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Dark Souls: A Retrospective

Errol Kerr relives (and re-dies) the mighty Dark Souls.

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Dark Souls 3 "I got da YOGA PANTS"!

Hey everyone, this is just a video I through together of me and my brothers playing Dark Souls 3 and clearing out the Crucifixion Woods. Hope you enjoyed and caught a smile or two, till next time remember you’re the best… AROUND, NOTHING’S EVER GONNA KEEP YOU DOWN! Love, Jaxxsin

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Review: Dark Souls 3

It seems strange to be reviewing the third game of a series without having even touched the previous two. My main concern was that I wouldn’t understand what was going on story wise, seeing as this was meant to be the triumphant end to a trilogy, but the plot is literally nonexistent from what I can tell. 1,330 more words

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Why this noob is still on Dark Souls 3

It’s been roughly 4 months since the big, bad, Dark Souls 3 was released. And I’m just a little over half way through the game. In fact I just arrived at Lothric Castle and I’ve slain two dragons on a bridge with my adorable bow before putting down the controller and opening my laptop to write this. 673 more words


Drinking from the Flame: A late-comer’s love affair with Dark Souls

Warning: This article contains extensive spoilers for the Dark Souls series, and many terrible Dark Souls puns. I make no apologies.

Unlike many other recent converts who have been drawn to the primordial flame of Dark Souls, my journey technically began with Demon’s Souls, the PS3 cult classic that spawned the SoulsBorne collection of videogames by From Software. 4,167 more words

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Review: Dark Souls 3 - A difícil arte de morrer

“Ah sim. Chama-se Lothric. O lugar onde as terras transitórias dos Lordes das Cinzas convergem. Aventurando-se ao norte, os peregrinos descobrem a verdade das antigas palavras. 1,524 more words