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…what?: A Theory of The Point of Bloodborne

A fantastic lore article about Bloodborne.  The author makes astute observations and successfully ties in the DLC story to the story from the main game. 9 more words


Dark Souls 3 Cinematic Trailer

It’s coming! The opening cinematic for Dark Souls 3 has been released. I’m so hype for this game! The cinematic reveals new lore detail on the Lord of Cinders. 221 more words

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More Dark Souls 3 Gameplay

Prepare to Dodge

Leaked Dark Souls 3 gameplay showcases the Thief class.  The gameplay shows off fast paced rolling and easy back-stabbing.  Also, the much faster bow and arrow is shown off.   10 more words


The 10 Coolest From Software Bosses (And The Lamest)

I thought I wouldn’t phrase this list as ‘The 10 Best From Software Bosses’ since nobody really enjoys boss fights in these games, mostly due to their cruel difficulty and ability to make the calmest person a tense mess. 1,289 more words

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New Dark Souls III Information!

Recently, Bandai Namco leaked several intriguing screenshots of their upcoming FromSoftware game, Dark Souls III.  If you haven’t seen them already, check out the gallery below. 175 more words


New Screenshots & Images From Dark Souls III

Publisher of Dark Souls III, Bandai Namco have released some more screenshots of the highly anticipated game. You can view them below:

Be on the lookout for Dark Souls III when it releases April 12, 2016.

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The Unfinished Wharf

The Tower of Heide isn’t exactly the most difficult area in Dark Souls 2. There isn’t that much tension when you defeat the Dragonrider. The guy’s easier than any other bosses. 289 more words