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Pu Tien - Farrer Park

Before there were 101 outlets (exaggerated) all over Singapore, this quaint little Heng Hwa style restaurant was a place my family frequent. The food is still awesome and nothing can ever replace their signature drunken cockles. 324 more words

Asian Restaurants Singapore

The Best of Singapore: Lao Sichuan. Not for the faint-hearted.

Did I wake up to know I was going to be eating frogs and snakes that day? No. Did I think it would be one heck of a meal to cherish till the end of time? 982 more words


Frog Legs - The Other (Other) White Meat

In the spirit of adventure, I like to seize every opportunity available to me to try new things. New places, new experiences, new foods . . 428 more words


Frog Legs, French Style with Mushrooms

A while ago, perhaps five or six months ago, I purchased three pairs of frog legs, and stored them in the freezer.  Sunday night I decided to have a go at them. 686 more words


Frogs Siem Reap Market - video

I cannot say this is appetizing or something I dream of eating in Cambodia, or for that matter anywhere after seeing the skins yanked off while the frog seem to still squirm. 40 more words

Life Cycles

Cast Iron Skillet Care: A Staple of the Cajun Kitchen 

Growing up, I remember everything my granny cooked was in cast iron. My mom used modern pots but she did use her cast iron skillets for frying eggs, smothering potatoes and making my favorite, pain perdu (pan-per-doo), French for loss bread, aka French toast. 235 more words


Ho Chi Minh City Marked the Beginning of My Travels Alone

Mac and I separated at the end of our Cambodia trip (I failed to previously mention that Tracy branched off to meet new friends around the 3rd week of our trip). 1,183 more words