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The Little Brown Puppy Named Jake?

Today and everyday I am pulled straight to the saddest dog park on Earth by my very excited dog. We can’t walk through the park or at the bank of the ponds in the natural area or anything nice like that.  461 more words


Does Your Dog Smell Like Fritos? | Nzymes

If you’ve got a dog that smells like Fritos and is accompanied by itching, paw licking or biting, the issue of yeast is highly likely. Diet and nutrition can help. 11 more words

When They Go Marching In


Today is Saint Patrick’s Day, and that got me to thinking: who was Saint Patrick, and why do we celebrate a day for him? 1,263 more words


Random Five/Willy Nilly Friday

Another Friday: more randomness.

1.) 17 years ago this evening, Motor Man and I had our first “date”.  Yes, I know it’s a bit sappy to celebrate that date every year. 175 more words

Days At Home

25 Ridiculously Extreme Cases Of The Munchies


One night I ate a whole small pizza, half a carton of ice cream, an apple and a banana. Then I was still hungry so I walked down to the corner store and bought some of those orange slices, a box of hot tamales, and a box of pop tarts and ate those too. 1,214 more words

Tortitas americanas del Vips - Post gripal

Ahora que mis defensas super-poderosas se han quebrado, debo admitir que desde su altura, cuando me creía invencible, cometí dos pecados. Uno, la envidia. He envidiado taaanto. 746 more words

Comfort Food