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Homo sapiens - oeconomicus - faber - ludens

Philosophy tried to make a precise definition of the human being: homo sapiens, homo oeconomicus, homo faber, homo ludens – for me the last definition was the most important all my life. 16 more words


After Ferguson And Charleston

After Ferguson and Charleston I put my focus on black music as a reaction. I’ve searched on YouTube trying to find Kendrick Lamar (To pimp a butterfly) and Tupac, Marvin Gaye (What’s going on) and James Brown (The Payback), D’Angelo (Black Messiah) and J. 27 more words


James Cook

I was amused by this British sea shanty about Captain Cook:

I tried to sing a cover with my banjo and Dobro:

Once I wrote about Cook (for amazon): 222 more words


Charleston Church Massacre

I’m so sad about the amok in the Charleston church last Wednesday, a white idiot killed 9 black believers in their church. What’s up in this land – Frits, watching from Europe… 76 more words


My Creole Belle

my daily guitar lesson: “My Creole Belle” as sung by Mississippi John Hurt, played on my steel body reso phonic National guitar (Dobro) in an open tuning (G minor) 25 more words


House of the RISING SUN

I’ve heard many versions of the song “The House of the Rising Sun”. For sure it isn’t necessary, that I add my own version here – but, I beg your pardon, I had fun to do so and I hope I can entertain you: 108 more words


On the function of music

In my mother tongue, I have often written critical, philosophical essays on the sociological function of music. About Opera music, military music, church music, commercial pop music, the roots of the blues. 120 more words