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Giving up Alaska!

My friend said to her husband, “If she takes him back, it will be for Alaska.”  I didn’t learn of this until later when I actually hadn’t taken him back.  367 more words

Family isn't always blood.

This is probably going to my most personal blog post yet but it has to be written.

I’m currently sitting in the waiting room of the doctors, sunlight pouring in waiting for my last therapy session. 413 more words

There's no clear-cut break when it comes to exes

There is no clear-cut break when it comes to feelings. You often cannot control your emotions because when you are faced with a new situation, nothing you experienced before helps you handle the new one. 557 more words


a history in lies

It’s born in the dusk of necessity, as most of these things are. There is so much you can hope for, so much innocent questions you can dodge, so much mornings you can swallow sour, like an old pill on your tongue. 409 more words

Free Verse

Tesla's & Whole Food's

A friend of mine recently said that she thought she saw me driving a Tesla and pulling out of Whole Foods. She was very confused by this and then proceeded in messaging me telling me of the whole ordeal. 423 more words


The Forgetful Four

Friendships are like buying shoes. You better make sure that you love them before you make your purchase. I have this problem of always seeing a really great pair of shoes and buying them on impulse. 1,240 more words