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Starting to feel a little Halloweenie, already.

Still some days to go but drawing Halloween pictures is too fun!

I doodled this little pencil sketch this morning over a cup of tea and some toast and thought it might look quite good coloured, so, I coloured it quickly while Will was outside enjoying this stunning day. 34 more words

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Until next time...

I coloured her last night.
I couldn’t resist.

(click to enlarge)

I have started a Pinterest board called ‘Paris’.
Lots of pictures of Paris and I feel so inspired by them. 22 more words

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Another two hour kindy challenge!

Two in one week! Hooray!

I sketched this little lady yesterday (Twitter and FB followers would have seen the pencil drawing) because I was feeling very French inspired. 53 more words

Drawing & Illustration

Two hour kindy challenge.

I set myself another one!

A few days ago I drew a little christmas themed pencil sketch (if you follow me on Instagram or Twitter you’d have seen it). 116 more words

Drawing & Illustration

More ladies in masks? Why not?

I have been focused very hard on book illustrations today so, after kindy pick-up, as a little break for my mind, I coloured a couple more ladies in masks. 59 more words

Drawing & Illustration

A sneak peek? A little teaser?


Oh my, has it really been two weeks since I last posted something?!
That’s what being busy will do to you, I guess.

Busy drawing. 303 more words

Drawing & Illustration

I set myself a little two hour challenge today

The night before last, while all cosied up on the sofa watching TV, I made a little sketch in my sketchbook. Happens most nights, to be honest. 115 more words

Drawing & Illustration