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Don't bring the Fritos.

A successful multi-person foreign country bike trip requires a bit of planning (especially with a few – including mine – high anxiety, type A personalities).  This trip is our first for this type of blog reporting – and we thought Cuba was timely and ideal to report on (and its a country with a lot of biking). 237 more words


Week 10 (11-28-16) Which Snack food is the Greasiest?

Well. We can conclude already that the preservatives found in Country White bread are certainly extending its shelf life. Absolutely zero bread molding yet for anyone. 473 more words

Picture Post

A Celebration of the Frito's Corn Chip

If you were to ask me to name quite simply capitalism’s single greatest achievement in regards to food, I would be the first to point to the Fritos Corn Chip, a product of elegance and simplicity that offers just the same junky nutritional value of the plain and rather boring potato chip, and quite possibly the far more soothing one for the soul. 616 more words



This past Wednesday, there was a chili cookoff at my workplace. I won’t tell you who won (I did), but I can report that there were some fine chili offerings, a fair amount of cornbread, many tempting cheeses, and an unreasonable amount of Fritos. 240 more words

Garth Brooks on Partnership with Frito-Lay: "It's What I've Worked Towards My Whole Life"

Walk into any grocery store’s chip aisle and you may see a familiar, unmistakable silhouette. That’s right, a likely approximation of Garth Brook’s body shape on that bag of Fritos corn chips you’re buying. 978 more words