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I'm on TDY from Hell - Hell's Angels

Prince Seere tossed his knee over the edge of his golden throne and sighed. No one would call the sigh of the Lord of Hell dramatic, but that’s what it was. 2,776 more words

Two Worlds

Replacement behavior

So I’m a nail biter. It’s a gross ugly habit and I hate doing it. I started when I was about Witchlette’s age: I saw my dad do it and figured I’d join in on the “fun”. 322 more words


Faunus and Frigg

Faunus is the horned Roman god of the forest, fields, and plains. He was called Inuus when he committed bestiality with cows. Though many people over the ages have considered him the Roman equivalent of  623 more words

Mythological Names

Prayer for Frigga

I was doing research today and I came across this gem. It was found at the perfect moment- I needed a pick me up and here it is.


Taking it all in

Witchlette found a feather in her room this morning. It’s one I found and had gifted to her about a year ago. It was not in her altar box aka “treasure chest” so she determined it could not be hers. 59 more words


Pagan Mr. T

As I am knowing Frigg more and building such a strong connection with her and working with her daily, I wanted to add a way to carry her with me. 122 more words