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Sharing Weddings Around the World for #FriFotos

This Friday is the last #FriFotos. The weekly twitter trending hashtag was started five years ago, and the #FriFotos hosts decided that it is time to end this weekly fun. 570 more words


Some Photos From a Traveler's Backyard.

When you are at home you see your back yard every day and it is relatively the same. This weeks #Frifotos theme on Twitter is “Backyard”. 169 more words


Spotting Advertising for #FriFotos

As I gather photographs to share for this week’s #FriFotos theme of Great Britain, I look back to a #FriFotos in June (June 26, 2015 to be exact) when the theme was Advertising. 558 more words


Canada #FriFotos Bring Memories of a Special Family Trip

Last week, the #FriFotos theme was Canada. I shared several photos of a trip my family took to Whistler three years ago. What made the trip especially memorable was the unexpected arrival of my nephew Gael. 483 more words


#FriFotos: Urban Immediately Makes Me Think City Skyline.

This weeks #FriFotos theme on Twitter is Urban. When I think urban, I immediately think big city. When I think big city, the first thing that comes to mind is the skyline. 209 more words


The Blue Shoes and I Finding Solitude Out on the Open Road.

When out on the open road the blue shoes and I make sure to soak in all the scenery. While staring at all the beauty this world has to offer, lots of solitude has been enjoyed in summer and winter, in big cities and small-towns, inside a coffee shop and outside in nature and in the desert, on the lake and more. 193 more words


In Photos - Stolen Moments Of Solitude

I am teased endlessly for being a chatterbox. But for all my gregariousness I cherish solitude, enveloped as I am by the bustle of a big Indian city. 313 more words