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Halloween Gaming 2015: Demon's Souls Co-op

For this year’s 6th Annual Halloween Gaming Event I’ll be playing co-op Demon’s Souls. I made it a solo adventure when I first played it in 2011, but getting back into it has required help. 233 more words


October Game Challenge: Week One (In Which I Am In Over My Head Already)

I have been dreading this particular challenge from the moment I considered it several months back. I may be mostly decent at games, but I’ve never played a From Software game, and I’m certain I’ve never played a game from a developer known for making the player die repeatedly, sometimes from seemingly innocuous causes. 571 more words


Halloween Season Is Upon Us

Welcome to my 6th Annual Halloween Gaming Event. Starting today I will be resurrecting Demon’s Souls from when I last played it four years ago. This time I’ll be trying to play co-op with… 140 more words


Death in Dark Souls is its own reward

The Soulsborne games (Demon’s Souls, Dark Souls I & II, and Bloodborne) have a pretty fearsome reputation for being difficult. It is a rather well earned reputation at that: ‘Prepare to die’ reads the tagline for  1,166 more words


Demon's Souls: The Birdo King - Screen Peekers (Part 35)

There is not actually a Birdo in this episode. There is no giant, pink, egg-spitting monster thing. There IS a giant monster made of pottery and flies, and a lady who sends her mute bodyguard after Jeff and J.D. But no Birdo.

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Demon's Soul: It's a Big Bird - Screen Peekers (Part 34)

Join Jeff and J.D. on a lovely tour of the Valley of Defilement, which they totally have never been to before, having never lost all recorded footage of their traversal of the poisonous, scaffold-covered swamp. 7 more words

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Havel's tower.

It’s unlikely that Havel the Rock sees himself first and foremost as a teacher, given his tendency to flatten would be students with an enormous stone club as they descend the damp stone tower he inhabits. 969 more words

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