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Saturday Matinee: Metropolis

From Open Culture:

Today we bring you one of the most influential films of all time: Fritz Lang’s 1927 fable of good and evil fighting it out in a futuristic urban dystopia, … 398 more words


MINISTRY OF FEAR (1943) by Graham Greene

A wartime story of espionage and guilt, this was the last and personal favourite of Graham Greene’s self-styled ‘entertainments,’ the term he used to differentiate his thrillers from his more mainstream novels, though several of his books fall into that category too (see the list below). 937 more words

Friday's Forgotten Book

Two Guns

Exploring an update to the Swiss Guards’ uniform, the Vatican Post Office sent up a trial balloon with this image from Fritz Lang’s 1928 silent film Spione on a 30-lira stamp.


Reel Geek Review: Fritz Lang's Metropolis Restored

Fritz Lang’s Metropolis is one of those films that everyone has seen the influence of, even if they’ve never seen the movie itself.  It’s tropes and visual styles have had influence on everything from… 639 more words


Mass Media as Mass Deception: Fritz Lang's "The Blue Gardenia"

Often hailed as the “master of darkness,” Fritz Lang made such immeasurable contributions to the film noir genre he almost goes without introduction. Born in 1890, Lang was of the German expressionist school and during the Weimar era made such stunning cinematic masterpieces as… 3,549 more words


The Sunday Intertitle: Ich

“What power is at work here?” asks the government man, and Fritz Lang cuts to his chief villain, Rudolph Klein-Rogge, who says, simply “I” — even though he’s in another room in another building in another part of town and can’t be conversing with the spymaster who doesn’t know he exists… 238 more words