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Who should have been the final boss of Dark Souls?

This post isn’t going to so much be about Slave knight Gael, more my thoughts on him as the final boss of the souls series and who I thought was likely to be our final battle. 1,261 more words

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My Dark Souls Journey (Part 1)

Or: How I Learned To Stop Worrying And Love The Pain.

Before Dark Souls, I was never a fan of challenging games. Yes, I’m the type of gamer who, when given a choice of what difficulty to play a game as, will choose easy. 1,684 more words


5 incredible Soulsborne player achievements

Soulsborne players are an interesting bunch. Not content with simply completing From Software’s quintet of tough-as-nails action RPG’s – the series’ catchphrase isn’t ‘you died’ for nothing – a small sub-section of players seem to derive what can only be described as a masochistic pleasure from adding their own arbitrary challenges to make the experience even more punishing. 1,098 more words

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Erik's Top 10 Toughest Dark Souls Boss Fights [1/2]

As the tagline of this blog indicates, it may be the Plotting Machine but it would also be my “random ramblings on writing, story and everything else”. 3,084 more words

Opinion: I Suck at Dark Souls

It’s been 18 grueling hours. I’ve stopped playing for six or more months….twice. And now, finally, I realize that this game is actually fun. 747 more words

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Dark Souls 3 Receives Patch 1.14

Dark Souls 3 recently saw the release of its complete collection with Dark Souls 3: The Fire Fades Edition. Now a few weeks later, From Software has released a new patch for the game that brings some bug fixes and balancing to the game. 673 more words


Wolf-man seeks other: why a man-sized menace is Bloodborne's top dog

Wolf-man seeks other.

Likes: blood, Gothic architecture, insidious acts of violence, serrated edges and My Little Pony.

Dislikes: Bloodborne players, tiny music boxes, cats, baths, thunderstorms and the postman. 820 more words