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It's been 18 years

You told me to get an auto. I didn’t want to go and I hide myself in the washroom so that you won’t be angry on me.

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Have you ever been overcome with expressing reassurance to someone?

Have you ever felt that way? Tell me if you have.  With love, Kelly.

Don’t you know you’re already there? 25 more words


5 Story Fall



Tumbling and turning and tumbling and turning legs in the air my knickers are showing

and picking up speed becoming a ball each thud causing pain but onward the fall… 69 more words


Extreme Acceleration

Just a little fun with antithesis – hope you feel it.

It’s cold. So cold that the skin on my fingers sticks on the car door handle. 104 more words



Random journeys make our story that much more exquisite


Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Weekend

Love, Kelly


Raising My Vibration

Ever since I have become more awake to the spiritual reality and in tune to sensing energy around me, I have been experimenting with the power of my thoughts and the reality of vibrations. 943 more words


Growing Pains

Are you truly in touch with your creative self? Sharing my feelings on this makes me feel vulnerable yet empowered all at the same time. Maybe you can relate to that as well. 122 more words