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Food Independence on a 1930s Farm

A young man and his family relished the seasonal bounty of their garden and orchard, especially the green chili chow-chow they made each fall.

By Harold Oliver, as told to Peter Kohler… 897 more words


Frog Legs in Tomato Sauce

Merideth and I decided to do spooky recipes for Halloween time, and well…I’m not a fan of frogs. This recipe was a personal challenge not only because of the unfamiliar protein, but also because of my irrational fears  (Merideth: “you look like a Fear Factor contestant!”) Nevertheless, it was pretty tasty! 198 more words


"Real" Dancing Frog Legs - You Have Been Warned!

Food blog: Are frogs on their last legs?


Why we shouldn’t eat frogs’ leg…

Every year, the French nibble away at 4,000 tonnes of frogs’ legs. 40 more words


"Sorry Froggy, but you must admit you do look tasty" (Or My First Time Trying Frog Legs) 

I just recently tried frog legs for the first time. Ironically enough I had them at a Chinese buffet and not a French restaurant. There’s a little local Chinese place I go with my boyfriend when we meet up. 264 more words



Frog Legs
(A Modern Fairy Tale)
By David Allen

Without realizing the consequences
d.g. leaned out as far as he could,
arm outstretched in some mad play… 435 more words


Cuisses De Grenouilles

Hey readers, I’m back again! You must be wondering why the weird name? The word grenouille (pronounced “gruh-noo-ee”) is the French word for frog, and in the culinary arts, the term grenouilles or  779 more words