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Springtime is just around the corner

“Nothing is so beautiful as Spring” wrote the poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins and on a crisp, bright morning like today, I would have to agree with him. 391 more words


Latest and greatest

Everyday, the woodpeckers visit the squirrel feeders and persistently try to get at the goodies inside.  One has chiselled their way in, damaging the feeder in the process. 402 more words

Wildlife/Bywyd Gwyllt

Declining Albatross and Smelly Fulmars

Buller’s Albatross – Claire Yarborough

Claire Yarborough has “just got back from a long trip including the Galapagos and New Zealand. Fantastic wildlife. We saw waved albatross doing their mating dances in Galapagos and Wandering, Royal, Bullers and Salvin’s in New Zealand. 1,756 more words

Garden Birds in Trouble - You Can Help!

Great Tit – Julie Addyman

To learn more about Chacking Birds and White Bums visit my How Stean blog. Chacking is the onomatopoeic call of the ring ouzel and white bums are sported by wheatears. 2,068 more words

Easter Eggs Galore!

What do the frogs care about Isis, Donald Trump or Chairman Morgan?  In my back garden the frogs have been busy making the world great again… 27 more words


Easter Eggs!

Look what I found today in the wildlife pond, what a lovely surprise for Easter Sunday! This makes 9 clumps of frog spawn in total now. 14 more words


Frogs in flagrante

My social media feeds have been full of the frog spawn people have been finding in ponds all over these isles but it wasn’t till last Thursday, while up the Welsh valleys on a wildlife recorders course, that I was in frog-full countryside. 158 more words