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Louis, and Gucci and Prada oh my!

I was looking through the latest fashion website checking out the pretty handbags and shoes. I really enjoy pretty things. Shoes and handbags are among my favorites. 367 more words

Friendships|Rant #2

Hey guys ,

(little note before I start , I’ve just started getting so many views and more followers so thankyou to all of you !❤️ I will be posting some more art tomorrow and comment if you have any requests for me to write about) 416 more words

welcome to my life

I’ve always wanted a place to write ,I’ve always enjoyed the way you can tell your own story you can make your own life and drift away from reality… 147 more words

Life Lessons on Friendships

A few months ago I was sitting outside my hairdresser’s house, waiting for my appointment (I’m literally always early to everything) and I started to think about a recent situation that had wound me up. 517 more words

Why putting people on pedestals is not a good idea

There’s something that I have recently come to grips with. It is this… I place people on pedestals. Meaning, I exalt people to a place they should never be and because they are unable or unfit to be placed in such a high position, they easily let me down. 955 more words


Love, love, love. It’s all we need right? Love is such an important, empowering thing, and can make people do crazy things. And this is love towards your partner, your pet, your family, your best friend, your teacher or mentor – people you have  1,118 more words

Nightmares and Dreams!

Friends are the stuff that dreams and nightmares are made of, LOL. I have learned so much about myself through the many unusual friendship choices and attractions I have connected with over the years. 535 more words