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Move Over Pumpkin Pie, It's Pecan Time




It’s Monday once again, and no one usually looks forward to the start of the week. The only time Mondays are appealing is when there’s a holiday or a new fro-yo flavor. 728 more words

Going Bananas For Taro



Sunday brought a nice amount of sunshine, although it was still bitterly cold. It may not have been the warmest of days, but it was a great day to visit the land of yogurt! 721 more words

It's Back In All Its Cinnabon Glory!


Another rainy Saturday, but that didn’t stop Zelda from tracking down her beloved PB. Menchie’s at Tacoma Mall still has Creamy Peanut Butter for the time being, plus they brought back another one of Zelda’s favorites. 736 more words

Frosting? Double Yes!


Wednesday was a rainy and very dreary day, and it definitely needed a little bit of brightening up. that sounds like a job for fro-yo! After Tuesday’s scrumptious outing at Menchie’s (Tacoma Mall), I was all set to return for a second straight day of divinity. 674 more words

Long Live The Morsels!



It’s a terrific Tuesday in Tacoma, and Zelda was on the hunt for another PB adventure. My first thought was Menchie’s at Tacoma Mall since my beloved Peanut Buttercup has returned, but I also checked Gibson’s at Westgate in the hopes that they might have it. 627 more words

The Morsels Have Left The Building



It’s Monday once again, and Zelda was due for some PB. Most of us dread Mondays and the only time I really enjoy them is when there’s a Yogurtland promotion involved because that’s when the new flavors are released. 680 more words

Pumpkin Pie And A Surprise Arrival



It’s a cold and rainy Sunday, not really the type of weather that screams out for fro-yo. That’s not a concern for me, though. Since when does Zelda let the weather dictate whether or not she gets dessert? 596 more words