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Scribble of Words: The Fairy Tale I Dream

I don’t know why I am missing you
I don’t know why my heart yearns for you
I wish we could be more than friends… 94 more words


Need Help Getting Over Unrequited Love? Here Are Some Effective Tips

It sure sounds romantic: to love someone with all of your heart and soul, whether or not they love you back. But the reality is very different. 1,442 more words


The Possibility of a Different Us

Imagine if things were different,

and the sun was blue and the sky was yellow when the seasons changed,

and if we didn’t become friends and instead you asked me out. 342 more words


Nahuli kitang sumusulyap
Mga tingin na parang nasa alapaap
Nahuli kitang nakangiti
Wala naman sa’yong kumikiliti
Sino ba ang nasa isip?
Ikaw nga ba’y umiibig? 124 more words


The story of being Friendzoned..!

In the city of strangers, An Over-intelligent boy met with a shy & nerdy-worm girl Afraid to say their First ‘Hi’, but wanna tangled Boosting themselves, They had their first small talk, 378 more words


It’s been almost 8 months since I saw him for the first time and still, it feels like yesterday. His Greek god eyes crept a smile on my face, his laughs would make my heart flutter like the wings of a butterfly.  88 more words


Termed Forbidden

A soft breeze made its presence known as the silent sun slowly sneaked below the horizon. The lapping of the sea water against the ferry, the subtle sway sang the song of bliss. 1,412 more words