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A Nice Chilled Out Cathedral Run | Dark Souls III (Part 9)

This episode takes a little more relaxing turn as we explore more of the Cathedral of the Deep and unlock the next shortcut. We also test out some more powerful Soul Arrows. 94 more words

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What I've Been Playing This Week

Dark Souls III: The NG+ run is now in the books. I managed to get the Lord of Hollows ending (very cool) and now I’m hanging around for co-op because I’ve found I really enjoy that. 1,071 more words

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What went wrong with Dark Souls 1?

Dark Souls 1 is one of my favorite games, I could sit here for ages praising it, what it did right, the lengths it went to push the player without holding their hand, though that is a discussion for another day. 2,309 more words


Jolly Adventures (sometimes) in the online world of Dark Souls

When I have previously written about Dark Souls III I have made mention of how much I’ve been enjoying the online aspect, particularly PVP. It has been something I almost entirely avoided in Bloodborne but having engaged with it in Dark Souls III I’ve been having a great time. 1,208 more words

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Ninja Gaiden Prepared Me For Nioh And The Souls-Like Genre

Xbox announced the first batch of original Xbox games late last month. As an owner and all around fan of the original Xbox, I would say that the list of games announced brought back some fond memories. 1,238 more words


Dark Souls III. From Software (2016) PlayStation 4

If you want to catch up on my views on Dark Souls and Dark Souls II you can do, but to quickly summise; Dark Souls… 1,372 more words

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Cheese Souls | Dark Souls III Lore Run (Part 7)

Once again I prove myself as a cheese player by using stupid tactics to beat enemies.


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