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Bloodborne: The Old Hunters for PS4

Bloodborne is one of my favourite games of all time, which is quite odd as most of my other favourites are from my childhood and seeped in nostalgia. 490 more words


Dark Souls: The End of an Era

From Software and Miyazaki have officially declared that there will not be another Dark Souls game, with III being the final in the series. While I can’t help but feel sad that there won’t be any new games in the series, I agree with them that this is the best they can do. 944 more words


The Fire Has Faded

Dark Souls 3

Tea: Stale Estus

Writing a review about a game as massive in scale as Dark Souls III seems rather difficult, but after having spent a lot of time, I feel confident enough to write down my thoughts and feelings about the (probably) last… 1,714 more words


Preparing To Die

I have never seen The Lord of The Rings. Once when I was indisposed away from school, still with all my viewing wits about me, I tried to marathon the whole of it but after 45 minutes of the first film- act- whatever- I found I just couldn’t place myself into that lauded universe at all, at least not enough to immerse myself and enjoy the experience. 645 more words

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Dark Souls 3 (2016) PC review

Dark Souls 3 is the end of an era, both in game and for the series itself. Now, to answer what is probably your first question of “how hard is it?” Well, since I’ve been with the series since  778 more words

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Demon's Souls Retrospective

After 8 years it seems like the souls franchise is on its way out the door already; with the release of what seems to be and by all rights should be the last souls game for a long time with the exception of an overhauled remake lets take a look back at the precursor, the original spark that lit a fire under from software and the hardcore gamer scene. 687 more words


The Low-Down on Micolash

Micolash, Host of the Nightmare, is a boss from Bloodborne and I decided that he is noteworthy enough to talk about in one blog post. There is a lot to him and his bossfight and so I thought I would analyse said Micolash and talk about every aspect of him. 1,000 more words

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