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Who doesn't love a fritter?

So, I’m on a new thyroid medication- one I’ve been reading up on for the last year. I can’t tell you how excited I was when my endocrinologist recommended it. 375 more words


Crispy Taro Fritters - Gateau Arouille

Fritters yumyum!

Who doesn’t love fritters especially with a hot cuppa or maybe as an appetizer during family bonding. Taro/Yam fritters are very popular staple in the Mauritian community.They are found in almost every corner of Mauritius and have become very popular as a snack also. 450 more words


Haloumi, tromboncino (pumpkin) and black bean fritters

Recently when a friend of ours handed over two of his prized, locally grown, Tromboncino pumpkin (squash) – an Italian heirloom variety – I was excited by the possibilities. 692 more words


Eggless Vegetable Fritters

A gooey cheesy fritter without egg!.. Loaded with vegetables of your choice. I preferred courgette, sweetcorn and spring onion. You could use tomato to give it a bit more and some chili to jazz it up a bit! 116 more words

Shivaay Delights


You should make these. Vegan and gluten-free, as usual!

Yields: ~12 fritters

Cook time: 20 minutes



Dairy Free

For the love of fritters...

Oh the joys of fritters! I discovered these on the brilliant baby led weaning website http://www.mylovelylittlelunchbox.com and have added my own little twist to them depending on what is in the fridge. 280 more words

Pea, Feta and Spring Onion Fritters with Fresh Tomato Sauce

I really enjoyed making these fritters, a little different to ones I’ve made before now as they have a slight variation in texture. These have a summer feel to them with the freshness of spring onion and pea but the tomato sauce with thyme also adds a warmth to the dish that makes it really satisfying. 292 more words

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