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Eccentricity at footpath!!

It was a sultry summer morning.I was strolling in my garden at around 6 A.M. in the morning.Even this early in the morning ,I could feel the sun scorching my skin.It is a season that I love and hate both, for different reasons.I love it because of the holidays and I hate it because of the weather. 629 more words


Please wear your seatbelt

Seven years ago today, I was less than one week into a new job. My dad left me a voicemail that someone had been trying to reach me at his house. 721 more words


Happy 24th Birthday Angel xxx

Happy Birthday Sarah

Its your 1st in heaven but that does not mean we do not think of you,love you and miss you every single day. 249 more words


When the party ends...

How do you measure a true sisterhood or brotherhood friendship?

Is it measured by the number of events the person shows up to in your life…the birthday parties, graduation celebrations, weddings and etc. 137 more words


An Accidental Encounter!!

I met him today at the bus stop. It was a random meet.

“Hey! remember me ? “, I said and waved at him.

“Of course, I do “, he said and smiled at me. 1,151 more words


I don't want to lose you!!

Why does my heart aches,

when I can’t hear your voice?

Why does your harsh words,

tear apart my heart?

Why do I get anxious, 198 more words


Really? You're that Petty? 

Feeding into what someone says or does, shows exactly how much control that person has over you. How you respond shows how that person makes you feel. 326 more words