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12 Ways To Make Sure You Never Get Friendzoned

Some nightmares really do come true and friendzone is the biggest proof of it. It’s the worst place a guy can be in. We hate how conveniently some girls mislead guys into believing they’re interested when they really aren’t. 737 more words

Thought Bite

Just Friends

You stepped into my heart
And beautified it with soulful bliss
You are my dream,
You are my only wish

The way you trust
The way you care, 105 more words

How to get rid of 'FRIEND ZONED'?

” ‘Cause even if it breaks your heart to be just friends, if you really care for about someone, you’ll take the hit. ” – John Dorian, Scrubs…

751 more words

Nice Girls Finish Last Too

There’s a saying that goes like this:

“Nice guys finish last”

I think it was someone like Shakespeare who said that, him being such a hopeless romantic and all.. 820 more words

holidays did me well!

I’m back, who guessed? Have been for a few days actually, but it didn’t pop up in my mind to update you guys. I am sorry about that. 566 more words



You just want to be appreciated but he has other things in mind.

I know in the end, he will regret it.

Well, there it is...fuck

Fuck! Well that felt better!Writing as self-care? I’ll check this out. I’ve painted as a form of self-care and it honestly worked (at least as a distraction). 233 more words