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From behind

I made this yesterday. I was thinking about her while doing it. My kouhai. Gosh, I’m so in love


Day 305

Boastful talking sex.  ~9pm

We kept exchanging words on how we were going to ravage each other in the evening.  So he flipped me over the edge of the bed and put his cock in me quickly.   63 more words

Simply Magnificent Drug

She snorted and I smiled as I took her from behind
And wrapped my arms around her as she’s the one who makes me come inside… 131 more words


Day 302

Let’s just get it on sex.  ~8:30pm

After two days of no action in bed, he wasn’t going to wait around and play coy with me.   61 more words


I am here now, I imagine and see.
SEE an endless sky, free of cloud.
FREE I am through the distant star.
STAR for spar, celestial voyager. 114 more words


Monday February 17 AM.

 I awoke hard and early, like always, and looked to see 5:38 burning bright red on the clock near my head.  The sexy Italian was sleeping soundly next to me, dark hair spilled across white sheets like some abstract art.  1,538 more words