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Single Doesn't Mean Lonely

I used to complain about girls who were always in relationships. “Why can’t they be single?” I would wonder. I would console my friends and tell them how they needed to love themselves before they could love someone else. 329 more words


Like Mona Lisa Smile

Kumusta ka?

How are you?


Comment allez-vous?


Can you dance with me? Dancing with the ideas and letters.. Crossing the bridges of fear. Making big step to be heard and to be understood. 39 more words


Feelings and Control

It is true that we cannot talk ourselves into feelings we don’t have or talk ourselves out of feelings we do have. Sometimes we just have to make the best of a situation and live with what is here and what is missing. 123 more words


Hashtags, Silly Fonts and Being a Kid Again

Whoohoo! It’s Monday again! Please note mt extreme over exaggeration about the way I’m feeling today. It’s not really that much of an exaggeration, as it is an amplified version of just not being blegh. 507 more words

Hugs & Kisses

An Observation

Today, I watched the Oscars with my mother and her pack of friends, all over the age of thirty. The experience was interesting, not because I disliked any of them or felt uncomfortable, but because I was thinking of my own group of girls and how we would interact – … 528 more words

A Slice Of Life


You reek in toxicity. The very air around you recoils in disgust as the noxious gas of your negativity seeps out and about. People manufacture bubble shields to keep you away. 257 more words


New Year, New You

I resolved not to make new year resolutions, a good few New Years ago.. maybe a couple vows. here and there.

When I met HIH for our… 1,093 more words

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