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Xenakis, Euryale

I have always been far-wandering, even in enclosed spaces. I have always welcomed the exquisitely extrinsic. You may say that I am to some extent xenophilic. 1,963 more words

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By Deborah Fleet, Audio Proofreader (MLIS)

Summer has arrived, and I am thinking about traveling, and all the travel I have done. What about you? Amazingly, I have gone cross country in an old beat up van, crossing from Southeastern Massachusetts and doing my version of the Oregon Trail winding up in Butte Falls, Oregon, where my brother lived 3 miles in off a dirt logging trail. 528 more words

From The Bookshelf

Book review | The Vogue Factor

In May 2012 Vogue Australia Editor Kristie Clements was unceremoniously fired from an organisaton she had worked for, for twenty-five years and been editor at for thirteen. 363 more words

deuce, trey

Now, where the deuce is that book? I want to blog about it. Did I lend it to someone? It’s a hardcover, so it should be on the top shelf… 1,373 more words

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The dimmer the light, the harder a time I have of seeing things. I spent nearly half an hour trying to find this book.

Can’t see it? 768 more words

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Book review | Exquisite Hours

I have never before purchased anything I’ve seen advertised on Instagram, that was until I came across, rather by chance, the account of writer Joshua Humphreys… 511 more words

to craunch the marmoset

I have something special today. A special book from my bookshelf – well, aren’t they all – but this one calls for a special lens on my camera to photograph it. 1,028 more words

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