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Films in 2015: July

I watched a lot of movies this month, but a majority of them were spent in the shadows of film noir thanks to TCM’s Summer of Darkness. 681 more words

Films In 2015

Metropolis 500 Banknote Sample

There’s one thing I’d like to tweak, but the 500’s are almost done.


Moving pictures, #19

Yet more movies, of varying quality, worthiness and entertainment value. Which I shall continue to document, even if a year from now I read what I’ve written and wonder why the hell I watched a particular film. 1,103 more words


Metropolis Money: a Preview of Coming Attractions

These banknotes are deceptively complex. And some of the vector art I’m creating is very large, for an Illustrator file. I am therefore going the unusual route of compositing these in Photoshop, which handles large files much better than AI. 133 more words


Metropolis (1927), Fritz Lang

An iconic silent sci-fi masterwork and a landmark in the history of cinema, Fritz Lang’s 1927 Metropolis, this dystopian vision of man, his toys and his imagination, is paradoxically too prescient and visionary to be a real threat to the modern economic and political status quo. 935 more words

M and M

Recently having seen, at Film Forum’s True Crime film festival, both Fritz Lang’s and Joseph Losey’s versions of M, one right after the other, I gained some new insights about Lang’s film,which I’ve seen many times, as well acquiring an admiration for Losey’s later (by 20 years) version, which I’ve now seen twice. 2,552 more words


Current Events: July 29, 2015

I’m going to ask the question that I’m sure is on everyone’s mind: how is Elvis, and have you seen him lately What am I up to when I’m not watching movies or working? 143 more words