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Deli Styling At Westgate!



It’s Saturday and the weekend is in full force! The weather is mild and spring is in the air. The rain held out and it was too nice of a day to stay indoors, so Zelda ventured outside on a quest for something sweet. 1,213 more words

The Scent Of A PB Cookie


Monday is here once again….where does the weekend go? We wait all week for it to arrive and then poof! It’s gone like Cinderella at midnight after the ball. 922 more words

Sorbet? Hmm....Try Again!

After a disappointing Fro-Yo Friday, Zelda was ready to get back in the game today and enjoy a yummy treat. I wasn’t feeling up to 100%, but I was well enough to get out of the house long enough for a quick snack. 760 more words

A Yummy Debut At Westgate

It’s Fro-Yo Friday and the weekend is here! Along with it comes beautiful weather, so you can’t ask for much more than that. It was the perfect day to take a drive and see where the Peanut Butter trail led me for my midday treat. 875 more words

What's Jude Been Up To?

I’m not going to lie, but these doctors have been running me ragged with all their testing for my Crohn’s Disease. That leaves little time for me and Jude to really just relax at home, but we’ve been trying to figure out things and enjoy the times in between and switch things up a bit. 411 more words


International Delight

Another Monday has arrived, and most of us are wondering what happened to the all too short weekend. They never last long enough! Monday usually signals the beginning of another week of school/work, etc., so must of us don’t look forward to it as much as we do the weekend. 882 more words

Two PB Flavors In The Same Shop? Oh My!

It’s already the beginning of March, and the year is flying by. Where do the months go? It seems like the holidays were just here, and now spring is around the corner. 1,345 more words