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A Sunday Filled With Red Velvet Delight


Sunday, fun day! Where to go for fro-yo? Like clockwork Sunday usually finds Zelda having an amazing lunch at her favorite restaurant in Tukwila, and it’s no surprise that I typically end up at Yogurtland in Kent afterward. 822 more words

Another Peanut Buttercup Success Story


Tuesday sent Zelda on a few errands to Tacoma, so I had my pick of various places when it came time for dessert. Black Bear has two locations in Tacoma, both of which keep Peanut Butter as a permanent flavor; so they’re always an option. 986 more words

It's Back In All Its Glory


Oh Monday, you sly devil. Just when we’re all having a fantastic weekend, you pull the rug out from under us and make us start another week. 794 more words

Different Day, Different Order


Sunday saw Zelda making the familiar trek to Tukwila for an amazing lunch at her favorite restaurant. It’s a bit of a weekly ritual for me, and since I’m already that far north there’s always a good possibility that I’ll end up at Yogurtland (assuming the flavors are just right). 687 more words


I attended a special candlelight yoga class this evening. I have been to a few before and really liked them. So when I heard about this one I signed up right away. 385 more words

Running Isn't All I Do, Ya Know

A Peanut Buttercup Miracle


Who’s ready for the weekend? I know I am. And what better way to welcome it in than with a delicous cup of fro-yo? You certainly don’t have to ask me twice! 942 more words

PB Vs. Chili, PB Always Wins!

It’s Thursday but Zelda’s weekly routine took a different turn once again. Most Thursdays will find me in Seattle which opens up various possibilities for dessert, but this week I took my Seattle trip on Monday. 690 more words