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Baby Gear is back!!!

Ok so I took a little break since being back to work… cough… cough a whole 3 months lol #sorrynotsorry. But I can back because this chair omg this chair is my favorite baby accessory and travel pal besides the boppy pillow. 183 more words

Just Keep Breathing - February 26, 2018

When I first started F3, there were two things I learned quickly:

  1. Dora’s are hard
  2. Just keep moving (including breathing)

When I met F3 Rabbit at Spartan, I figured out that he likes running uphill, thus my VQ had to mash-up Dora and uphill. 105 more words


I don’t think anyone can ever stop loving someone entirely.  Sometimes love turns to hate, but I’m not sure it’s possible to ever stop feeling for them. 

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Froggy's home!

Still with butterfly friend visiting

Brought back a lot of snacks! Good boy!

Now enjoy some home cook meal yea


Guess is not food after all

Still haven’t been back, seems having fun camping with bug friend