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Bookburning: Still A Thing

I’ve been reading through the material associated with this suppressed history of the Hopi potter Nampeyo and am convinced this is a case of abuse of power, cultural appropriation, censorship and racism. 453 more words

The world's gone crazy, as I await my motherfu*&ing day in court.

Nice. Turkey. #blacklivesmatter. There are issues in the world more pressing then mine, but amongst them is a common theme. People on the planet hurting other people. 135 more words

On July 19th I will meet the man who sued me for $10,000,000 for the first time. That is weird.

It only took two years, but the trauma of the lawsuit and defamation courtesy of a man I have never met is starting to feel like a distant memory. 373 more words

U.S. Supreme Court ruling favors Apple's fight against patent trolls

”The Supreme Court on Monday blessed new government procedures for challenging patents, a win for companies that argued the fledgling process was a better, more cost-effective way to weed weak patents out of the system,” Brent Kendall reports for The Wall Street Journal. 235 more words


How Selling A $40 Printer On Craigslist Got This Man Slapped With A $30,000 Lawsuit

If you thought the Texas man suing a restaurant for running out of soup constituted a frivolous lawsuit, then you would be right. But, here’s another one, which has just been resolved after six-and-a-half years in various Indiana-based courts. 357 more words


"...entitled to substantial compensation"

This title is taken from an advertisement on TV of some attorney trolling for customers, in which he says, “You may be entitled to substantial compensation.”  You’ve likely seen it yourself.   203 more words


Angry Customer Sues Starbucks For $5 Million Because There's Just Too Much Ice

Listen, is it too much to ask for both truth in advertising and to get as much of the coffee part of iced coffee as your jittery, caffeine-addled self needs? 227 more words