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New Mousetrap

My cat is surrounding my guitar considering how to construct a mousetrap out of that six-stringed thing…


Orfeo Negro

my daily guitar lesson: a tribute to the great composition “Manhã De Carnaval” by Luiz Bonfa, featured in the movie BLACK ORPHEUS (= ORFEU NEGRO) – on the photo: Cristina Rico, my Spanish guitar teacher… 20 more words


Can't take my eyes off you Flash Mob

The “Can’t take my eyes off you” Flash Mob on YouTube inspired me to sing this song too with my guitar – and introduce the amusing Flash Mob dance – with some further YouTube links… 9 more words


One Voice - One Guitar

I like to play guitar – and I’m happy if I can find a singer…

me and my daughter:

a French professional guitarist
with the concept “One voice – one guitar”:



“Go down MOSES” changed to “Go down AFRICA” – I always thought if so many people know the spiritual GO DOWN MOSES, they will also manage to understand (and perhaps support) that so many Africans try to escape from their continent … 18 more words


Robert Belfour

I tried to play in the style of Robert Belfour R.I.P. using my metal Dobro guitar with bottleneck:

Robert “Wolfman” Belfour (September 11, 1940 – February 24, 2015) R.I.P. 27 more words


About the wild side in us

I found a poem by Abbey Nightowl and tried to sing the lyrics with my e-guitar in my hands…

visit Abbey’s own SoundCloud at

P.S.: and who made me grab my e-guitar from the wall, fetching the old Marshall amp out off the basement? 416 more words