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Operators, etc

6/1-6/3, 2016, #247. All videos were published within the last two weeks • #operators #thekills #cemeterybreeding #bandofhorses #andrewbird #frightenedrabbit #gorgoncity

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My Favorite Folk Artists

Here are my favorite folk artists as of right now, as well as my favorite album and song by them: 681 more words

The Lumineers


Greetings Geeks!

Here are ten songs that will change your week!
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Frightened Rabbit talk new album 'Painting Of A Panic Attack'

Scotland’s finest exporters of woolly jumper wearing indie rock, Frightened Rabbit, are back after a two year hiatus to clothe us with their signature brand of charming, heart-warming and spirited anthems that keep us the right mixture of warm and emotionally delicate. 1,598 more words


ALBUM REVIEW: Frightened Rabbit - Painting of a Panic Attack

It has become far too common for bands to talk about a “reinvention” while on the promotional trail before a new record is released, only for them to have repeated themselves with a few minor tweaks, or to have done the exact opposite and to have thrown away what their fans loved about their previous releases. 732 more words


Band of Skulls, etc

5/23-5/25, 2016, #244. All videos were published within the last two weeks •  #bandofskulls #jakebugg #nitejewel, #honne #izzybizu #heymarseilles #turnover #frightenedrabbit #thelastshadowpuppets

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I just saved Brooke Shields from drowning so I want Frightened Rabbit to play my birthday party

Brendan Murphy from Source Victoria and his brother Kevin who wrote a great blog (exponentially more interesting than this one called So Much Silence) got me into this band back in 2010 when… 231 more words