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Yayyy Just watched Inside Out with Lia… Its awesome! Le emotions inside dads brain tho. XDDD
Also we had fro-yo before that becuz I never ate fro-yo before then Lia dragged me to the yogurt shop… … 228 more words

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A Triumphant Day For PB



It’s Thursday and that usually finds Zelda in the Emerald City, but this week’s routine was a little different. Instead of going to Seattle, I spent my day in Tacoma and had my choice of various options when it was time for fro-yo. 777 more words

An Adventure In Neverland



Wednesday’s adventure found Zelda eagerly taking a drive to Tacoma. After all, there’s a new promotion at Menchie’s plus the location at James Center Place just brought in Peanut Buttercup. 766 more words

Why there are no unicorns.

I think there are no unicorns because they probably tasted delicious, kind of like this cotton candy, cupcake and sweet berry flavored fro-yo.


Torn Between Two Promos


It’s the start of a new month and with it comes new flavors at Menchie’s! I was in a bit of a dilemma today because I really wanted to try their new promotional flavors, but I was really torn at where to go. 945 more words

Sweet Treats Or Treats That Are Sweet? Such A Tough Choice!

What a rainy Monday! It’s certainly a messy start to the week, and I have to admit that it definitely played a part in my motivation level today. 1,091 more words

A Not So Creamy Saturday Trend?


Saturday’s adventure was a lot more low key compared to Fro-Yo Friday. After recovering from building the biggest fro-yo I’ve ever built, I knew anything I did today would pale in comparison. 761 more words