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Science Fiction Fairy Tale: The Frog King/Iron Henry

Continuing from last week’s post, more on Science Fiction Fairy Tales Masterclass

Week 2: Frog King/Iron Henry

Again, not a Disney story.  Although, I have to give Disney credit for the way they reimagined this one.  451 more words

Short Stories


Here is a beautiful fairy tale poem from Seedbud at Leaf and Twig. Would you kiss the frog?

emerald green
seldom seen
frog king… 13 more words


Kisses for the frog king

A little green frog. In the world of fairytales not that cute, but instead fat and ugly. Certainly not a golden crown on the head. However, helpful and persistent. 506 more words


on kissing frogs

Polling my students the other day, I was surprised to learn that only about half of them know the story of the Frog Prince. The golden ball down the well? 431 more words

...and When I Get Home I Read Some More

The Case of the Missing Kiss

So I’ve been studying Frog Prince tales. You know the one: princess meets frog, he does her a service, in return he asks for a kiss, she kisses him, and hey presto, he’s turned into a handsome prince. 1,179 more words