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Sweetcorn Fritters

These accompanied a lovely vegetable stew I made for tonight’s dinner.

They would also be lovely topped with some avocado, poached eggs and roasted cherry tomatoes for breakfast. 191 more words

Spicy Sweetcorn Fritters (healthy & easy!)

Recently I have been wanting to switch up my meal accompaniments- because much as I love pasta, rice, bulgur wheat, sweet potato, and bread, its always fun to try something new. 384 more words


Apple Fritters

Apple Fritters

I love making breakfast on the weekends, but I was getting tired of the same old pancakes.  These fritters made a great change of pace.  178 more words


Sexy Spiced Zucchini Fritters (gluten free,dairy free, nut free, sugar free)

Now you can make your own fancy shmancy brunch fritters at home. It’s a lot easier than you may think. Plus these fritters have some awesome spices: cumin, turmeric and paprika, which are known to boost your metabolism and add heaps of flavour! 175 more words

DK's Donuts

What if I told you that there was a delicious donut shop in the middle-of-nowhere, Florida that appears to be a closed down gas station? 724 more words


Historical Kitchen: Apple Fritters A La Bavarre (1759)

I love cookbooks, I have shelves laden with cookbooks covering every cuisine from the classic Art of Cooking to the kitsch Coca Cola Cookbook. But my favourites are my collection of vintage and historical cookbooks. 697 more words


Batate Bajo/Potato Fritters

So, who doesn’t love potatoes, right?!!? :)  I mean,  just the name makes me grin :D :D

If you don’t,  I can only sigh and sigh and sigh once more, cut a sorry face to reveal what you have been missing all these days :(  Well, its never too late and I highly recommend you start with this one :) 199 more words

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