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Frogs have Spawned

Clumps of frog spawn in local pools

Spring is well underway here in Donegal, and frogs have been busy producing frog spawn for around 2 weeks now.   185 more words


Sticky Plot

Well today we finally got to the plot – once we had got rid of the lovely grandkids (evil Nanny!) and it was too wet to weed.   229 more words

February 2017!

This month started off reasonably well with a lovely bright sunny albeit cold day down the allotment. Sam and I got to work on plot 1 removing our old rotten seed bed ready to replace it with a nice new one. 601 more words


Destructive Doris and Wildlife Wonders!

Sorry whilst I was resting at home with a damaged rotator cuff, I got a phone call from our allotment officer Debbie. “One of the tenants has informed me that your shed is leaning to one side. 151 more words


Springtime is just around the corner

“Nothing is so beautiful as Spring” wrote the poet, Gerard Manley Hopkins and on a crisp, bright morning like today, I would have to agree with him. 391 more words


Latest and greatest

Everyday, the woodpeckers visit the squirrel feeders and persistently try to get at the goodies inside.  One has chiselled their way in, damaging the feeder in the process. 402 more words

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