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Patriotism Over 9000 - Metal Wolf Chaos

It’s the Fourth of July and what better way to celebrate this American holiday than with a lot of explosions, especially if you’re the President of the United States trying to save freedom from an evil Vice President. 1,505 more words

On Gaming

Religion in Games: Dark Souls v. Dragon Age Inquisition

In this installment of Religion in Games (assuming there will ever be future installments) we take a look at the varied perspectives brought about by Dark Souls’ modern representation of a Greek Pantheon-esque class of Gods, and Dragon Age’s Catholic inspired Chantry and especially the way that Inquisition talks about the responsibility of religious symbols and martyrs. 2,345 more words

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2016, Can't Wait for It

We are only halfway through 2015 and now I’m waiting for 2016, for two very big reasons.

Dark Souls III and Uncharted 4: A Thief’s End… 250 more words

Hayao Miyazaki

more like fun-nails

Here’s a quick self-indulgent post, which pretty much describes every post on a personal blog, I guess. Some of you may recall the Bloodborne comic… 126 more words


Armored Core Needs a Reboot, Not a Sequel

As From Software’s focus shifts towards the PlayStation 4 hit Bloodborne and the continuation of their breakout Souls series, which could be seen as the company’s first major breakthrough hit in western games markets, one of the developer’s longer standing franchises… 1,063 more words


New Lap Record, or, More Like Bloodboring Am I Right? (The Blog Post)

It only took me a twelfth of the time I spent beating Dark Souls to beat its spiritual sequel Bloodborne. Which is to say rather than roughly four years it took me roughly four months. 636 more words

Pony Tricks

Bloodborne - Review

Developer: From Software
Publisher: Sony Computer Entertainment Japan
Platform: PS4
Reviewed on PS4…duh

PLAYING Bloodborne is to run on a knife edge, progression requires skill and precision but one misstep can cost everything. 675 more words