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Darks Souls 3 : The Ringed City DLC Trailer

We now have a trailer and launch date for Dark Souls 3’s second DLC.  It is titled “The Ringed City” and releases on March 28th. 40 more words

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Dark Souls 3, The Abyss Watchers

Welcome back to my SoulsBorne boss series.

Previously I discussed Aldrich, the devourer of gods. In my last post I mentioned how my favourite lord of cinder boss wasn’t actually Aldrich, rather it was the Abyss Watchers. 1,478 more words


Dark Souls: In Favour of Community

By Geoffrey Bunting

You would be forgiven for thinking, should you have ventured into discussions online, that the Dark Souls community is mostly populated with unchecked egos – the kind that wander these forums doling out unhelpful advice and the overused epithet “get good”. 1,049 more words


Precinct1313's All Time Favourite Video-Games: Dark Souls

I have been a gamer for over thirty years, which means that I have not only seen the respective technology of said medium grow and become more complex over this time, but also the inherent gameplay, graphics and storylines become more intricate and mature. 791 more words


Bloodborne: Yharnam Sunrise Ending

This is the ending you get if you submit your life to Gehrman. I guess it’s the good one? I’m not all that clear on what the story really is. 120 more words

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Let Players Play Their Way on Gaming Rebellion

This week I published an article about how developers seem to be putting their own opinion based priorities about how their games should be played above those of the consumers at the expense of players’ enjoyment. 187 more words



When having a discussion about the Souls series, the topic will, inevitably, turn to their (often overstated) difficulty. Let’s make one thing clear – I have no interest in being that guy that rushes to his keyboard to declare that the games “aren’t that hard”, but I think the… 1,239 more words

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