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Feast Day May 30th

Frigg – Nordic/Germanic goddess of so many things that it’s ridiculous, and was vindicated slightly in the second Thor movie with the one fight scene that they let Rene Russo do, but was still disappointing to the goddess herself who is a major kick ass who doesn’t need any of her children defending her. 262 more words


Odin's wife, Njord's sister

Part two of my micro-series on personal favorite theories regarding the gods of Asgard, gleaned from reading between the lines and from personal experience, has to do with something that became clear to me not long after I started looking to Njord for wisdom and guidance, as well as Odin. 1,433 more words


Mother's Day - Frigg's Love

These services are done at Sacred Journey Fellowship, an Earth-centered Unitarian Universalist Church located at 1215 Main St. Garland, TX 75040.
I am not a registered holy person (godhi/priest/etc.). 1,249 more words

The Norse gods: Frigg

The wife of Odin, mother of Baldr, goddess of motherhood, marriage, fertility, love, home and household crafts. She has the power of divination but she will never tell what she knows. 614 more words


Devotional Jewelry/Prayer Bead for sale: "The Marshland"

I’m having way too much fun beading and experimenting (not to mention that now Everyone in the house wants stuff made for Them!) and, out of the 1000 mistakes I’ve made, one thing came out perfectly enough to tell me that it was good enough for sale. 331 more words

Let's Talk Mythology #3: The Death of Balder

Hello, everyone!  You’ve all heard of Loki, right? The handsome, angsty adopted brother of Thor who was pushed aside by Odin and yearns for approval and revenge? 1,522 more words