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The world around us in winter is bleak grey from the dreary sky, brown from the tired earth, the dark sienna of bare tree limbs, the ember fire of stubborn oak leaves that are determined to hang on to Autumn, the occasional translucent white of fog, and plenty of yellow ochre grass. 447 more words

From My Heart

Rise And Fall

Art done by yours truly

We danced till

Our shoes became 

Worn out

And our feet sore

Your hand in mine

And mine in yours…

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From My Heart

Breathing in the fresh new year

It’s finally stopped raining here in Southern California and today’s blue sky is a welcome sight. This week, as I’ve tried to shake off whatever this under-the-weather thing that has afflicted me and a number of my friends, I’m taking a long look at last year, and breathing in this fresh new one along with all the promises it brings. 642 more words


The Noble and Courageous Among Us

“First Responders see trauma that can never be forgotten….As time goes on, the weight of these events start to pile up.  What once may not have bothered someone may now start to cut a little deeper.   258 more words

From My Heart

The Fighter Inside

All my life I had people say nasty things about my temperament. How it will bring me down… How I will never be successful because of it… How I will be alone… First of all, none of their doomsday predictions have come true. 228 more words

From My Heart

2 + 2 Will Never Equal 5 For Me

2 + 2 Will Never Equal 5 For Me

I made it a goal of mine last Fall to read more classic literature. I saw the book, 1984, on the list of “must-reads”, and bought it electronically to read on my iPad. 369 more words

From My Heart

“AHA!” Moment, AKA Putting Together the Puzzle

A quandary of my mind is that I overthink. Not only do I overthink, but I do so while trying to follow our intuition, and that “just right” feeling that I get in my gut when I go down the right, (or wrong,) path. 965 more words

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