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A Test Of Patience: How I Learned To Love Bloodborne And Dark Souls III

The Soulsborne games are a pretty niche series of games by From Software, where the check points are merely pit stops on a road of non-stop torture that begins each session by asking, “Just how much bullshit are you willing to put up with today?” 646 more words

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Adventurer log - Dark Souls

Before anything else, if you haven’t played Dark Souls yet then it’s better f you don’t read this – yes, I know that the game isn’t exactly new/recent but surely there are people who haven’t played it (I’ve only started it a few weeks ago) yet and certainly don’t want the experience spoiled before hand. 427 more words


Dark Souls III's Frist DLC Ashes of Ariandel Announced While Outlining Other DLC Plans

Dark Souls III has been a game that continues to separate itself apart from the rest of the genre. From its twisted landscapes, Lovecraftian styled enemies, unique combat style, and difficulty – Dark Souls III still remains a truly alive title for it sfans. 312 more words


GotM: Dark Souls (All)

As a gamer and fantasy author, one of my favorite types of video games are those that allow me to take up a sword and shield and slay a variety of monsters. 431 more words


What Bloodborne taught me about acceptance

Something has changed. Games have changed over the past couple of decades and I have changed along with them. Gone is my naiveté, the unshakable belief I would outgrow those bouncy characters and stories that were labeled… 521 more words


You Don't Always Know

I like to think that I know what I like, especially when it comes to video games. I’ve been playing long enough at this point to have tried a bit of everything. 601 more words



In all the excitement over Dark Souls’ intricately detailed world, subtle storytelling, and tough-but-fair challenge, I think the simple extraordinary elegance of the estus flask is often overlooked. 679 more words

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