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30 Days: Cross-Cultural

If Frigg and Frija are one in the same, then Allmother is equal to all Earth Mothers. This would equate her to Gaia, the Earth Goddess from the Greek pantheon. 98 more words


30 days: Original Values

Looking at Allmother being the only one other than Odin being able to sit on the throne and have sight to all 9 worlds. This shows that men and women were more of equals in the times of the Viking. 650 more words


30 days: a woman's work 

Mundane, to a Witch, is Magickal. Part of what makes Magick so great is to take time, effort, joy, and pride, in doing what must be done anyway but doing it in a way that makes it special. 254 more words


30 days: Evolution

​When attempting to find information about changed worship, I came across two main veins of information: Do modern Heathens even acknowledge Frigg? or Hey, there’s a new temple coming in Iceland that is devoted to Thor, Odin, and Frigg! 273 more words


30 Days: Issues are Everything

Deities often evolved over time to encompass the needs of a changing demographic.

Frigg is the keeper of women in all of their domestic forms: wives and mothers. 348 more words


30 Days: Sacred Devotions

In the readings I have done, I have gleamed that Frigg has been lost to history. In some studies I have completed during several nap times, I have come to the conclusion that Frigg (as well as Sif) was a major goddess who gave way to the more provocative Freyja. 337 more words


The Norse gods: all too human

I grew up with Edith Hamilton’s account in Mythology (1940/42) as my source on the Norse gods and their world. To judge from Hamilton’s account, the mythology portrayed a dreadful world in which the Norse gods struggled to survive, knowing they were doomed at Ragnarök. 789 more words