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Of Odin, Morrgana, and Decisions.

First, If you would like to know why I am not talking with Apollo any more visit Grace’s Page.

Now, onto Odin.

About a month ago I made contact with Frigg, a Goddess I have always admired and respected, and since then, every Friday, we interact. 868 more words


Happy Mother's Day - Working With Frigga

Today was Mother’s Day and i wish a very happy day to all mothers! I was with my own mother and with my father, what a great day it was, our family is always of great importance nad we must give to them the proper value, this is why in this post i will be also talking about Frigga, one goddess i haven’t give an entire post dedicated to her and a great figure perfect for this day, a deity with the true mother’s spirit. 1,362 more words

Personal Thoughts And Experiences

FRIGG Magazine publication: Five poems that chronicle the trajectory of my obsession-driven muse.

I’m excited to have five poems in the latest issue of FRIGG Magazine. These poems chronicle the trajectory of my obsession-driven muse over the past few years. 190 more words

Boston University

Some new stories...

Busy week ahead as my youngest daughter graduates from high school (*sniff) and off to a wedding over the holiday weekend. I’ve got some new work recently published in two great places: 184 more words

Clap Fear

I should reassure residents of Cambridge (and environs) that this post is in no way related to the activities of Clinic 1A.  No, GofaDM remains family-friendly – though, if pressed, I would be hard pushed to identify the family: Addams, perhaps? 760 more words

Hoary youth

I can’t remember ever having woken up and being so glad not to be young, though even I might not be old enough and might need to reduce my economic dependence on the UK plc.   986 more words

For Frigg

They call me the Lady of the Keys;
I keep my ways,
keep myself to myself,
and all that is in my keeping
is never more secure… 339 more words