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Restaurant Review: Agatina's Italian Restaurant (Gates, NY)

“What do you mean you’ve never been to Agatina’s?” she said with a mix of amazement and wonder. “Just what I said – I’ve never been there, although I have heard it’s really good.” And that settled it. 2,274 more words


I Ate Here: Beau Legs (Southern Cuisine)


Review: Beau Legs, Lacey, WA

Somewhere along the evolutionary chain between fish and chicken, emerged frogs. Sometime in history, a primitive human slaughtered an amphibian and discovered it was tasty. 926 more words

Daddy's MacGyver tips, "Enchanting" Fields of Yellow, Alabaster Mountains of Mussels , and Petit "Gren-noise" Legs

I have 2 months left.

2 months….2 MONTHS?!?!?!?!

Where did the time go?!?!?!

I’m at that stage where I don’t have to use to the GPS anyone to get from place to place, all the neighbors know my name when I pass them on the road, and my french isn’t a horrible mess trying to order food at a restaurant. 1,358 more words

Leave it to a Yacht Club to deliver Buffalo Frog Legs, Mid-City Yacht Club that is

I’m a big fan of Buffalo wings. Heck, I’m a fan of nearly “Buffalo style” anything. So, when I heard that the Mid-City Yacht Club… 261 more words

Devour Power

The Famous Frogs Legs! 

Everyone knows about the famous frogs legs that us Staffies do when we want to sit comfortably! Here I am showing mine off as I keep watch out the window!

Kids eat frog legs and they don't like it

What happens when kids eat frog legs for the first time?


Black Frog Burger

While I was busy busy moving, Japan found a new and unique way to use the black burger bun. I bet it taste like chicken! : 19 more words

Black Bun Burger