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The Woman in the Window

Browsing through YouTube I found this 1944 film noir starring Edward G. Robinson (real name Emanuel Goldenberg), and directed by Fritz Lang.

In fact, this film was one of the first to be termed “film noir”. 237 more words


Maddy's Pick For The Weekend 10:The Big Heat (1953)

What a film this is! A gripping story of violence, corruption, hate, revenge, and a strong determination to fight back against evil. It also quite interestingly shows us that the line between people who are good and bad can sometimes get quite blurred. 1,542 more words


Own what owns you

Own what owns you

One of my favorite movies is M, a 1931 German thriller. ((At some point in my life I wanted to have a life about movies. 111 more words

Episode 109.1 - "Noir Comme la Nuit, Une Partie"

For their penultimate genre study, the guys do lots of new things! Four films! A special guest – Phil Smith from the Nerds With Wings podcast… 139 more words


Jeff Mills to soundtrack early cinema classic Metropolis in Berlin

From www.residentadvisor.net –  Fritz Lang’s silent film will be accompanied by Mills live on the mixing desk at Kolonnadenhof der Museumsinsel on August 24th.


Fury (1936)

You could say that Fritz Lang was fascinated, even preoccupied with issues of justice. M, Fury, and You Only Live Once all take a particular interest in crime in relation to systems of justice while still functioning as tense thrillers. 768 more words


Review - DESTINY ("Der müde Tod," Fritz Lang, 1921, Germany)

Destiny (1921) is one of those early films in which reality and fairy-tale appear to blend in a most naturalistic way. There is a sense of timeless in the film’s notion of Death as a being roaming the earth on the same dimension as the mere mortals whose lives he claims. 582 more words