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Friday the 13th brings out superstitions

By Donna Sevilla

It’s a day of battling luck as Friday the 13th has arrived again, for not once but three times this year. The last time Friday the 13th repeated more than twice in a year was in 2012. 413 more words

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Far-Out Friday: Friggatriskaidekaphobia and the Thirteen Club

Do you suffer from friggatriskaidekaphobia (and you say, I don’t even know how to pronounce it, so how could I be afflicted with it!?!).  Maybe not, but it may affect between seventeen and twenty million Americans.  1,424 more words

Far-Out Friday

A Guide to Getting off Work on Friday the 13th

Friggatriskaidekaphodia. Never heard of it? Now might be the time to familiarize yourself with the condition, because it could be your ticket to getting a maximum of 3 extra days off work, a year. 739 more words


Superstitious Day for Some, Just Another Day for Others

Editor’s Note: We are taking a break from our regularly scheduled Friday feature on the history of Spring Training over the past 40 years to focus on a superstitious day. 648 more words

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Should you have stayed home?

I didn’t remember it was Friday the 13th until getting out of a meeting this afternoon.   I asked,  and only half of the attendees were already aware of it.   28 more words

Lucky or not, Friday the 13th?

Friday the 13th, a date in the Gregorian calendar that generates feardue to its association with bad luck.

While some might say that worrying about a day which occurs rarely each year is merely superstition, for many it is in fact a genuine condition, known as… 349 more words

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Happy Friday the 12Ath!

I have no particular opinion or fear about thirteen or Friday or Friday the thirteenth, though I do find a lot of irony associated with the avoidance of thirteen. 394 more words