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New Album: Travis Porter - From Day 1

New album from Travis Porter, 2 Chainz makes an appearance and Mac Miller helps with the production process.

Buy it here: http://bit.ly/IDvfs9

Travis Porter

New Video: Travis Porter "Wobble"

Travis Porter drop a visual off their last album From Day 1, track is pretty trash and visual ain’t much better but here it is.


Met this dude named stephen

I met this guy when i was senior or when i had just graduated from high school.  His name stephen woodall, the first night i seen him i was like ahhh i dont really like this dude hes a little to cocky and loud.   259 more words

Real Life....

That green

I first dealt with drugs when i was about 15-16.  First time i ever sold any kind of drugs i was prolly 16.  Ill never forget when i got my first half ounce i though i was the shit.  430 more words

Real Life....

New Video: Travis Porter Ft. Mike Posner "That Feelin"

Travis Porter drops a visual featuring Mike Posner from their debut album From Day 1. Not sure whether the video car is rented or not but the Travis Porter crew has definitely made a come up so maybe that feeling they getting is right.


The first time

Okay this is about me when I first smoked marijuana. As soon as I did it I thought you know I thought it was going to be more than this but that was okay because the second time I did I straight there in love everyday navigate smoking marijuana almost everyday I was 16 when I first woke up I’m 22 now what you think about that give me some feedback I smoke all the time I work all the time I just like to be high when I’m getting my s*** done so therefore obviously I think that marijuana should be legal but you know there are some lazy motha fuckas that ruin it………what u think

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