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Valentine's Day

The day that’s either most coveted or dreaded. No matter what, there will still be a sale on candy the day after. I’m not here to rag on Valentine’s day and hate on all of the cute couples who go out and do cute couple things like feed each other food (gross) or play footsie under the dinner table (ew). 673 more words

Let's Get Serious

To: Celine and Lyca

Dear Celine and Lykz,

I am writing this letter with all my heart out, trying to compress my emotions but I guess it will detonate again, all at once. 1,166 more words


Top Ten Tuesdays: Freebie Week!!

Hey everyone! I feel like I haven’t done one of these in absolutely forever! Top Ten Tuesdays is created by the awesome people at The Broke and the Bookish. 180 more words


What of life, if not for all the people we meet en route, the moments we share with them, the impact they have on us, on our thoughts and our perspective. 678 more words



I’ll never talk about how you have the ability to leave me breathless; it’s much too clichè. It’s crazy to think that because in order for something to become clichè, it has to be over used by so many people. 132 more words

My People Are Not the Same

We start out with our connections
as an empty light board

Slowly, each empty spot
is replaced with a little light bulb

As the years roll by, more lights appear… 52 more words