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I love you.. as a FRIEND

I love you

but not as much you love me

I love you

but not in the way you imagine

I love you

and I tried loving you more than you know. 55 more words


Friendzone: The Ultimate Hangout for Nice Guys like You!

Hey there, Friend! Are you a Nice Guy? Are you always around to lend a shoulder, hand, or ear but never seem to get any farther? 598 more words

Everything I've Learned About Friendship From A Man Who Will Never Love Me

There is a man in my life who does not love me.

Romantically, I mean. He does love me, however, like Samwise loves Frodo or John Watson loves Sherlock Holmes. 516 more words


Chapter 1
Serenity. Cool music. He was right. There was no better place. John sat at the table and waited. He wanted it to be the best thing he would do. 872 more words



“HOPELESS Love” is a poem about a girl who had her hopes up but these hopes turned down in a snap, too. But even how many times she’ll fall and get hurt, she’ll still love him for indeed, this love is…

153 more words


Friendzoned. What a hateful word. I hate it to get friendzoned, but I think everyone does. And now, I am in the situation to do this. 135 more words