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Demon's Souls: Baby Got Back, Man - Screen Peekers (Part 25)

There is a demon not quite sitting in our heroes’ way, and they have a score to settle with him. He’s fat, he’s slow, but he hits like a ton of bricks. 20 more words

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Celebrate The Small Things: 21 August

Had a wonderful time at comic-con over the weekend. Spent a good bit of time hanging out with friends – got the chance to meet a couple of new friendly people too. 267 more words

Demon's Souls: B to the S - Screen Peekers (Part 23)

You know what maneaters do? Eat men. Luckily, your own Jeff and J.D. aren’t man enough to deal with them, so after a short, heavily-edited series of tries, they move on to the realm of the Shadowmen. Much safer there, surely.

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Demon's Souls: The Long Con - Screen Peekers (Part 22)

With a broken heart, Jeff and J.D. descend to see what awaits them in the mashed-up organ they’ve destroyed. The revelation that previously mushy blockages are now gone provides with new, scary direction. No screaming.

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Bloodborne Hunter

It’s a couple of months late, but here’s a drawing of my hunter from Bloodborne. With a strength and arcane build, my hunter threw out Logarius’ Wheel with a vengeance and sprayed down her enemies with Rosmarinus.   16 more words

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Dark Souls III Is Everything You Need It To Be

So with Gamescom 2015 ending last week, I thought I’d cover on one of the games that I’m really looking forward to- Dark Souls III… 435 more words


Fanciful Friday - 8/7/2015

Every Friday, I take a break from writing real articles to instead scribble down random thoughts I had during the week.

Man, what a week. Is it just me, or is summer ending way too quickly? 792 more words

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