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Girl Padlocks White House Gates; Locks Eisenhower Inside

You know how bad it sucks to accidentally lock yourself out of your house. How about when you’re locked in and your home is the… 375 more words

From The Crazy Vault

First White House Gate Crasher (Literally)

The Salahis ain’t got nuthin’ on Doyle Allen Hicks of Waynesville, North Carolina. The former wanted to socialize with the president. The latter wanted to warn the president of a communist takeover. 575 more words


Dumbass Causes Bomb Scare at State, War and Navy Building

Things were quite different about a century ago. People were a little more trusting, maybe naïve or innocent. I think this short piece in the Washington Post from January 9th, 1916 illustrates this perfectly. 247 more words


Police in Battle With Rum Car

Prohibition was a rowdy time in D.C., much like the rest of the country. The police had to deal with bootleggers constantly in the city. This article from the Washington Times illustrates that in dramatic fashion. 521 more words


Georgetown Football Victory Wins Bride for Student

That football bet story, uncovered in the last post, about Marjorie Morris is too good not to look into, and sure enough, there’s an article about it titled “Hilltop Football Victory Wins Bride for Student.” 314 more words

Faces & Places Of Yesterday

State Department Full of Rats

Yes … literally, not figuratively. This is an amusing article by Mike Causey of the Washington Post, published October 7th, 1968.

Despite some talk about cleaning up the mess in Washington, none of the candidates has yet promised to throw the rats out of the State Department.

269 more words

Revenge Against Cabbie: Taxi Stolen, Pushed Into Potomac

This is a guest post by Aaron. He also wrote a really popular post on red metro trains.

It must have made a splash. 1,206 more words