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Moving right along

Boy, can you tell that summer is quickly coming to an end.  The temperatures are still up there, but I have learned in the past that this can be something that changes at moment’s notice.   695 more words

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Follow Jesus (Abiding & Intimacy with God Part 10)

Photo Credit: Created with WordSwag, used with permission.

Morning Devotion: Walking in the footsteps of Jesus. He only did what He saw the Father doing; said what He heard Him speaking. 464 more words

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Hear me roar

I got up this morning, after going to bed late again last night, at 6am, to the sound of cat claws... First thought, if they are after my stereo speakers, they are dead cats.   649 more words

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God is Pursuing You (Saturday Devotion)

A deep, intimate, flourishing relationship/friendship with God is available to any person who wants one. He so loves the entire world. We have as much friendship with God as we desire. 421 more words

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I’m so sorry for ignoring you (all my extra lovely subscribers),  I was in the middle of results and University deadline and acceptance … It got real, I’m happy to announce that I am now an official student  at Bedfordshire University. 79 more words

Proximity Is Not Intimacy (Abiding & Intimacy with God Series Part 9)

Morning thoughts on intimacy: Proximity does not equal intimacy. Nor does proximity or just spending time equal friendship.

There were people who traveled with Jesus, ate with Jesus, and considered themselves disciples or friends of Jesus. 533 more words

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No review this week 8/16/16

Good afternoon my dear readers.

Sadly, there will be no book review this week. If you have been watching the news, there has been some very bad flooding in Southern Louisiana where I live. 43 more words

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