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This is What Depression Looks Like

I lived two lives for more than a decade.

From the time I was in seventh grade until my early 20s, there was the me that everybody knew — the happy, funny, outgoing Lauren — and the me I hid from the world — the introverted, sad Lauren that, if left alone too long, got lost in the dark recesses of her mind. 915 more words

Health & Fitness


Kesara turned nine on June 5th! It’s crazy how time flies on by. I remember Autumn turning nine and Kesa was just six. I also remember being pregnant and uncomfortable waiting for Kesa to come and now nine years have passed. 207 more words

I Want To Remember

Life Lessons I Learned from My Father

I have always been a Daddy’s Girl. As a child, he was my protector, my provider and my teddy bear. For the 28 years I’ve been on this Earth, we’ve had a very one-sided relationship — he constantly gives, and never asks for anything in return. 939 more words


Everything is Broken

Bob Dylan wrote this song, but I love the way that Bettye Lavette covered it.

Spend 5 minutes on Facebook and you’ll see why I feel a bit bummed out today at the state of humanity. 6 more words


Hard Work and Moving On

Last Saturday was the day. The day all the hard work came together and actually happened. The day that was a turning point for the Eash family. 577 more words


To Be Alive

What is all of life,
it’s ups and downs,
what are they for?

What is all knowledge gained worth?
What is all love received, 98 more words


The Heights Of Greatness

In your lonely slum of sadness,
when all hope feels lost
and the world is swept out from under your feet.

When you don’t know yourself, 50 more words