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If you flunk out of college you can always sue them…

Misericordia University in eastern Pennsylvania is getting some attention this week, though likely not the type that they might wish. One of their former nursing students is suing the school for failing to make accommodations for her disabilities, resulting in her failing a required examination twice and washing out of the program. 6 more words


My husband and I are being sued for being homosexuals

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We’ve had a good run. We’ve been together 21 years, 7 of them legally wed. 621 more words


A Nebraska Woman Has Filed A Federal Lawsuit Against 'All Gay People' Because That's Reasonable

A Nebraska woman is taking it upon herself to sue the gays for ruining America. Sylvia Driskell — a 66-year-old who claims to be an ambassador for God and his son, Jesus Christ — has challenged Omaha federal courts to decide whether or not homosexuality is a sin. 204 more words

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Six Flags Battles Patent Troll and Wins

Six Flags has hit the brakes on a patent infringement lawsuit from a company hoping to profit from a magnetic braking system used on some of their rides. 88 more words

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Mila Kunis Responded To That Chicken-Stealing Lawsuit And Says She'll Counter-Sue

When news broke yesterday of the very suspect lawsuit accusing Mila Kunis of stealing the pet chicken of a Ukrainian wannabe pop star named Kristina Karo as a child, I suggested they just give the woman her money and make her go away. 136 more words

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Suing For Cream Cheese Frosting

My friends, I was wronged. For more than a week now, I’ve struggled with the shock of the deception perpetrated upon me.  I’ve told myself to put it behind myself. 848 more words


Justin Bieber's Egging Victim Reportedly Wanted An Extra $1 Million From Him

As you may have heard, Justin Bieber’s former neighbors and egging victims slapped him with a lawsuit for “offensive behavior,” including harassment and anti-Semitic threats, but they allegedly tried to get $1 million out of him first. 121 more words

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