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Live Life!

I’ve said before that everything interesting happens out on the fringes. Things that are seductive, strange, imaginative, creative, stimulating, innovative, inspiring, fuzzy, decadent, crude, repulsive…dangerous. 107 more words

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Becky’s Pantoum: Upon the Fringe of Deep Black Night


Upon the fringe of deep black night

The sky remained a vast ocean of blue;

The perfect sphered moon shone its’ light

Casting a faint and ghostly hue. 104 more words

Becky G

Bristol jazz this week - 23 Oct

Two gigs stand out this week* for departing from habitual one-band-and-two-sets formats. Thursday (Oct 27) sees the Match and Fuse Tour booked for the Cube… 476 more words


How to Grow Out Your Bangs

Just do it.

Seriously – you just have to commit. Aren’t you tired of your bangs being messed up by every little thing? I mean, the wind will make them look all crazy, sleeping on them can make them look bad, if they grow too long or get cut too short: bad! 318 more words


Out-Of-This-World Comedy

The Mudcrabs’ contribution to Melbourne Fringe Festival was Mudcrabs in Space, a sketch comedy show that surprisingly, doesn’t have that much to do with space. 541 more words

Play Review: Girls by Theresa Ikoko

Another review from me this week and I’m back to Thursday posting! This one is a little bit different to my usual theatre reviews as it’s not about a musical, but a… 1,070 more words


Theatre Review: Buzz - A New Musical

Funny, rude and sassy, Buzz: A Musical hits all the right spots.

Fat Rascal’s Buzz A New Musical: the story of the vibrator told with wit and plenty of cheek. 463 more words