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The Guy on New Zealand's The Bachelor Has Been Friend-Zoned 3 Times and It's Only Week 5

When you’re on a reality TV show whose sole objective is to find you true love, getting friend-zoned and having a girl walk out on you is the last thing you want happening. 222 more words


PART TWO of; Being Friend-Zoned Sucks, But so does crossing the line. 

I never would of expected to be called back to guidance, the whole time as I was walking in the halls I was so scared. 1,223 more words


This is so important! I never realized how important it was to establish boundaries until it was too late. I wish I could say I had prior experience, but in high school I was awkward and I’m in no way ashamed of that fact. 248 more words

The "Friendzone"

I’m just going to get straight down to it. I absolutely object to the term “friendzone”. I was aware what the definition of the term was before I decided to look it up on the site Urban Dictionary. 566 more words


Accidently in love...

You know that weird person that’s been in your life for ages that you’ve never really thought twice about. You hang out and talk without even thinking. 241 more words


ONE SHOT: Tell me who the lucky guy is

“Tell me who the lucky guy is?” he suddenly asked, curiosity is obvious in his eyes as he stares at me behind his coffee mug. 539 more words


Unfortunately, an ideal relationship I can't officially have

You put my cravings before you.
You give everything i ever wanted for the time being.
You adjust everything to fit my needs and wants. 169 more words