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There's a Big Dark Town, It's a Place I've Found

James Thiérrée is the director, set designer, and choreographer behind the dance-drama Tabac Rouge.  The grandson of Charlie Chaplin, his production is a bit like a silent movie with sound—that is, while none of the characters speak, and while almost all story is communicated visually, he still relies on a series of sound effects, largely mechanical in nature.   262 more words


Das Testament des Dr. Mabuse

El Dr. Mabuse vive recluído en un asilo psiquiátrico, escribiendo hojas y hojas llenas de planes macabros, que no parecen tener mucha importancia, hasta que empiezan a suceder en la realidad. 700 more words


3 things about Fritz Lang's M


1. Empty stairwell.
2. Editing: police and criminals in conference together.
3. Everyone suddenly goes silent and raises their hands.


Fritz Lang era ya un director consagrado en la república de Weimar, habiendo dirigido nada más y nada menos que Metropolis, una de las películas más influyentes de todos los tiempos, y de las más populares de la era del cine mudo. 717 more words


Film Review: Metropolis (1927)

Fritz Lang’s towering Metropolis is a film that needs no introduction. Its influence on cinematic history is so powerful, so resonant to this day, that trying to write anything novel about it is probably an exercise in futility. 802 more words

Film Reviews

M (1931)

M announces from the get-go what the film is going to be about. Before we even see a moving image, we hear a child counting out a playmate with a gruesome rhyme about a bogeyman who will soon come grinding down those present. 1,450 more words