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The Quantum Supercomputer "Lucifer", The Alternate Dimensional Reality of Cloning Centers, Overcoming Fear and Actualizing Soul-Awareness in the Body to Eternalize the Self

Those who hold on to repressed emotions are unaware of the memories that are causing such inability to accept the truth.

The knowledge is real, people will have to get over their own ego as a lesson to accept that and free their mind from the illusion of self. 2,146 more words


Tales by Light - season one.

Hm. Tales by Light is a documentary series about photographers and how and why they capture what they capture, their inspirations, and the lengths they will go to in order to get that great shot. 195 more words


I finally got bangs!

In 8th grade I remember wanting straight bangs. I shared this to my friend when on a field trip in our states capitol when a beautiful banged woman strolled past our group. 618 more words


The Mandala Effect, The Inverted Nature of Biological Consciousness (and the visible universe), True Reality, Immortality and The Cycles of Time

This is what happened, this is what I’ve spent about a year now trying to tell you. This is why I know the phrase ‘about a year’ holds no meaning and is delusional, and I have the memories of the people and the civilization and the perspective born there that embodies the notion of no-time, or timelessness and how this clashes with one’s attempts to organize the experience linearly. 4,869 more words


Frantzén's Kitchen.

It’s been a while since I’ve been to a new restaurant, it’s also been a while since I’ve been anywhere that’s fine dining in Hong Kong (even though they say that the restaurant has a “casual and relaxed environment” haha), and this one was as good as I had hoped. 520 more words


leather + fringe

similar leather jacket // similar dress // similar booties // aviators // similar necklace

There is nothing I love more than a great jacket, especially if it’s leather.   322 more words

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