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Tower times

Lots is happening.

Folks know about most of it, lest they either watch nothing but fox news or live under a rock deep within an underground dark cave in the middle of the woods- some would say this is one in the same. 283 more words


Runes Shalt You Find on Kickstarter!


As a reward for “The Illustrated Hávamál,” Kickstarter, a series of high-end Limited Edition silkscreen prints were created for “Odin in a Windy Tree.” … 130 more words


Freyja = Frigg
The more I read the more I find commonalities that say this is one Goddess that was later divided. There is even a name – Frija. 202 more words

Eclectic Path

30 Days: recap

I have thoroughly enjoyed my exploration of Frigg, and I feel as though I am able to more rightfully work with her in ritual, both formally and informally. 124 more words


A Kiss Under the Mistletoe?

Who wants to smooch with their favourite Rambling Ratz, under the mistletoe? Please form an orderly queue.

According to Norse legend,  Baldur the son of Odin and Frigg was killed by a spear of mistletoe, but then resurrected. 15 more words


Third night of Yule

Tonight we celebrated Mother’s night, in honor of Frigg and mothers all over. We talked about Allmother and how she is the tribal mother who cares for all and keeps all- like how she has all the keys to everyone’s rooms. 85 more words


30 Days: Art

Portrait of Odin and Frigg, sensual embrace

Odin and Frigg sitting together as equals on the great throne, looking down on Midgard. A lot of great art can be found… 18 more words