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It's a Frog's Life

I’ve been virtually staking out our allotment pond since the middle of February, hoping for frog spawn.  As it turns out, it was probably a good job we didn’t get any spawn that early, as the heavy snow at the beginning of March would probably have wiped it all out. 650 more words


Kat Myrman’s Twittering Tale challenge this week ushered in a sense of foreboding. Something nasty stirred in the swamp:

Something stirred within the mass of writhing bodies.

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The life of my pictures 1

Once you post something on-line it is difficult or even impossible to know what will happen to it. It starts a journey of its own. It has its own life. 336 more words

Nature Photography

Twmp Spawn

Those naughty frogs have been up to it on Twmbarlwm already.

One of the first signs of spring I always look for – I’m always amazed at the sheer quantity of frog spawn you find in the ponds and ruts up here. 10 more words


The Joys of Raising Tadpoles.

I don’t remember how I wound up with a frog in my classroom. Somehow it had just happened.

Our classroom had become the proud home of a giant aquarium, a frog and frog spawn. 251 more words