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🌟 New Prints🌟Frock sh

Fabric Crape With Inner

Back & Bottom Cotton Net
Back Side Zip
With Belt
Inside Sleeve Cloth
Bust 34 Upto 38
Short Length 35
Short single 1250… 16 more words

Bachelor Frock Watch: The House of Horrors Continues

Ok, so it’s not quite as violating as last night, but there’s still a LOT of fug in here that should have stayed on the drawing board and away from whichever basement of underpaid seamstresses they were rapidly spat out of. 484 more words

Bachelor Frock Watch: OBSCENE EDITION

Hola lovers, for once the obscenity is not coming from us but from a Wardrobe department who are obviously tired of the odd sip from a glass of champers, and have graduated to sinking whole kegs of Hillbilly gut rot. 403 more words


Bachelor Richie Episode 11 FROCK WATCH

Frocks ahoy!  Let’s get into this like a bath that may or may not be filled with excrement!


One the plus side her face and hair look better than usual but on the minus side I feel like she should have saved this for Halloween because MENACING PUMPKIN. 355 more words


Bachelor Richie Episode 10 FROCK WATCH!

Morning, lovers.  Let’s Frock Watch until we’re blue in the face and gasping for a boxed claret!


Without question the STONE FOX of the night.  416 more words



I don’t know about you, but I absolutely LOVE watching TLC’s Say Yes To the Dress. I have watched entire season 1 through 14, every single episode. 761 more words