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Pomp and circumstance

I try to be one for elaborate ritual.

It’s beautiful when someone does it well. I’ve seen ladies use besoms to cast a Circle thrice. I’ve seen a lady and gentleman cast a Circle with a sword, then invoke male and female deities with Atheme and Cup respectively. 403 more words


Embracing Failure: Lessons of Frigg

We are not raised to accept failure.  We are trained from birth to seek success, to define ourselves by success, to adapt and overcome, that there is always a path through to victory.  2,464 more words

30 days: quotes and poems for Frigg

When I last left the 30 days meme, I was stuck on the last nine.

Sweet Frigga

Sweet Frigga of the spinning wheel.
Who spins the strands we call our life.

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So what is a Celtic-Heathen?

A few nights ago, I dreamt that someone I’ve known for 20+ years is exploring her own path and asked me to share my own. … 574 more words


Tower times

Lots is happening.

Folks know about most of it, lest they either watch nothing but fox news or live under a rock deep within an underground dark cave in the middle of the woods- some would say this is one in the same. 283 more words


Runes Shalt You Find on Kickstarter!


As a reward for “The Illustrated Hávamál,” Kickstarter, a series of high-end Limited Edition silkscreen prints were created for “Odin in a Windy Tree.” … 130 more words