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London Vegan Food Highlight (Week 1): Manna and Yorica!

Exploring any new place also means exploring food options. London isn’t exactly new to us, but we’ve only explored a small fraction of the vegan food scene here. 746 more words


Fro-yo and Lino

Today we went to an Art Gallery near the highline in which my mum’s friend works at. The art was made out of linoleum, plaster,glass and hose to reflect the artist’s past work in the Industrial Industry . 38 more words

Ode to Friends

or, My Friends Are Better Than Yours

I have the coolest people in my life. They make life brighter and lighter and overall better.

Life is funny, and constantly teaching you new lessons. 355 more words

Personal Things

Bláberja & Lime Jógúrtís - Blueberry & Lime Frozen Yogurt

Jógúrtís stendur alltaf fyrir sínu og er þessi uppskrift komin af mörgum hugmyndum og aðferðum. Ég er alltaf að leitast eftir fljótlegum aðferðum sem eru bragðgóðar og ákvað ég að hafa færri hráefni heldur en fleiri. 402 more words

Millimál - Snacks

Pastillas Frozen Yogurt - YES!!

Pastillas made on our farm, mixed with frozen yogurt from our farm. This is truly home-grown!

This recipe comes just in time for summer. With the hottest days ahead of us, take this recipe to cool off and unwind in the summer sun. 163 more words


Yorica: Eureka! Vegan ice cream!

Vegan fro-yo and ice cream doesn’t make any sense. I immediately think of the scene in Community when Britta walks into an ice cream parlour and asks if they have vegan fro-yo and the reply is a curt “you know what fro-yo is, right?”  663 more words