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dressing down

there’s not much heart in the heartland.

‘all we can do is respect the judge’s ruling and also wish the very best for ms. williams and her son.’  –lynn perry, quoted in the omaha world herald…

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one man rule

the situation continues with the religious, church attending couple in nebraska who are still muddling through suing their single mother neighbor who combats her offspring’s health ailments with poultry care and holistic gardening. 580 more words

Backyard Chickens

PornHub May Be Getting Sued By Big Parmigiano-Reggiano

Last week, PornHub launched a brand new subscription adult video streaming service called PornHub Premium that the company is touting to be “the Netflix of porn.” Along with the launch, PornHub released a cutesy YouTube video advertising the service, comparing everyday items by saying that they were “the PornHub Premium of such and such.” All things considered, it was pretty G-rated for a porn advertisement. 227 more words


dumb clucks

there’s an update concerning the perry’s of omaha, nebraska — the couple who’ve descended upon neighbor stacy williams for the unthinkable offense of backyard horticulture and minuscule chicken keeping. 547 more words

Backyard Chickens

religion’s hypocritical chicken shoot bullets fired

there happens to be a single working mother residing in omaha, nebraska who utilized her backyard for organic gardening, along with keeping a half a dozen hens to assist with her adolescent son’s health issues. 414 more words

Stacy Williams

The Bullied Have Become the Bullies

Bullying is bad. Really bad. It’s bad, regardless who is doing it. If a person posing as a Christian is doing it (ala Fred Phelps et al.), it’s bad. 376 more words

Apologetics Cartoons

Court: Oklahoma woman can sue fracking company for causing earthquakes

If you read the title there’s not much more of an intro to do, really. Let’s just get to the case. Oklahoma’s Supreme Court said New Dominion LLC can be sued for damage caused by an earthquake that a woman blames on disposal wells tied to fracking, in what may be the first such case […]

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