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A Little Christmas Spirit

Welcome to the beginning of the holiday season readers!

As my mom and I frequently do, this weekend we ventured off to check out an independently owned bookstore in Worcester, MA called Tatnuck’s (pretty sure it’s the largest independent bookstore in New England, how cool!). 208 more words


My bookshelf is a tree. It doesn’t look like a tree, no, but it’s made from trees – the wood of the shelves, the pulp that made the paper in the books – and it has many branches. 645 more words

Word Tasting Notes


I’m on the scent of another word from the bookshelf. Let’s look back here in the dark hidden corner behind the baseball-glove chair.

Tall, thin, graphic, glorious mementoes of my youthful favourites. 804 more words

Word Tasting Notes


I really wanted to see my way clear to do another one from the bookshelf today. I had a vision of what it would be, which made it more difficult than just grabbing a book and opening it. 856 more words

Word Tasting Notes

Blast from the past

Happy Monday everyone!

What better way to start off the week than with a little blast from the past? Now, I hope–I really, really hope–that I’m not the only one who came across this book when I was in elementary school.  262 more words

From The Bookshelf

From the Bookshelf: We the Animals

I read a lot of books, and sometimes the details of the different stories get a little blurry over time.  I cannot imagine this ever happening with… 538 more words

Book Review


I wasn’t going to do another one from the bookshelf tonight – one a week is enough. But sometimes enough is not enow, and one who floats on the waves of words and images must live in the now. 419 more words

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