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Could Oumaumau Be an Alien Probe?

Last year we followed the strange story of Oumaumau, the interstellar object that came and left our Solar System. Some Harvard people suspect it may be an alien probe. 32 more words


Series Review #4: Fringe

Whenever I ask myself why am I so obsessed/amazed/blown away with fringe? To be honest, I don’t even know why I started it. I definitely have no background of this show that was aired years ago. 733 more words

Fav Looks in Paris

One of my fav dresses which I was wearing in the last time was a “SAMT DRESS ” by Zara in dark-green ! It was for a shooting and I really love to work in the city of love because every location is a dream and everytime when Im there I see a lot of new things and places ! 16 more words


My Diwali Outfit: and Recent Travels to Mumbai

As many of you may know from my ‘About’ section and previous posts – our family spent five years in Mumbai a few years ago.  We moved for my husband’s work and when the assignment was over – it was time to come back to London (approximately about three years ago). 426 more words

My Indian Lookbook

Fringe is Fab....

Have you noticed fringe everywhere? Ya me too….and let’s face it…we have not really seen fringe in a long time!!!!But it is back….and it is on everything….and I think it is actually a fun trend to wear! 125 more words

Fringe 1x4 "The Arrival"


WAITRESS: Can I get you some coffee?

SEPTEMBER: Roast beef sandwich on a roll. Meat raw as possible. Room temperature water. No ice. 4,739 more words

The Book of Merman Comes Knocking, But No Knockout

The Review: The Book of Merman

By Ross

“Knock, knock”. “Who’s there?” “Merman”. “Merman who?” Ethel the one and only. And boy is Ethel Merman in the house tonight, risen from the dead but in no way is she a haunting ghost (ok, I never said I was a joke writer). 765 more words

Ross Says: