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This week's book sales

These two books will remain on sale, for 0.99 until the end of Friday Jan. 27/17.  Grab them while you can, they will change to different ones at that time.   13 more words

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Thought I had stalled out for a while, but thanks to a niece, life is on the move again.  If everything goes well, I should be finished the tablecloth I was crocheting for one of the other niece’s.   591 more words

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God Created One Race, Human 

Morning Devotion: God created one race, human. Cleansing from the sin of racism.

In Genesis it does not say, “Then God created asian people, latino people, jewish people, native people, white people, and black people.” It said God created Adam and Eve. 823 more words

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Homeland is back!

The new season of Homeland started last week and guess what? They have a new character, Madam President. I wonder if they stole the idea from me? 60 more words

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Why Love? (Listening to Papa God)

Morning Devotion: Why Love?

When I first started blogging/writing about the love of God it upset some people online. I have had people I care for deeply offline say, “The problem is not God, it’s people. 776 more words

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Happy New Year 

It’s been a minute since I have posted on my blog, and I feel like a ship lost at sea. I would say that my resolution this year is to do more of that, but who am I kidding? 130 more words

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Moving right along

Yes, it is time to get back to work here.  The writing break is over, and although I should be hard at it, I am not.   566 more words

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