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Surf Like a Frenchie - Cuisse de Grenouille in Paris, France

We have a soft spot in our hearts for quirky local brands. In Havana, Cuba we’re big fans of Clandestina (for one of a kind upcycled fashion) and… 642 more words


"Farming is a profession of hope"*...

The American Frog Canning Company had a pitch for people struggling to make a living in the 1930s, when jobs were scarce and money tight. The company promised a good market and a steady source of income.

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"Real" Dancing Frog Legs - You Have Been Warned! 

Food blog: Are frogs on their last legs?


Why we shouldn’t eat frogs’ leg…

Every year, the French nibble away at 4,000 tonnes of frogs’ legs. 40 more words


Food Independence on a 1930s Farm

A young man and his family relished the seasonal bounty of their garden and orchard, especially the green chili chow-chow they made each fall.

By Harold Oliver, as told to Peter Kohler… 897 more words


Frog Legs in Tomato Sauce

Merideth and I decided to do spooky recipes for Halloween time, and well…I’m not a fan of frogs. This recipe was a personal challenge not only because of the unfamiliar protein, but also because of my irrational fears  (Merideth: “you look like a Fear Factor contestant!”) Nevertheless, it was pretty tasty! 198 more words


"Sorry Froggy, but you must admit you do look tasty" (Or My First Time Trying Frog Legs) 

I just recently tried frog legs for the first time. Ironically enough I had them at a Chinese buffet and not a French restaurant. There’s a little local Chinese place I go with my boyfriend when we meet up. 264 more words