

Ngayong gabi, kaulayaw ko ang tatlong problem solution proposals ko para sa aking mga klase. As usual, masaya akong nagpo-procrastinate dahil maghapon na naman akong mental blocked. 739 more words


Was It A Dream..!!!

I was having a gala time in the world of dreams when my cell phone ruined my dream run. Tried to ignore it at first, but the caller won’t budge. 982 more words