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With which to mend, carry, repair

Ever since I first posted pics of my embroidermended jeans last summer, I’ve gotten tons of questions about them. Especially that patch on the upper right thigh, which you can see in more detail… 203 more words

Fringe Supply Co

Fringe Supply Co. Field Bag

This week the highly coveted Fringe Supply Co. Field Bag made it to my local yarn shop, Fibre Space. I am always looking for the best way to store my projects since I’m usually working on more than one at a time and I have really wanted one of these since they were first introduced, but they always sell our so quickly! 230 more words


Happy Field Bag Day!

Today’s the day! I’m so grateful for everyone’s overwhelming enthusiasm about the project bag, now officially known as the Field Bag, and patience while I found the right people to produce it, domestically and to my standards. 142 more words

Fringe Supply Co

Top 5 ways to use Fashionary (plus big news!)

The results of my little #fringefashionarypeek challenge were delightful, and I promised to share some of the highlights here. BUT FIRST I have a little bit of other shop-related news for you: The project bags are coming!! 679 more words


past projects: first weaving

When I decided to learn how to weave several months ago, I found a great little hand loom on which to learn from Fringe Supply Co. 87 more words


The traveling Fringe show

I know you’re all wondering what’s up with the elusive, highly coveted project bag. Basically, I’m starting to understand in a first-hand way what people mean when they talk about having “supply-chain issues,” but thankfully those issues are nearly all resolved. 195 more words

Fringe Supply Co

Will you show me yours if I show you mine?

I get asked a lot about Fashionary and how to use it — either how I personally use it or how one would/should/could use it. Simply put, Fashionary is a faint template onto which you can easily draw clothes, which means there are millions of potential applications for it — designing garments, planning outfits, deciding what to pack for a trip or to wear for Halloween. 752 more words