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You ask us about being “Friendzoned” and we give you solid advice on getting out or avoiding it! 60 more words


Fata „seen-patică” sau cum să sfidezi al treilea principiu al mecanicii?

Mi-ar fi plăcut să am la îndemână câteva conversații cu început și fără sfârșit drept mărturie la subiect… 444 more words



“Umalis ka para kalimutan sya, pero bakit noong bumalik ka sya parin pala? Sya parin pala yung taong nilalaman ng puso mo, yung taong mahal mo, yung karibal ko pero bakit sya pa? 32 more words

Onesided Love


Uy tol! Tagal din nating hindi nakapag-usap nang ganito!
Alas nuwebe ng gabi, tapos dalawa lang tayo.
Bibili tayo ng asul na Pic-A nga kung tawagin mo. 720 more words


More than Words - (Part 3) #7

(Part #1 HERE) (Part #2 HERE)

In the very beginning of our friendship, that first summer in fact, Jac put a muzzle on me. 917 more words



Today, I laid my eyes on you.

I have noticed how your eyes seem to blink
quite as often as you speak
Like how stars blink and light up the… 410 more words


The Journey Of Life

Once someone asked me,whats the most painful scream you have ever heard.

I got paused for a time and with a gasp a said,”A Writer’s Silence”. 134 more words