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Embracing The Darkness Episode 3

Welcome to Embracing the Darkness, a let’s play series in which we’ve challenged a guy who’s never touched a Souls game before to complete Dark Souls III. 65 more words


Armored Core Retro Review

Before From Software rose to prominence with modern-day critical marvels Dark Souls II and Bloodborne, they first conceived and pioneered the Armored Core series back in the fifth generation of gaming, and brought it to the PlayStation in a time when the console’s controller posed some issues. 39 more words


Dark Souls II Diary 03

When I first started keeping this journal, I mentioned how badly I wanted to like this game. Well folks, I’m pleased to report that I not only like Dark Souls II, I LOVE Dark Souls II. 576 more words

Wavy News of the Week: 2/4-2/10

What’s popping guys, NikePhelps here and, as with every Friday, I’m bringing you Wavy News of the Week. Before I get into what has caught my eye over the week, I wanted to apologize for the lack of posts the last few days. 888 more words


Dark Souls II Diary Part 02

As promised I am back with an update on how I’m faring in Dark Souls II.

First off, I should let you know that Ser Frank is no longer with us. 939 more words

Dark Souls II Diary Part 01

They tried to warn me.

Dark Souls has always been a bit of an enigma to me. People sure do seem to like it! I know there is also a large group of people who despise these games. 675 more words


Bloodborne game review

I finally earned the the Platinum Trophy for Bloodborne. It took me 144 hours and I ended up at level 198. I think it’s the hardest Platinum I’ve earned to date. 574 more words

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