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On open letter to cauliflower. Ugly words, ugly fritters.

Oh cauliflower why do you bore me so?

With your pasty, lumpy  motionless moonface. You don’t sway your leaves in the vegepatch or even attract the caterpillars. 251 more words

Corn and Zucchini Fritters with Fresh Salsa

I have recently returned from New York where I spent a month in a romantic bubble of happiness with my boyfriend. Although we went on many grand adventures when I was over there, when people ask me what my favourite thing was, it is always the little things that come to mind. 324 more words

Main Meals

Release that creativity

I often have a little spare time on my hands.

When we decided to open an office here in Brisbane I wanted to try and aim for a decent work/life balance. 310 more words


Onion, Kale and Dill Pakoras - Vegetable Fritters

Pakoras – My dear husband’s ultimate craving food during rainy and cold season!! I am sure this is a very common tradition in most Indian households. 448 more words


And Relax......

Phew! I loved going away on holiday but equally I love being back at home and normality ensuing. I’m a routine gal and it is nice to have the boys sleeping habits back on track; although they were fab on the very little day sleep they had for the week and they slept soundlessly in the night (much to their Aunty’s delight). 536 more words


Zucchini, Carrots and Onion Fritters

Crispy on the outside, soft and bursting with flavor on the inside, these tasty and colorful fritters are perfect as an appetizer, on a sandwich, or as a snack. 333 more words


Easy Spicy Sweet Corn Fritters with onion

These easy and quick to make sweet corn fritters have a spicy twist through the addition of “Slap Your Mamma” New Orleans Spice mix and slow fried onions for an extra touch of sweetness. 193 more words