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Today has been Rabbie Burns Day, the 257th anniversary of the birth of Robert Burns, the poet. I did not have haggis (my wife can’t abide it), but I’m having a wee (or not-so-wee) dram of Scotch as I write this. 893 more words

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I promised to come back to this book. Remember? This bookshelf at my parents’ place?

This book.

I have it on my bookshelf too. Not the same edition. 1,160 more words

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10 Productive Things to Do While Listening to Audiobooks

By Sarah Barning

There are many things you can do while listening to audiobooks and you can double your productivity. With the New Year starting, people set goals. 1,012 more words

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Back behind the big plush chair in the corner, down on the bottom shelf at floor level, next to the large-format comic anthologies, stuffed in and rarely touched these days, are my books of sheet music. 869 more words

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From the Bookshelf. "Love. Style. Life." by Garance Doré.

Through her witty blog and a gift for fashion illustrations, Garance Doré joined the team of super popular French style icons. Now a time came to share her story, fashion sense and summarize her learnings in a book. 118 more words


From the Bookshelf: Teenage Wasteland

Very often when I’m figuring out what to teach, I find myself going outside of the classroom English textbook. In this feature, I take a look at those reading selections. 977 more words


10 Things Your Postmillenialist Friend Believes (Greg Bahnsen)

It is not an unknown fact that today’s average church-goer suffers from the lack of applying critical thinking. By default we settle with and cling to convictions that have been subjectively molded by our preferences. 562 more words

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