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30 Days: First Contact

I have written previously of the winding road I have taken with identifying Thor as my Patron. I would hail The Thunderer during each storm. At PPD 2014, I had a rune reading done which showed that a deity was watching over me: Ullr. 238 more words


30 days: Frigg 101

An introduction into the deity of discussion: Frigg

Frigg is the Allmother, wife of Odin, the Allfather. She is mother to Balder and Hod, step-mother to Thor. 167 more words


30 Days

Recently, I wrote about a gift I received, which I deducted was gifted from Frigg.  Upon learning this, I became embarrassed that the figure I hold high as my Patroness was so unknown to me. 220 more words


A gift

There have been days of wavering faith. Most evenings and practically every morning, I fail to say my beginning/ending affirmations. Some days I’m still not meditating. 219 more words


The traveling cast...

This past month I’ve eased up on the writing throttle. I dropped from a ~16 hour/week writing schedule back to about 6 hours/week. I’ve written a few scenes, edited some others but, mostly, I’ve focused on outlining. 404 more words


Odin Loses a Wager with his Wife

King Geirrod, the, er, unfortunate foil of the Allfather in the Eddic poem Grímnismál, was once a foster son of Odin, who for one year was taught the Allfather’s wisdom while a boy. 963 more words


I Wear My Gods Like Armor

Religious jewelry is almost as old as human thought is. You can find countless archaeological digs from around the world that have brought forth jewelry from the dawns of time that, which each year, grow further and further away. 274 more words