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P, Soup-Stained Arts @ Wandsworth Fringe

19th-20th May 2018

Written, directed and performed by Leila Herandi
Wandsworth Arts Fringe Festival

Finding a job is hard. Keeping one is harder… well, for her it is anyway. 333 more words


Fringe Element

True Story: I went back to Nordstrom Rack three times and tried on this Trina Turk skirt, trying to make a decision. Commit or break up? 136 more words

Everything Interesting Happens at the Edges

I remember reading about this concept in a book or a magazine or publication of some kind. I wish I could remember what the book or magazine was or who wrote it – but the memory is just at the edge of my consciousness, the way the beach is at the edge of the sea, the way the spaces between us are the places that intrigue, the way disparate parts meet each other somewhere, the way the edge of a bubble is what is vulnerable to popping. 1,056 more words


How to Style Fringes

If I haven’t expressed my love for fringes enough already here, let me try again…

Fringes are defined as (in my dictionary) tiny little loose threads that immediately would make any sartorial piece look like a high-end fashion piece. 138 more words


Flowers and fringed bag

Hi guys,

What a lovely weather we had in the UK lately.  I mean, I can’t believe it :)) Finally, clear blue sky, sunshine and no drop of rain 👌👌 I hope you enjoyed it to the fullest :) 121 more words


The Duck: An Autistic Play

I’m in hiding. I don’t have time to be in hiding, it’s possibly the worst thing I could be doing at the moment, and yet hiding is where I am. 561 more words


Shake it, shake it!

Why be moody when you can shake that booty? Yeah, fringe clothing makes us want to do just that: even if we don’t want to, fringes create the kind of movement that grabs attention, and that is just infectious. 36 more words