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The Impact of Others

“You’ll be important to me, to my life.”

I always get a strange feeling when I say this to myself. I never know what I exactly mean at the moment, I have said this in my head about complete strangers before. 318 more words


Collaboration: The Secret to Meaningful Friendships

Many people are frustrated by their ability to make meaningful relationships. It’s often hard to establish friendships that really fulfill our needs and enrich us on a deep level.   101 more words

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The best time to have friends is before you need them

Tomorrow I am hosting a baby shower for my very best friend and so it got me thinking about friendship.  I’ve done a lot of reading about friendships over the years and what I’ve learned is extremely interesting.   949 more words


Hi All,

I am truly sorry for the lack of weekly posts. Since surgery I have been taking a lot of time off social media, even deleting facebook to just focus on myself, my schooling, my photography and most importantly, my health. 1,021 more words



An open letter, 
To everyone that I’ve grown apart with, I’m sending you this letter to let you know that I still love you. I might not talk to you as much as I used to anymore, but know that I miss you so much and I’m rooting for you from afar. 627 more words


Trust Issues

So, interesting. I was talking to a friend the other day about how you really don’t know a person until you KNOW a person. This came up because as of late, a lot of my acquaintances have become close friends and boy, there are some things that you never knew would come out of a person’s mouth until you actually heard it! 495 more words



I’ve always heard this word associated with leadership and higher education and making sure that what you’re doing is on purpose. While it does apply to those two parts of my life, intentionality is becoming a more common theme with my relationships in particular. 334 more words

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