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It Seems to Me That Stuff Plays Such a Large Part of Our Stuff That the Stuff We Value Gets Stuffed Away Where No Stuff Should Be Stuffed, Rendering It Useless Stuff

I’ve been toying with a story idea I’d like to run past you. It would parallel real life and go something like this:

Kelly awoke startled by her bed-blaster alarm clock. 356 more words

On Writing

So Sue Me!

By now, we all know that Donald Trump is the master of the lawsuit, having been involved in over 4,000 of them in his 70+ years on earth.  1,002 more words

Political Commentary

Crazy litigious climate : “citizens have a constitutional right to a stable climate system”

Making America Great Again? USA leads the way in frivolous climate lawsuits From the “next, let’s sue because the weather was bad for my picnic today” department comes this study that shows just how crazy it’s become.

38 more words
Climate Matters


The Rebel Madman

Thoughts and Comments of a Rebel nature maddening to the status quo.


The synthetic solution to these conflicts can’t be introduced unless those being manipulated take a side which will advance the predetermined agenda.”  1,342 more words


Collette's Law has finally been introduced on the Assembly Floor!

I’ll be honest, I kind of thought it wasn’t going to get this far. There has been so much stone walling  in so many directions over the last couple years, I  was about to give up. 14 more words

Who Can I Sue Today???

It all started back in 1992.  Well, in truth it probably started long before that, but it first came onto my radar in 1992 when 79-year-old Stella Liebeck bought a cup of coffee at a McDonald’s drive-thru in Albuquerque, New Mexico.  800 more words

Social Commentary

Sandbox Lesson: Sharing Toys ... by Alice ..

Dear Ones,

Some thoughts on what happens if we don’t learn to share our toys in childhood … Some information on the Awakening, and the temptation toward the following as the telepathy becomes a worldwide phenomenon; 152 more words

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