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10.5.15 9:19 PM: Girl Forever Lost in the FriendZone

Do you have that one ex that you just can’t get over no matter how hard you try? He is everything you’ve ever wanted. You are comfortable around him and his family. 280 more words

Dear boy

Dear Boy,

You never understood how much each words you said meant to her, how whatever you feel could mean so much to someone.You never see all the trouble she go through everyday just so that you can notice her more, how she would spend hours standing in front of the closet choosing the clothes to wear, in front of the mirror checking her hair and makeup. 181 more words


What it's like to be friendzoned, from a girl's perspective.

When one typically hears about someone being friendzoned, the same image is brought to mind: A boy who is in love with a girl that doesn’t feel the same about him, thus vanquishing him into the friendzone. 554 more words


Hope is the last to die

Standing by the window, I could see the rain pouring over the city. It was as if God was furious at us and hence was punishing us mercilessly. 447 more words



“Take A Chance On Me”
Sung by: ABBA

If you change your mind, I’m the first in line

Honey I’m still free

Take a chance on me… 1,146 more words


There are 3 types of men...

1.He’s naturally charming, popular and good looking, but unfortunately he knows this. He has this innate confidence which seems to draw people in, and he has this habit of holding eye contact with you, giving you sexy little winks that make you giggle like a silly fifteen-year-old. 303 more words


Friendzone ...d

2 Minutes silence for those who thinks only boys gets friendzoned.
Friendzoning has nothing to do with gender it only cares about yourlooks.
No mattter how much a guy loves his girl if you are hot he will never frienzone you. 291 more words