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Another one from my favourite He's Just Not That Into You series

I think it’s time to stop living in denial. One of the very few guys I recently met up with who was both my type, cute, funny and didn’t try to have sex with me on the first day is… 291 more words



Alam mo ba yung feeling na isa kang yelong tuod na tinubuan ng mukha? Yung tipong para kang pinapakain ng ampalaya araw araw ng mga magulang mo sa bahay kaya naman tila ba eh wala kang sugar o kahit anong sweetness sa katawan. 209 more words

23 People Describe The Most Humiliating Way They Ever Got Dumped

Found on AskReddit.

1. “I was in the middle of sex when one of my exes decided to announce she wanted to break up. 926 more words

Realistic Character Relationships ~ Friend Zone Fact & Fiction

I followed several Twitter accounts aimed at high-school-age audiences last year, to keep a pulse on the voice, attitudes, issues of today’s teens–a socially acceptable form of  547 more words

Young Adult

To The Boys Who Think They Are Friendzoned

Seriously, can you please just grow up?

I know that might sound harsh and maybe there was a more gentle, subtle approach I could have taken, but seriously. 890 more words

Ever since coming back from Canada, I’ve been all up in my feelings lately. The tipping point was when I was watching Up and I started bawling during the 20 minute opening scene. 381 more words


how could you reminisce when there is no path.

how could you reminisce when there is no path. reminisce of being happy with you boy! can someone tell me how can this be?

– para sa mga na friendzoned?

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