ICE, Initially Citing No FOIA Exemption, Wrongly Denied Immigration Lawyers Access to their Clients’ A-Files: FRINFORMSUM 1/23/2020

ICE Denied “Fugitive alien FOIA Requesters Access to the FOIA Process”

Judge William J. Martinez of the US District Court for the District of Colorado has ruled that Immigration and Customs Enforcement (ICE) violated FOIA by refusing immigration lawyers’ access to their clients’ Alien Files (A-Files). 1,282 more words


Unredacted Ukraine Emails Show FOIA Exemption 5 Abuse, Court Rules Contractor Diversity Data Can’t be Hidden by Exemption 4, and More: FRINFORMSUM 1/13/2020

Unredacted Ukraine Emails Cast Doubt on Exemption 5 Invocation

A recent Just Security article from Citizen and Responsibility for Ethics in Washington’s (CREW) Anne Weismann provides a powerful argument for reforming FOIA Exemption 5, often called the “ 1,041 more words


Rumsfeld Memos Won by NSArchive Play Key Role in “The Afghanistan Papers”: FRINFORMSUM 12/13/19

Rumsfeld Memos Play Key Role in “The Afghanistan Papers”

Donald Rumsfeld’s “snowflakes” – memos that the former Secretary of Defense was as fond of sending subordinates as President Trump is of tweeting – play an important role in the… 1,410 more words


EPA Tries to Blame Bad FOIA Regs on Advisory Committee Recommendation: FRINFORMSUM 11/1/2019

EPA Tries to Blame Bad FOIA Regulations on Advisory Committee

The Environmental Protection Agency is trying to blame a recommendation from the FOIA Federal Advisory Committee for… 954 more words


Declassified CIA Cables Recount “A Poignant Moment” With KSM, Legal Group's Commitment to Lawfully Employ Methods “Even the Israelis May Not”: FRINFORMSUM 9/12/2019

“A Poignant Moment” With KSM Between Interrogation Sessions

The CIA cable’s author called the incident with accused 9/11 mastermind Khalid Sheikh Mohammed “a poignant moment;” in it, a frog jumped out of a drain in KSM’s cell during the course of an interrogation, and KSM asked that the frog be allowed to stay and not be taken outside. 1,256 more words


Judge Cites “Considerable Public Importance” in Khashoggi FOIA Case, Orders State to Process 5,000 Pages a Month: FRINFORMSUM 8/8/2019

Judge Orders State to Process 5,000 Pages a Month in Khashoggi Case – 4,358 Pages More than Average Monthly Schedule

Judge Paul Engelmayer for the Southern District Court of New York has ordered the State Department… 1,259 more words