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Review: Bloodborne and Boss Battles, A Lesson in Focus

My latest gaming obsession was From Software’s Bloodborne. A friend of mine is an enormous fan of the Dark Souls and Demon Souls games and always suggested that I play them. 1,310 more words

Fantasy Tropes And Cliches

The Five Laws of Bloodborne

Having recently finished beating Bloodborne, I have been reflecting the trials and tribulations of playing through another Mizayaki masterpiece. Since Demon Souls I have been hooked on From Software’s games. 781 more words


Three Questions I Ask Myself About Bloodborne

Let me begin by saying that this article is in no way a review, it’s more of look into the world of Bloodborne. Perhaps someone who hasn’t played Bloodborne can read this article and think “Why yes, I do love being a masochist. 1,554 more words


Dark Souls II Review

“GO BEYOND DEATH” is what the cover of “Dark Souls II” taunts us to do. And go beyond death, we shall. Repeatedly. But damn, dying has never felt this infuriatingly good. 971 more words



I had even fewer updates than normal this month, but I had a decent excuse. Among just not getting as much gaming in this month, I was hard at work at writing a more official review of… 52 more words

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Bloodborne's fukkin easy, fam

Just kidding. Sort of.

Jeff mentioned in the last two Bombcasts that he felt like Bloodborne was much easier than he’d anticipated. In the discussion that followed, the bombcast crew briefly touched on the idea that perhaps this was because the Souls series’ reputation for being completely impenetrable was inaccurate to some degree. 669 more words