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Capitol in the Capital

Now I’m home safe and before I fall asleep I have to write this evening’s Flog night experience, which was just awesome! Big ups to you Yves, who by the way is sitting next to me trying to solve some test questions lol. 891 more words

A Perfect Cold Heaven

I know,I know ice cream has been the love of all kids, even you and I in those good old days, but Have you tried fro-yos though? 321 more words

I Earned My Stripes with a New Zebra Record (Or Two)

Friday at , at long last, I got my Ig meds and was able to do an infusion. It had been exactly three weeks since my last infusion, beating out my previous record of time-without-an-infusion (since I’ve started infusions that is) by several days. 389 more words


Easy fro-yo

I finally made the frozen yogurt. I tried making 2 of Gemma’s recipes but only the chocolate & banana one was successful. Note to self: when making frozen yogurt, make sure your mixture is smooth and doesn’t have any hard chunks of fruit left in it 😅 511 more words


Fruity Fro-Yo Bombe from Asda Part 5

Removed the frozen bowl from the freezer and put the white frozen mixture into the centre leaving a small well in the centre into which the Raspberry mixture went. 91 more words

Fruity Fro-Yo Bombe from Asda Part 4

Another hour or so and I thought I might have problems. The recipe requires a 1.2 litre pudding bowl. Looked in my cupboards and managed to find one, just the right size. 15 more words

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Fruity Fro-Yo Bombe Part 3

Another hour or so in the freezer and again you need to break up the ice crystals so it resembles a slushy paste. One more time in the freezer and it should be a paste consistency ready for spreading…

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