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I Was Mutilated!

After 3 months with no grooming available because of covid-19, my innovative walker/ jack of all trade decided to mutilate my body by cutting with human sheers… 153 more words

Zach The Shih Tzu

This is Brooklyn

Brooklyn is a new gal in the complex, she’s a bronx pooch, they’re tough and cute!

She wears her hair on top of her head with a beautiful bow and she’s adorable!!! 52 more words

Zach The Shih Tzu



On my way to a Lala trip last night…

(My dog walker is a walking encyclopedia of weired words)

Maddie was out and about for her evening walk and of course she loves and stopped by my abode. 203 more words

Zach The Shih Tzu


Zoe’s home

My Walker had to go and walk a pooch named Zoe, Her human father was not well and need to be walked because they were not home. 121 more words

Zach The Shih Tzu

How to know when it is done?

How long has it been — too long! Anyway, I think I am done.

How do I know when I am done? For me it’s when I look at the work and say to myself: … 280 more words