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Friend or ....

I erased this paragraph at least three times now because I just really don’t know how to put into words how i feel about this subject. 538 more words


What Are You Really Mad At?

The fact that he/she lied to you?

or that you were stupid to believe it / soft enough on your trust?


Going To My Best Friend's School--Part 2: Mother's Signature

Yesterday when I showed my mom the application to go to my best friend’s school, let’s just say that things didn’t go so well. I’m not saying stuff started unleashing, I’m saying that when I showed her the application and told her the school that I wanted to go to (my best friend’s school), she told me no and that she wouldn’t let me. 339 more words

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Challenging the Bliss of Ignorance by Anshul Bhamra, India


Anshul Bhamra is a 24 year old living in New Delhi, India. After pursuing her bachelors in Economics from Ramjas College, Delhi University, she attended Jamia Millia Islamia University for her Master’s Degree in Public Administration. 718 more words


Going To My Best Friend's School--Part 1: The Application

Okay, so let me be straight with you guys because I’m sure that you are confused by the post title and wondering what’s going on. Well, let’s just say that this story that is going to be told is going to be told in a process, as in, the story will be like little bits day by day and new updates on it will come up. 553 more words

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Is There Still Hope For Our Friendship?

Last night, my best friend (the one that I have talked about in previous posts) called me. You’d think that I was excited, and believe me I was, but it didn’t feel as excited as O thought. 436 more words

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Pride and Prejudice 

“Proud people breed sad sorrows for themselves.” ~Emily Brontë

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