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Sweet Potato, Kale, Quinoa Fritters

Who says clean and healthy  eating has to be boring?  Boring people say that clean and healthy eating has to be boring. The Domestic Diva is a founding member of Kitchen Divas Against Boring Foods and takes the mission very seriously: ” Protecting palates from boring foods while nourishing bodies with wholesome choices. 243 more words

Domestic Diva

Eating My Way Through the Alphabet; Letter K

What’s Cooking in Gail’s Kitchen? Appetizers to Desserts: Kohlrabi Fritters! I stumbled onto this odd shaped vegetable at the Farmers Market and was intrigued by the green spiked bulbous shape with its long leafy shoots. 204 more words


Recipe: Pancakes + Fritters!

The weekend came, and with it the chance to experiment with another of my old stand-by recipes: paleo pancakes.

I’m not 100% satisfied with how these Zoned versions compare to the originals, but I’m happy to share the recipes anyway, just in case anyone is looking for a few more simple Zone-balanced breakfast options. 649 more words


Dreams of a batter life

I’ve always loved pancakes. My Mum being French, crêpes were a staple supper growing up. Shrove Tuesday or not. Perhaps it’s for this reason that frying dollops of batter until golden, then eating them hot or cold the next day is so appealing to me. 580 more words

Food Waste

Really-Flippable Ricotta Fritters

Usually when I make fritters they stick to the pan or they kind of collapse as I try to flip them. This is partly because my hand-eye coordination is next to nonexistent and partly because I try to wing it without a recipe. 247 more words


Apple Fritters

It’s Saturday morning (‘er – afternoon) and I’m at home! A nice surprise Saturday off. It’s drab outside with grey overcast skies, and dead grasses rustling in the chilly wind on the balcony.  276 more words


Too much Sweet? How about some bitterness?

When you hear the words bitter gourd, most people tend to shy away from this fruit. Yes true, bitter gourd is actually a fruit and some refer to it as vegie-fruit. 363 more words