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The Number 13 and Its Variants In My Life!

How Did I Develop A Penchant For Numerology?

Numerology is fun first of all. Then it is a lot of things: mumbo-jumbo for some pseudo-science for others and so on. 1,570 more words


Superstitious Day for Some, Just Another Day for Others

Today is Friday, November 13, 2015.

For some people this means nothing more than the fact that yesterday was the 12th and tomorrow is the 14th. 613 more words

Major League Baseball

Thank you, Ed

As part of The Artist’s Way, you are tasked with writing a thank you letter to your biggest defender. At the time, my former Tutor from NCAD was someone who really believed in my creativity, even when I was a pain in the neck. 180 more words


One Word is an Inspiration


She is an experience,
She walks in the shadows, looking for herself,
She knows she is on a path – but not where it goes. 111 more words


I write because...

…I like to write. Writing was not always something I was good at, per se – more so it was something I enjoyed. At school, I was often told I could not write. 354 more words


Slowwwga - What's it all about?

What is Slowwwga?

This Wednesday, I had the chance to try out slowwwga, in INIT Yoga studios, in Ringsend. Slowwwga is a type of yoga devised by… 581 more words