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How To Save the Canadian Theatre in a Few Not-So-Easy Steps


A Possible Roadmap to a Less Pale, More Prosperous Future


I caused some distress a few weeks ago when, in the rowdy virtual pub that is Facebook, I offered a possible explanation for why the Canadian theatre is so damn white. 7,662 more words


Surviving the First London14/48 :The World's Quickest Playwrighting Festival

So Thursday 6th August I made my way to the LOST Theatre in Wandsworth Road for the first meeting and briefing about the festival. It’s a strange corporate styled theatre with a crazy, oppressive overhanging lobby that juts out into the street like the worst carbuncle of 70’s Brutalist architecture, though it was only built in 2010. 2,587 more words


NEW RELEASE: TRiBE! by Monkey Poet

We seem to be very hot on our new releases lately and this week’s is no exception. Introducing… TRiBE! by Monkey Poet!

Monkey Poet (or Mat Panesh as he calls himself offstage) is a veteran of the Fringe festivals and other circuits across the UK and overseas. 41 more words

Burning Eye Poets

2015: The summer of art

If, like me, you’re still trying to decide how to spend your summer, why not check out some of the many arts and theatre festivals going on up and down the UK? 378 more words


INK Journal 2015

The last few months the team have been working on ‘INK 2015 Celebrate’ for Plymouth University. Last night we had the launch held at at a quirky Victorian pub in Plymouth named the  ‘Bread and Roses’. 337 more words


FRINGE WORLD IS HERE! A helpful guide...

Hey sports arts and culture fans!

The FRINGE WORLD festival is back and it is huger than ever! Hundreds of shows and so many new venues, it can be a bit overwhelming. 1,279 more words