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Woden leads you on a merry chase through mists of time. Moving expertly from branch to branch on the Eormensyl he crosses between all worlds and all worlds reveal their mysteries to him. 329 more words


Of Odin, Morrgana, and Decisions.

First, If you would like to know why I am not talking with Apollo any more visit Grace’s Page.

Now, onto Odin.

About a month ago I made contact with Frigg, a Goddess I have always admired and respected, and since then, every Friday, we interact. 868 more words


Happy Mother's Day - Working With Frigga

Today was Mother’s Day and i wish a very happy day to all mothers! I was with my own mother and with my father, what a great day it was, our family is always of great importance nad we must give to them the proper value, this is why in this post i will be also talking about Frigga, one goddess i haven’t give an entire post dedicated to her and a great figure perfect for this day, a deity with the true mother’s spirit. 1,362 more words

Personal Thoughts And Experiences

FRIGG Magazine publication: Five poems that chronicle the trajectory of my obsession-driven muse.

I’m excited to have five poems in the latest issue of FRIGG Magazine. These poems chronicle the trajectory of my obsession-driven muse over the past few years. 190 more words

Boston University

Some new stories...

Busy week ahead as my youngest daughter graduates from high school (*sniff) and off to a wedding over the holiday weekend. I’ve got some new work recently published in two great places: 184 more words

Clap Fear

I should reassure residents of Cambridge (and environs) that this post is in no way related to the activities of Clinic 1A. ┬áNo, GofaDM remains family-friendly – though, if pressed, I would be hard pushed to identify the family: Addams, perhaps? 760 more words