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You did what?-Not Serious but totally serious ;)

Hey there! How’s it going? So we all have those friends who are a little bit crazier that you. If you don’t that means you are that ‘wilder’ person. 200 more words

being an island is lonely. not a single person to whom i’ve told that i have bd and schizoaffective has bothered to look it up or look into it or take it into account. 225 more words


A Great Debate

Every married couple has their own opinion on the subject. Some couples are in complete agreement on the subject and others vary to differing degrees. What am I talking about? 285 more words

Christian Woman

The Gift of Friendship

By the time most reach their middle age the large friendship group has dwindled down. Some friendships grow apart, others turned out not to be true friends, some may have passed away while others took a different path of life. 206 more words



¡Qué bueno es tener amigas!. Muchas y de todas clases. Porque hay cosas que haces con tu familia, otras que haces con tu hermana, muchas con tu pareja, pero hay otras que solo haces con tus amigas. 861 more words

Yo No Soy Gente

Hey You, Yes You, Stop Holding That Grudge! Part One

How many of you truly think that a grudge is harmless? In reality, you are not hurting anyone, right? Can a grudge actually be harmless? Let’s be honest, I am pretty sure some of us, at least once, has held a grudge on someone. 791 more words