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Demon's Souls: Creepy Old Prisoner's Sounds - Screen Peekers (Part 15)

Taking a cue from a hot tip, Jeff and J.D. decide to investigate the Queen of the Tower or whatever, and they find out she’s, like, waaaay into jail cells, and also dudes with octopus heads. 12 more words

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Vice Gaming: Six Suggestions for Ensuring Dark Souls III is a Series Best

I quite like Dark Souls y’know. As such I was quite pleased that the third installment was announced just before E3. Then I was concerned. 135 more words


A Love Letter to the Grossness of Bloodborne on the PS4

Bloodborne is a Hell of a Video Game

So, I just beat Bloodborne, like a just a few minutes ago. My heart rate is still up from the “final” boss fight, in a way that no other video game experiences produce. 1,139 more words


5 Bloodborne Bosses That Make Us Beg for Co-Op

Bloodborne‘s bosses are the most empowering and demoralizing experiences for current-generation gamers to bang their noggins against. Each monstrosity is daunting, to say the least, but not all of them are created equal. 1,236 more words


Dark Souls 3 combat is changing post-Bloodborne

Excited for another slice of deliciously-punishing Souls action? Of course you are. And while From Software has confirmed Dark Souls 3 won’t be the final entry in the series, it will aim to be  356 more words

Demon's Souls: 'arrow! - Screen Peekers (Part 12)

Fog gate after fog gate eventually leads to a boss fight in this episode, but first Jeff and J.D. have to conquer their fear of the dark. 7 more words

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Demon's Souls: Gears of War - Screen Peekers (Part 11)

The “minor” inquiry of what lies further in the mine confuses and disturbs Jeff and J.D. when they find yet more salamanders, even more trouble with elevators, and some dogs. 8 more words

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