DOJ FOIA Report Shows OIP Still Living in “La-La-Land”: FRINFORMSUM 6/6/2019

Year after year, the Department of Justice’s Office of Information Policy (OIP) issues a summary of annual agency FOIA reports that misinterprets FOIA performance across the federal government to the point the report’s main conclusions are unreliable, and… 1,099 more words


FOIA Highlights Trouble Integrating Submarine, US Attorney Accused of Sexual Misconduct, and More: FRINFORMSUM 5/23/2019

FOIA Shows Sailors Created “Rape List” That CO Failed to Properly Address

A FOIA request from Military.com won the release of a 74-page investigation into a “rape list” created by members of the USS Florida’s Gold Crew – the second submarine to integrate women. 1,084 more words


White House Secrecy “Will Blast a Huge Crater in the Work of Historians”: FRINFORMSUM 5/16/2019

Trump’s Secrecy will “Blast a Huge Crater” in work of Historians if not Checked

The Washington Post Editorial Board weighed in on the National Security Archive’s lawsuit… 1,411 more words


Reporter Carol Rosenberg’s FOIA Request Changes Course of al-Nashiri Trial: FRINFORMSUM 4/19/2019

FOIA Request Shows Al-Nashiri Trial Judge Secretly Sought DOJ Position  

In a remarkable turn of events, the Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit “ 1,156 more words


GAO to Review FOIA Compliance Thanks to Bipartisan Congressional Request, and More: FRINFORMSUM 4/4/2019

Bicameral, Bipartisan Letter Seeks GAO Review of FOIA Compliance  

Representatives Elijah Cummings and Jim Jordan were joined by Senators Dianne Feinstein, Patrick Leahy, Chuck Grassley, and John Cornyn in sending a letter to the Comptroller General at the Government Accountability Office requesting the GAO “ 832 more words


DOJ Needs to do a “Much, Much Better Job” on FOIA and “How Can You Say That’s Compliance?” Tough Bipartisan Questions on Gov-Wide FOIA Performance at Sunshine Week Hearing: FRINFORMSUM 3/14/2019

“How Can You Say That’s Compliance?”

This year’s House Committee on Oversight and Reform Sunshine Week hearing was a strong showing of bipartisan support for FOIA and a desire to address the shortcomings in its administration. 1,353 more words