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The Art of Expectations

(Okay, bear with me, I know I have to change the layout of the blog.  I’m new here….)

Expectations.  It’s uncanny that we have them on everything.  838 more words

Practical Tip #12- Friendships

  I think many people struggle in this area of life.  When a family adds a special needs family member, the whole family has a new dynamic.   174 more words


Lessons For Kennedi

My dear sweet Kennedi, life is full of many lessons. Here’s one I hope you learn along the way: Your relationship with someone is not dependent on their relationship with someone else. 522 more words


So it’s my fault is it?

I’m the one who’s a bitch?

I went stark raving mad?

I did damage on purpose?

Nobody has ever done damage on accident? 129 more words


What Ever Happened to Friends?

Friendships are a beautiful, blossoming thing that can last for mere moments or decades. Most people have friends from a wide variety of places and instances in their life: infancy, elementary, middle, high school, or college, random passing, friends of friends, etc. 672 more words




You taught me how to grow roots in unfamiliar ground
And there i was a flower in a new garden

The garden was beautiful… 87 more words

You did what?-Not Serious but totally serious ;)

Hey there! How’s it going? So we all have those friends who are a little bit crazier that you. If you don’t that means you are that ‘wilder’ person. 200 more words